Mirel Wagner – A truly great new singer-songwriter

January 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Oh my. Half an hour ago I was just browsing facebook photos and now I’m completely in love with Mirel Wagner. A friend of mine had a concert photo from Mirel’s concert in Tampere on his facebook. I had never heard of her before (I probably should have, because Jean Ramsey has apparently been shouting her name on rooftops) and therefore I went to check her myspace. I expected her to be good, but I certainly didn’t expect her to be bloody brilliant and utterly wonderful. Which she most definitely is. I was instantly hooked to her captivating songs. This stuff just crawls under your skin and sends sad & beautiful shivers into your heart. Kind of like early Leonard Cohen meets stripped-down Mazzy Star, if that makes any sense. Maybe it doesn’t, but I can’t come up with anything better, because right now I’m just staring into the darkness with these beautiful songs as my company. This is obviously extremely highly and monstrously recommended material. Just check out her brilliant folk/blues songs on her myspace and spread the word. An album should be out in february or thereabouts. It will be released by Kioski Records.

Mirel Wagner at Facebook
Mirel Wagner at Myspace



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