Quick Review: Hayshaker – Tin Roof Snare

September 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

Hayshaker: Tin Roof Snare (Self-released, 2010)

One good reason to feel like a gigantic turd is the fact that I haven’t written anything about Hayshaker even though I downloaded the album months ago. Hayshaker comes from the town where Gram Parsons grew up (Waycross, Georgia) and Tin Roof Snare is their sophomore album. It’s a really fine album even though I think it’s a bit of a slow starter and the quality really kicks in midway through the park. Sure it’s all pretty good beforehand as well and Merle Haggard is a great song title, but the last four songs are the the ones that I enjoy the most. Especially Swamp Country is such a great country song with lyrics that make you smile, some awesome male-female harmonies and a wonderful melody. Tin Roof Snare actually has a fair share of beautiful pop melodies on it and therefore you might like it even if you are not that much into country music.


Hayshaker at myspace



§ One Response to Quick Review: Hayshaker – Tin Roof Snare

  • Hank Helpless says:

    Very good album, Too bad it’s made up by lousy mp3 !!
    When i buy a cd I expect a real lossless version. This mp3 thing has gone way too far, It is killing music !
    I really hope a REAL version of this will be availible soon

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