Hello Saferide – Anna

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After that Laura Marling video I ended up watching other favourite videos from the past few years. One of them was Anna by Hello Saferide. I’ve seen that at least 50 times and even though I perfectly well know what will happen, the ending still makes more damage to my romantic heart than watching a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie marathon. This is just so brutal and heartbreaking..

..but I love it. Swedish Hello Saferide (aka Annika Norlin) is obviously extremely highly recommended artist. Anna is from her second album More Modern Short Stories from Hello Saferide that was released back in 2008. I prefer the debut though, but both albums are wonderful.

Hello Saferide Website
Hello Saferide at myspace


News: Kiki Pau

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All the active music bloggers who haven’t wasted their time watching Finland’s not that successful ventures in the olympics have already told you this a long time ago. Kiki Pau’s second album White Mountain will be released 3rd of march by Johanna Kustannus. The opening track An Old Song has gotten quite a lot of recognition in the blogosphere. You can download it from glue.fi. Hit this link and you should be able to find it from there.

Kiki Pau at blogspot
Kiki Pau at myspace

Laura Marling – New Romantic

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Laura Marling’s new album is out sometime next month I think and that reminded me of this wonderful music video. I think her debut album was wonderful, but it did have one big flaw. It didn’t have my favourite song on it. It didn’t have New Romantic on it..

Laura Marling Website
Laura Marling at myspace

News: Jalankulkuämpäri covers The Nerves in finnish

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Okay, it would be even cooler if it was When You Find Out (also known as the greatest song in the world), but Hanging On The Telephone is pretty good choice as well. Listen to the song on their blog.

Jalankulkuämpäri at blogspot

News: Slap That Bass! – The Story Of Finnish Rockabilly & 50’s Style Rock’n’Roll 1979-2009

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Slap That Bass! is a 4cd box set that is full of the finest finnish rockabilly and 50’s style rock’n’roll. It was compiled by Mikko Aaltonen and released by Johanna Kustannus on 17th of february. I know this might not totally fall into that “finnish pop” category, but it’s an important release nevertheless. Actually it’s worthy of those onechord’s imaginary culture awards and even though I’m not a huge rockabilly fan, Slap That Bass! definitely goes to my shopping list.

Track list on the Johanna Kustannus Website

News: Epilä feat. Mr. Jon Auer: Thinkpol

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Jon Auer (The Posies) singing Epilä’s song Ajatuspoliisi. Pretty cool don’t you think. Even cooler is the fact that The Posies will make a new album later this year.

Listen to Thinkpol on Terra Recordings website

Review: Laura Veirs – July Flame

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Laura Veirs: July Flame (Raven Marching Band Records, 2010)

Some years ago I fell in love with Laura Veirs’ album called Carbon Glacier, but somehow I managed to forget her brilliance for a while. Especially her previous album Saltbreakers flew by without me noticing it at all (however I bought it now after hearing July Flame). Then in last december I got a promo email that gave me a possibility to download her new album. I did that and I instantly fell in love with July Flame and also bought a physical copy of the record when it came out.

July Flame is Laura Veirs’ seventh album and it’s also her finest work so far. For me it’s even better than Carbon Glacier (I haven’t heard the first three albums though). Laura Veirs is a skillful songwriter and her songs are always delightfully interesting treat. Somehow so easy to enjoy, but still challenging and unique. A great thing about her is that even if you have a square full of folk singer-songwriters, she still stands out from the crowd because she is a unique talent and it’s hard to compare her to anyone. Magical phrasing, perfect melodic sense and the ability to write insightful lyrics. Useful things if your trying to make a wonderful album and July Flame is not just wonderful. It’s almost perfect. The song material is amazing throughout the record and this time they’ve totally mastered the arrangements and the production of the record. How can it sound so rich & coloured and pure & stripped-down at the same time.  July Flame sets the standards pretty high for the new year.

Laura Veirs Website
Laura Veirs at myspace

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