News: Future Gravity & Ultramariini

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Future Gravity has a new song on their website. It’s called Consolation Song and it’s again brilliant.

Future Gravity website

Ultramariini is back in this ball game. New single Hän haluaa heijastuksen due out 26.5.2010 and an album will follow after the summer. You can listen to the single on their website.

Ultramariini Website

Oh and sorry about the lack of updates. We have new resident here at the One Chord to Another headquarters and therefore most of the spare time goes to either playing with the kitten or just adoring the kitten.


Review: Elvyn – The Decline

May 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

Elvyn: The Decline (Little Wagon Records, 2010)

This canadian pop group called Elvyn is one of my new favourite bands. About a month ago I ended up on their website and I fell in love with them pretty much straight after I hitted the play button of their album stream. Now the album entitled The Decline has finally arrived to Finland and I’m still equally addicted to them. The Decline is one amazing pop album that brings to mind all kind of wonderful things like harmonic pop a’la Teenage Fanclub or beautiful and soft country sounds in the vein of west coast’s finest offerings. The first half of the album is total pop perfection and songs like Lotta Lies, Don’t Leave, Don’t Go, I’ll Come Back, The Big Bay and I Guess You’re Wrong are slices of harmonic pop heaven. The second half brings it down to a humanly level. Meaning that while the first half sounds like the best thing ever, the latter half delivers “only” awesome pop music. Hopefully Elvyn will soon get the attention they deserve, because their songs have all the qualities  needed to make guitar pop, power pop and communities shout their name on messageboards and rooftops. The Decline is an excellent album full of classic pop songwriting, gentle country-tinged sounds and wonderful singing.


listen to Lotta Lies:

Elvyn Website
Elvyn at myspace

Review: Jesse Malin & The St. Marks Social – Love It To Life

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Jesse Malin & The St. Marks Social: Love it to Life (Side One Dummy, 2010)

Jesse Malin returns after a small break and shows that his rock’n’roll heart is as strong as ever and that he can still write wonderful songs. Jesse Malin might well be another graduate from the Springsteen school of songwriting, but he has skipped a few classes and made some personal field trips to underground rock & punk clubs that are covered with the pictures of people like Johnny Thunders, Nikki Sudden and Stiv Bators. The new album Love it to Life is a great return to form after a little pointless cover album On Your Sleeve. This is  a damn fine rock’n’roll record that has more heart than a baseball court full of american idols. Just listen to this and there’s no need for replacements. A really strong album from start to finish, but if I need to say one bad thing, it’s the fact that maybe none of the songs are as mindblowing as some earlier favourites like Black Haired Girl for example. St. Marks Sunset does rank pretty close, but so far it looks like I don’t need to make changes for my imaginary top 3 Jesse Malin songs list. However, this doesn’t change the fact that Jesse Malin is still the real deal and Love it to Life is a truly enjoyable album.


Jesse Malin Website

Jesse Malin at myspace

Review: Kiki Pau – White Mountain

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Kiki Pau: White Mountain (Johanna Kustannus, 2010)

I have a lot of respect for Kiki Pau and I understand why people are so excited about them, but personally I haven’t totally fallen for them. Maybe it’s my silly mind trying to resist the hype or maybe I just think that The Rollstons can come up with something much more convincing and original out of the same influences or maybe I’m just one damn fool who doesn’t understand a thing about good music. Anyway, White Mountain is Kiki Pau’s second offering and it’s a good record that blends together 90’s US indie rock, 80’s british indie pop and trendy modern indie music. There’s not much to complain. I just got the ticket to a wrong ball game and therefore I’m finding it hard to fully enjoy what is going on. I’m just not really into them when they throw in the indie rock gear and start to sound like Arcade Fire, but the softer and slower moments sure do sound good and show that the band have an ear for beautiful melodies. Therefore songs like  Quiet Mountain and Small Cuts are the highlights for me, because they have enough room for subtlety. I suppose qualitywise White Mountain would deserve four hearts, but because I write from purely subjective perspective anything above three wouldn’t be honest. I hope they succeed though, because even though this isn’t totally my cup of tea, it doesn’t taste any weaker than similar kind of tea from the international indie hit charts.


Kiki Pau at myspace

News: Cats on Fire

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Cats On Fire’s new rarities compilation Dealing in Antiques is out on 12th of may. Released by Johanna Kustannus in Finland and on license by Matinée in the US and South America. Cats On Fire is pretty much the best indie pop band in the country/world/universe and based on the tracklist one can already say that it will be an excellent compilation. White Town cover Your Woman starts the record and this song is now available for free download. You can listen to it below and/or download it from the Cats On Fire website

Cats on Fire Website


1. Your Woman (White Town cover)
2. Poor Students Dream of Marx
3. Never Land Here
4. Crooked Paper Clip
5. Something Happened
6. On His Right Side
7. Don’t Say it Could Be Worse
8. My Friend in a Comfortable Chair
9. You Will Find Me Where You Left Me
10. Solid Work
11. Higher Grounds (original EP version)
12. They Produced a Girl
13. Honey Your Baby
14. The Smell of an Artist (original EP version)
15. Your Treasure
16. The Cold Hands of Great Men
17. Draw in the Reins (original EP version)
18. Happiness is Chemistry
19. Stars
20. The Hague

Review: Valley Below – Dog Day

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Valley Below: Dog Day (VB Music, 2010)

Valley Below’s second album Dog Day is far from being entirely flawless, but in a way that’s part of the charm. There are bits and pieces that I don’t like at all, but it doesn’t matter because the album as a whole feels fresh and alive. Sometimes you just need to make a couple of wrong turns in order to make the trip interesting. There’s straightforward rock, harmonic power pop and beautiful folk. Sometimes even within a same song. For example Primitives kicks in like a 90’s weird finnish indie rock tune, then burst into a great pop chorus and then slowes down into something beautiful before the last chorus brings it to the end. The best thing about the album are the vocal melodies. Valley Below started out as an acoustic duo and they’ve played and sung together a lot. It shows, because every now and then the vocals just click perfectly. My own favourite song is Kick-Off that reminds me of Poverty Stinks, but several others come close. There are also 3-4 songs that I’m not a big fan of, but even some of those contain a few wonderful moments. Dog Day is far from perfect, but it’s a delightful and extremely enjoyable album and  the band deserves a lot of credit for not playing it safe.


Valley Below at myspace

Review: Epilä – Avohakkuu

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Epilä: Avohakkuu (Terra Recordings, 2010)

Epilä is a band that I would like to love to more than I actually do. There aren’t too many guitar pop bands singing beautiful harmonies in finnish and when lovely people form such a band, one would really like to shout their name from the rooftops. Unfortunately I can’t because I have to be honest and admit that I haven’t totally fallen for their debut album Avohakkuu. It’s certainly not a bad album by no means. It’s actually a good album, but somehow the overall sound is a bit too cloudy for me and it just doesn’t have enough exceptional moments like the second single Pyhäkoulu. Maybe I just had hoped it would sound more joyful, because I know how well these guys can sing. Despite these minor issues, Avohakkuu is still a fine debut and I have high hopes, that one day they could deliver something that would match Egotrippi’s finest moments.


Epilä Website

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