Review: The Genuine Fakes – The Striped Album

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The Genuine Fakes: The Striped Album (Pristine, 2010)

My kind of music. Big time. Melodic and loud power pop. Powerful chords, catchy-as-hell songs, killer hooks, gorgeous singing and harmonies.¬† That’s what I love to hear. However, I’ve also consumed a huge amoung of power pop during the last 15 years and therefore at this point only great power pop will do. Thankfully this is a non-issue for The Genuine Fakes, because this is indeed fantastic pop music and easily able to find the core of my heart.

The Genuine Fakes comes from Sweden and The Striped Album is their debut album. I’ve been waiting for it since I stumbled upon their myspace a couple of years ago. It sounded fabulous then and it still sounds fabulous today when the album is out and available. If you love 90’s swedish pop music and bands like Popsicle, The Merrymakers, The Wannadies.. and still make imaginary trips to 90’s Skellefte√•, I’m quite confident that you will love this. Especially Popsicle influences shine through several times and that suits me perfectly. Heck, this is kind of like an updated version of my musical education. The Posies and Popsicle of the 90’s brought to 2010. What could be better than that? Nothing I guess. It wouldn’t work though, if they were mindless copycats without any own ideas and/or decent tunes, but there’s no need to worry because The Genuine Fakes have a master’s degree in the art of writing fairly simple, incredibly catchy and truly enjoyable pop music. That’s the finest art form I can think of and The Striped Album is definitely one of the best power pop albums of the year.

The Genuine Fakes Website
The Genuine Fakes at myspace


Video of the Day #22: Delay Trees

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New Delay Trees video is a beauty. The song is Cassette 2012 from the debut album and the video was directed by James Martin.

News: Heartjet

November 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

If I’ve been a little lazy lately, it’s got to stop now. Some great things are going on. Same kind of things that made me start One Chord To Another nine years ago. Finnish pop bands are releasing wonderful music. The new Bookends album mentioned in the earlier news entry proved to be marvellous and I’m really looking forward to the next FOTM at Pikku-Torre on 3rd of december. Bookends & Markus Perttula share the stage. I will be (part of) the FOTM DJ Team.

Heartjet have just released a digital EP entitled Goodbye Stan and I love it. You will probably love it as well, if melodic powerpoppin’ goodness is the kind of thing you are looking for. This is the debut release from this fairly new pop duo and things certainly look good, because all five songs on the EP are pretty amazing. My own favourite at the moment is Do You Doubt It? which sounds like a perfect The Posies and Penniless symbiosis. The EP is available at iTunes, 7Digital, etc. Check out the full list of digital retailers on their myspace and/or listen all the songs on their bandcamp page. Extremely highly recommended and marvellous stuff like some cool people might say.

Heartjet at myspace

Heartjet at Bandcamp

News: Bookends & Le Futur Pompiste

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New Bookends album Proud Of My Stereo is now out and available. Co-released by Spiritual Partners & Rhythm Barrel Records. I don’t have it yet, but I’m fairly confident that it will be awesome. Bookends will also be the headliner for the next Flavour of The Month club that takes place in early december. I’ll make a news entry about that early next week.

Bookends at myspace

New Le Futur Pompiste album that I mentioned a while back is also now officially out and available. Released by the wonderful Shelflife Records. I’ve had it for several weeks and it’s certainly a really good album.

Le Futur Pompiste at myspace

This was just a quick news flash before going to Helsinki. The reason for the trip is obviously Teenage Fanclub. They play a concert tonight at Nosturi. Happy Happy Joy Joy. I think it’s safe to say “see you there”, because I believe most of the seven regular readers of this blog will be there as well.

General mumbo jumbo vol.2

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I didn’t really like the previous theme and this one has a couple of annoying things as well. I should just stop wasting my time into this layout thing, because it really doesn’t matter one damn bit. I should just write stuff and forget everything else. Unfortunately I bought the new Football Manager 2011 and we shall see do I actually get anything done during the next weeks. That game is just way too addicting. Nevertheless, I really should review the new albums that I really love like The Genuine Fakes, Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans and Topi Saha.

Oh! If you have a chance to see Carmen & The Devil plays Gillian Welch, you really should. They played here in Bar Kuka last friday and I thought they were excellent.

Video of the Day #21: Graceskull

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This could go under the news category as well. Graceskull is returning into this ball game and third album should arrive in the not-too-distant future. The first single is called Kings & Queens and you can listen to this beautiful track below.

Graceskull Website

Graceskull at myspace

General mumbo jumbo

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Just a little theme change. I prefer the old one though and probably will change it back in a day or two. But maybe I first try to make a header image to this one and see if this looks any better after that. I really should just buy the css upgrade, because it’s pretty hard to find a default theme that I really like. All of them seem to have a couple of things I don’t like at all.

What else. The best records at the moment are The Striped Album by The Genuine Fakes and The Falcon Lake Incident by Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans. I’ve been really enjoying them a lot lately. Reviews to come when I’ve found the cure for lazyness.

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