Top of the Month: October

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Another pointless list of the month aka the things I’ve loved during the month. I didn’t really think about the order. I enjoeyd all of them. As you can see, I went a little “reissue crazy” and pick up a lot of stuff from the Rev-Ola and Now Sounds catalogs. Mostly sunshine pop / soft pop / psych pop stuff. And this isn’t the end of it. There’s more reissues like Dotti Holmberg, Love Generation, Jimmy Campbell’s solo stuff, Tommy Roe and The Rationals already coming my way. This is actually one of the reasons I haven’t updated this blog lately. I’ve spent all of my spare time searching music like this. I think the only new albums I bought were Monsters Of Folk and Kings Of Convenience. Both sound good, but I haven’t spent enough time with them yet.


1. Big Star: Keep an Eye On The Sky (Box Set)
2. Curt Boettcher: Chicken Little Was Right
3. Tee and Cara: As They Are
4. Rockin’ Horse: Yes It Is
5. The Peppermint Trolley Company: Beautiful Sun
6. The Blades Of Grass: Are Smoking
7. The Lemon Pipers: Love Beads and Meditation
8. The Long Ryders: The Best Of The Long Ryders
9. Sandy Salisbury: Sandy
10. The Canterbury Music Festival: Rain & Shine
11. October Country: October Country
12. The Parade: Sunshine Girl: The Complete Recordings
13. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: Part One
14. The Family Tree: Miss Butters
15. The Gordian Knot: The Gordian Knot
16. The Deep Six: The Deep Six
17. Bobby Jameson: Color Him In
18. Chris Lucey: Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest
19. Lee Mallory: That’s The Way It’s Gonna Be
20. Where The Action Is? Los Angeles Nuggets (Box Set)


1. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: If You Want This Love
2. Tee and Cara: Waiting List
3. The Lemon Pipers: Rice Is Nice
4. The Canterbury Music Festival: First Spring Rain
5. Curt Boettcher: Out Of The Dark Of The Night
6. The Blades Of Grass: The Way You’ll Never Be
7. The Deep Six: Paint It Black
8. October Country: End Of The Line
9. The Parade: Sunshine Girl
10. Rockin’ Horse: The Biggest Gossip In Town


News: Koria Kitten Riot & Flannelmouth

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Koria Kitten Riot


Koria Kitten Riot’s self-titled debut album was released on 28th of october. A big thank you to Solmu Records for releasing it. I don’t have it yet, but I’m definitely going to buy it. You can listen to sound clips on his myspace.

Koria Kitten Riot at myspace

Koria Kitten Riot photo by Aleksi Rinta-Kauppila


Flannelmouth is getting active again and have recorded a follow up to their debut album Rain Inside. You can hear the first single Make a Move from the upcoming album on their myspace. The album entitled The Heart Cannot Hold will be released in january by Jäänsärkijä Records.

Flannelmouth Website
Flannelmouth at myspace

News: Magenta Skycode

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New Magenta Skycode vinyl single We’re Going To Climb / Escaping Outdoors should be out sometime soon. It has been delayed, but hopefully it will soon hit the stores. The songs are already available at Itunes though and you can also check out this excellent new music video We’re Going To Climb:

Magenta Skycode Website
Magenta Skycode at myspace

News: Epilä & Omsk

October 14, 2009 § 1 Comment



Epilä’s debut single Ajatuspoliisi will be released today on 14th of october by Terra Recordings. I can’t say much about the music because up until now it’s been rather hard to hear their songs outside live concerts (they don’t have a myspace and don’t give any samples on their website either). However, the band contains lovely and talented people who have previously played in groups such as Guava, Cartoon Tree, Jadecroon, Aknestik etc so I suppose it’s safe to assume that it will be great stuff. The debut album will follow in january.

Epilä Website


Omsk is a finnish folk act I found an hour ago (thanks to Antti) and since then I’ve been listening to their debut album on spotify. No final conclusions yet, but it is quite convincing stuff and I really like it.  In case you don’t have spotify, a lot of Omsk’s material is also available on the Omsk website and on their myspace.

Omsk Website
Omsk at myspace

News: Cosmobile, Daisy, Beacon St. Radiants and Koria Kitten Riot

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New album Making Do will be released on 14th of october by Fullsteam Records. There’s two songs from the album on their myspace player. Pretty damn good songs too.


Cosmobile live:

16.10.2009 Helsinki, Levykauppa Äx
21.10.2009 Helsinki, Nosturi +Baddies (UK)
24.10.2009 Tampere, Telakka, Lost in Music
30.10.2009 Helsinki, Stupido Shop
06.11.2009 Turku, Klubi
06.11.2009 Turku, Levykauppa Äx
13.11.2009 Helsinki, Belly, ”Making Do” -levynjulkaisukeikka
13.11.2009 Helsinki, Pitkämies
21.11.2009 Tampere, Artturi, Valoa Festivaali
21.11.2009 Tampere, Swamp Music
26.11.2009 Kuopio, Henry’s Pub
05.12.2009 Oulu, Nuclear Nightclub, Rotosrock-festivaali
11.12.2009 Hämeenlinna, Suisto-klubi
12.12.2009 Pori, Monttu
19.12.2009 Helsinki, Korjaamo

Cosmobile at myspace


Daisy’s album was postponed to november 11th, but the first single Rude Awakening has hit the radio waves. You can also listen to the single on their myspace.

Daisy Website
Daisy at myspace


Beacon Street Radiants have been busy making their debut album. You can listen to some of the excellent new songs now on their myspace.

Beacon Street Radiants at myspace


Koria Kitten Riot has signed a record deal with Solmu Records and the album will hit the stores on the 28th of october. More about this during the week of the release.

Koria Kitten Riot at myspace

Langhorne Slim: Be Set Free

October 8, 2009 § 1 Comment

langhorne slim

Langhorne Slim: Be Set Free (Kemado, 2009)

I almost hate myself because I don’t love this album. I became a big Langhorne Slim fan last year and that Langhorne Slim & The War Eagles album was the album of the year for me. Therefore it hurts that I have to admit that Be Set Free is a big dissapointment to me. Langhorne Slim can still write great songs and he can still sing perfectly. There’s nothing wrong with the core of the songs, but why the hell there are tons of instruments in the background. If Marty McFly and Doc would lend me their DeLorean I would change two things. A) I would sack the producer and throw all these strings, organs, trumpets and all the other instruments whose name I don’t even know out of the window B) I would lock Mr Langhorne Slim to the studio with just a guitar and told him to just play the songs live and sing his heart out. Fourty minutes later a great record would have seen the light of the day.

I know this is totally unfair critizism, but for me the arrangements just kill the songs. I’m sure they are genuinely excited about this more ambitious direction and they didn’t do it in order to appeal to larger audiences. Hopefully Langhorne Slim will do just that though and become much more popular. Despite the fact that his music sounds a lot lamer than before he is still a great folk songwriter and most likely a wonderful live performer. What does it really matter if some finnish prick on the other side of the globe prefers those old records. He can just keep on watching that youtube video of I Love You, But Goodbye over and over again because the song sounds so much better there than on the record.

Song material
Production / Arrangements

Langhorne Slim at myspace

If it would only sound like this on a record:



The same song (with a really horrible ending) is also on his myspace if you want to compare. For me this youtube version with just an acoustic guitar is million times better.

Vetiver: Tight Knit

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Vetiver: Tight Knit (Bella Union, 2009)

Last year I fell in love with Vetiver after hearing their wonderful cover album Thing Of The Past. It’s like the finest cover album ever and it introduced a lot of brilliant music to me. I’ve bought albums like Loudon Wainwright III’s Attempted Mustache and Bobby Charles self-titled album because of that record. And well obviously the older Vetiver albums too.

This new album Tight Knit arrived in february 2009 and now the band is back making their own music. It still sounds a lot like a thing of the past and that’s only a great thing. Andy Cabic has such an amazing gentle voice and the songs sound oh so subtle and heartwarming. The first trio of songs Rolling Sea, Sister and Everyday is just pure magic. Beautifully arranged and carefully played folk music that is so rich and simple at the same time.  Vetiver takes you on a trip to the seventies west coast where some guys are playing folk and country rock songs on the back porch of an abandoned building and the audience is lying on the ground eight miles high. Unlike a lot of my favourite bands that play slow folk and country music, Vetiver’s music isn’t depressive at all. Warm is the best adjective to describe the music. This is the music that will keep my heart warm when the long winter gives its coldest shots. The second half of the album don’t reach the same level as the first one though and that’s why I have to settle for four hearts.


Vetiver Website
Vetiver at myspace

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