News & Video of the Day #15: Penniless

August 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

There’s some good times going on at the moment, if you are into finnish pop and rock music. The new Sweatmaster album that came out two days ago is absolutely wonderful and next wednesday 1st of september will deliver two hopefully (and most likely) magnificent pop albums, because new Penniless album and new Lemonator album will hit the stores and your heart. This is a brand new video Hail Of Bullets from the upcoming Penniless album A Cab To The City. I love it and will be camping outside the record store to get the album early on wednesday morning. If you watch this, I will probably meet you there.

Penniless Website


Video of the Day #14: Butch Hancock

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Now it’s just better to sit back and enjoy and let the man do the talking. This is a great song and a marvellous performance by Butch Hancock. Thanks to Music Fog for such a wonderful video.

News: Sweatmaster

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This blog needs a bit rock’n’roll and Sweatmaster is the best option on that department. New album Dig Up The Knife is now out and available and even though I’ve only listened to it once so far I can already say that it sounds bloody brilliant. You can download the next single Run Run for free on their website.

Sweatmaster Website

News: The Wonderminers

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The Wonderminers have finished the recordings of their debut album and are currently looking for a label to release it. While waiting for a suitable label picking up this future pop classic, The Wonderminers opened their brand new website and are giving away the first track of the album for free. It’s called Good News and it sounds wonderful.

The Wonderminers Website

Photo by Appu Jasu

Video of the Day #13: The Genuine Fakes

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This is the second single When Reality Hits You from the upcoming The Genuine Fakes album and it’s another great song. If you were into the 90’s swedish power pop scene and spent a part of your youth listening to bands like Popsicle, Wannadies, The Merrymakers, then you must check out this band. Actually if you just happen to love good pop music in general, you must check out this band. They are wonderful and I’m fairly confident that the upcoming album will be one of the finest albums of the whole year. I hope we don’t have to wait for it too long anymore, because I’ve been sketching my five hearts review of their debut album since the day I first stumbled on their myspace a couple of years ago.


The Genuine Fakes Website
The Genuine Fakes at myspace

Video of the Day #12: Micah Schnabel

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Sorry for the little downtime. My old computer became a little too old and I thought it was time to buy a laptop. So the past couple of days I’ve been moving files and programs from the old computer to the new one, but most of that stuff is now done and I can get back to basics.

This video of the day thing must contain a little bit of Micah Schnabel. The seven regular readers know that I love this guy and rate his solo album When The Stage Lights Go Dim as one of the finest albums of the whole year. Micah is also a frontman of the fabulous band called Two Cow Garage. Their new album is due out later in 2010 and will most definitely be a major contender for the album of the year award here at the One Chord to Another headquarters. This live clip is further proof that the album will indeed be awesome. Lydia is certainly another fantastic song. Looking forward to hear the studio version, because that might be rather perfect Elliot Smith & The Replacements meets cowpunk and power pop type of thing.


Thanks to the wonderful for the video.

Video of the Day #11: The Britannicas

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Today’s video takes us to Australia, Sweden and USA. All in one video. The Britannicas are taking this international pop thing to a whole another level and are making great pop songs and cool videos despite the fact that the three members all live in different continents thousands of miles away from each other. The Britannicas are Joe Algeri from australia (Jack & The Beanstalk, solo), Magnus Karlsson from Sweden (The Charade, Happydeadmen) and Herb Eimerman from USA (Nerk Twins, solo). They’ve written lots of wonderful pop songs in the past with their other bands and solo projects. This new song called Those Good Vibrations proves that they haven’t lost that songwriting skill during the years. A bit like early Teenage Fanclub at times and that’s never a bad thing. The debut album by The Britannicas came out earlier in the summer on the very cool Kool Kat Musik label.


The Britannicas at myspace

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