Video of the Day #53: It’s A King Thing

April 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

New favourite band. Nowadays you can find new favourites in so many different ways. It’s A King Thing entered into my life thanks to a legendary band called Smudge. They asked people who like them on Facebook to post links to their own songs and It’s A King Thing’s front man Brian Mietz was one of them who responded. I hitted the play button when It’s A King Thing’s song was on my fb feed and instantly liked it. A couple minutes later I noticed their album Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo (that’s a lot of buffalos I’d say) was available for free download and that’s how I found It’s A King Thing. Was the story interesting? Well probably not, but their music is.

It’s A King Thing comes from the suburbs of South Jersey and names groups such as The Lemonheads, early Weezer as they influences. So it’s not a mystery that I seem to like them as well. They seem to love 90’s US guitar pop / indie pop and they actually remind me of all those great bands from The Lemonheads to debut-era Fountains Of Wayne and all the way to those more obscure but legendary groups like Räkärodeo favourite All About Chad. Old Hobbies is the opening track of that Buffalo album that came out last year (but vinyl will be available may 2011). The video isn’t anything that special, but the song is a wonderful two-minute indie pop song. If you love it as much as I do, listen to and or download the album from their bandcamp page. It is a very good album. I just listened to it twice last evening after the hockey game while driving home and I was smiling all the time even though my favourite team had just lost the most important game of the season.

Oh.. I have to add this little treat as well.

It’s a King Thing – Kira from It's a King Thing on Vimeo.

It’s A King Thing Website

It’s A King Thing at bandcamp



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