FOTM’s Punk Special 1.4.2010

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Flavour Of The Monthissa kiirastorstain “punk-special”

Turkulainen indieklubi Flavour Of The Month pistää 1.4. kiirastorstain ja aprillipäivän kunniaksi hiukan tavallista enemmän punkiksi. Ihan tanakinta hardcorea ei toki ole luvassa, vaan FOTM pysyy leviskässään ja tarjoilee punk-henkistä ja -taustaista musisointia omasta näkökulmastaan.

Illan avaa juuri turkulaisella pikkumerkillä Airiston Punk-levyt seiskatuumaisen vinyyli-EP:n julkaissut Jukka Kiesi, jonka akustinen punk-trubadurismi haisee aidolta ja puhkuu silkkaa asiaa.

Sessioiden ulkomaalaisvieraan osassa kuullaan saksalais-suomalaista Martti Trillitschiä, joka esiintyy vinksahtaneen aliaksensa Mäkkelä’s Trash Loungen takaa. Vanhasta brittipunkista, pubrockista ja amerikkalaisesta vaihtoehtorokista musiikilliset juurensa versonut Martti tunnetaan paitsi miehenä, joka esitteli saksalaisille Eläkeläiset, myös sooloartistina, jonka musiikissa yhdistyvät Billy Bragg, jenkkiläiset singer-songwriterit sekä suomalainen melankolia.

Pääesiintyjänä lavalle nousee debyyttiesiintymisensä tekevä 1981. Nimensä mukaisen vuoden punkin ja uuden aallon innoittama yhtye on innoittunut mm. bändeistä kuten The Mob, Crass, Joy Division sekä New Model Army ja tiedossa on ennakkotietojen mukaan “lohdutonta mutta ajoittain myös äärimmäisen tanssittavaa kuravelliä”…


Mäkkelä’s Trash Lounge (GER)
Jukka Kiesi
+ FOTM DJ team plays punk, rock & fight songs
to 1.4. 2010, klo 21-03
Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku
liput 4€

Airiston punk-levyt at myspace (Jukka Kiesi songs and more)
1981 at myspace
Mäkkelä’s Trash Lounge at myspace

Unfortunately it looks like I’m going to miss this one myself, because I’ve got the flu (or the playoff fever) and it doesn’t seem to give up too easily. Three evenings of 38° C fever and eventhough it looks like the worst is behind, tomorrow comes a little too soon.


Review: Drive-By Truckers – The Big To-Do

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Drive-By Truckers: The Big To-Do (ATO Records, 2010)

Drive-By Truckers is still a great band. Yeah, it’s true that The Dirty South was a stunning album and Drive-By Truckers probably can’t ever reach the same level of perfectness. A Blessing and A Curse flew under my radar, but I really enjoyed Brighter Than Creation’s Dark even though it was a bit too long and some editing could and should have been done.  The new one called The Big To-Do isn’t entirely flawless either, but there’s still enough great songs to keep one interested. The album starts of brilliantly and the opening trio of Daddy Learned To Fly, Fourth Night Of My Drinking and Birthday Boy introduces the good old rockin’ Drive-By Truckers. Especially the latter two are fantastic songs.  Unfortunately the album took a little boring direction in the middle. Patterson Hood’s The Wig He Made Her Wear couldn’t keep me interested for almost six minutes and Shonna Tucker’s You Got Another ended up on a boring path right from the start. I do quite like Shonna’s other song (It’s Gonna Be) I Told You So even though it’s not a big favourite and lacks some power. So I’m not as much against her songwriting and singing as some others are. Anyway, the  great first single This Fucking Job shooted the album back to the right path and rest of the album stayed on a high but not groundbreaking level (well The Flying Wallendas was a minor misshit). In overall, The Big To-Do is a really good solid album, but only a few times it rises into something really spectacular.


Drive-By Truckers Website

Drive-By Truckers at myspace

Review: The Fox Hunt – Long Way To Go

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The Fox Hunt: Long Way To Go (Skull City Records, 2010)

The way things are going and my music taste evolving, I probably end up moving to some abandonded house on the Appalachian Mountains by the time I’m 60 and spend the rest of my days sitting on my front porch listening to string bands singing beautiful songs about broken hearts while digesting more alcohol than my body can safely handle.

The fox hunt as an sporting activity should be a closed chapter in history books, but the band called The Fox Hunt needs to be mentioned in every chapter if I try to write a novel about my new favourite bands. I’m just totally addicted to this stuff. I got their debut Nowhere Bound and this new album Long Way To Go a little over a week ago and I think they are both amazing albums. The only reason to say that they are not completely perfect albums  is the fact that if you would take the best half of both of them and joined them together than that album would be even better and actually pretty much the best album ever. More bands should follow The Fox Hunt and have banjo, fiddle, mandolin and upright bass in their instrument arsenal, but still it’s the singing that I love the most.  Both lead vocals and the harmonies are pure gold throughout the record. The songs often have a heartbreaking core, but they are injected to your veins with such a joyful and beautiful playing & singing that you end up smiling even if the character in the song is trying to pick the pieces of his broken heart from the gutter. Just wonderful stuff altogether if you are into things like string bands, bluegrass, roots music and well country music in general. Think of early Old Crow Medicine Show for example. Well think of great music. This is my favourite album of the year so far.


Listen to Lower Than I Should Be:

Listen to Troublemakin’ Woman:

The Fox Hunt Website
The Fox Hunt at myspace

Teenage Fanclub – Baby Lee

March 23, 2010 § 3 Comments

New Teenage Fanclub song Baby Lee available here and/or here.

New album Shadows out and available on 31st of may in Europe/Japan/Australasia and on june 8th in the North America.

..and what about that song. It’s like the best thing ever. Live versions have been available on youtube for a long while, but it’s so wonderful to hear the studio version. May 31st can’t come soon enough.

Review: Otis Gibbs – Joe Hill’s Ashes

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Otis Gibbs: Joe Hill’s Ashes (Wanamaker Recording Company, 2010)

Otis Gibbs is a folk/country/blues songwriter from Wanamaker, Indiana. And mighty good songwriter I might add. He has released several albums, but this new album Joe Hill’s Ashes was the first one that found it’s way to my record shelf. However, there is a real danger that I may need to do some back catalogue shopping, because this is obviously such a fine album that I might need to hear more Otis Gibbs songs in the not so distant future.  It did took me a little while to get used to Otis’ a bit rough voice, but after I got through that obstacle there was nothing that could stop me from enjoying this album. And do note that the vocals are actually really great. It’s just a little different than what one is used to, if he has spent ten years listening to skinny-tied moptops singing la-la-la-I-love-you in three part harmonies.  The thing is that this sounds very convincing and real. When that down-to-earth voice that sounds like it belongs to a man that has seen life and experienced  both fortunes and disastrous events tells you well-written stories in form of beautifully crafted folk songs you just sit back and listen like it was your grandpa telling you a story of how to become a good man.




Otis Gibbs Website
Otis Gibbs at myspace

Review: Jason & The Scorchers – Halcyon Times

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Jason & The Scorchers: Halcyon Times (Playground, 2010)

Alt. country and cowpunk legends Jason & The Scorchers makes a welcome return to this ball game with a new album called Halcyon Times. This new baby of theirs is definitely into rock’n’roll. Maybe even a little too much for my personal taste, because I think the album contains three or four “not that special” rockers that I could certainly do without. It’s not a huge problem, because the most of this record is very enjoyable and also those and cowpunk roots shine through or take control more than on few occasions. It’s still pretty hard to form an opinion about the album as a whole, because for me the best third of this would be worth five hearts and the weakest third would have big trouble getting even three. It’s a must have album though, because the good stuff on it (like Mona Lee, Beat On The Mountain, Days Of Wine and Roses) is just damn brilliant and perfect in every way.


Jason & The Scorchers Website
Jason & The Scorchers at myspace

Review: Have Gun, Will Travel – Postcards from The Friendly City

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Have Gun, Will Travel – Postcards From The Friendly City (Self-released, 2009 or 2010)

If you are a bit unsure whether you want to enter as deep to the country territory as I have, I can recommend Postcards From The Friendly City as a good stepping stone where you can sit back and decide whether you are ready for more. It’s not a stepping stone that you can quickly pass through. It’s way too beautifully crafted for that and it also has a lot of stories to tell. The reason why it’s a good place to wonder about the essence of things is that it’s located somewhere between the deep country soil and modern indie field and therefore might turn out to be equally enjoyable and uplifting place for both indie hipsters and old back porch hillbillies. All you need is one praising pitchfork review and all those The Shins and Death Cab For Cutie loving indie boys and girls (I’m one of them) are into country music before they know what hit them.

Have Gun, Will Travel have taken their name from a western television serie and they come from Bradenton, Florida. The album Postcards From The Friendly City pays a homage to their hometown and all the songs and the stories take place in Bradenton. I can’t say what is true and what is purely fictional because I don’t know a thing about the city or its history, but I can say that everything is really enjoyable and part of me wants to go and book a plane ticket in order to see the town that gave birth to these stories.  These well-written stories wrapped into these pop-tinged folk and americana songs is a winning combination and it makes this album work like a beauty. Salad Days and Soles Of Our Shoes are my big favourites, but basicly I like everything on the record.


Listen to Salad Days:

Have Gun, Will Travel at myspace

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