Power Pop #14: Matthew Sweet – Sick of Myself

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There’s a new Matthew Sweet album Modern Art coming out on 27th of september and that’s a good reason to pick one of the greatest songs ever. Matthew Sweet is already a legend and he has written dozens of perfect pop songs. Especially in the early and mid-nineties he was in incredible form and released three pop classics Girlfriend, Altered Beast and 100% Fun. The newer material has also been mostly damn good, so I’m looking forward to the new album. I could keep this section alive with Matthew Sweet’s songs for a month, but if I have to choose just one, it’s got to be Sick of Myself from the album 100% Fun (released in 1995). If you want to hear more pop classics, Matthew has a great sampler at Soundcloud.

Oh and this great song below is the first single She Walks The Night from the new album Modern Art.


Oh #2: You can download a free Matthew Sweet live Ep from Noisetrade.

Matthew Sweet Website


Flavour of the Month: Carmen & The Devil, Hiljainen Mies 30.09.2011

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Next Flavour of the Month takes place next friday on 30th of september. Check out the Finnish press release below for more information. A couple of soundbites first.

Carmen & The Devil: Love Drove My Baby Away

Hiljainen Mies: Salatut suudelmat


Flavour Of The Month-klubin lokakuun livemusiikkiannos tarjoillaan jo syyskuun puolella, perjantaina 30.9., tutusti ravintola Pikku-Torren lavalla. Tuolloin ohjelmassa on suomalaisen akustisen country- ja folkmusiikin huippuosaamista.

Tamperelainen Hiljainen mies avaa illan. Hiljainen mies saattaa olla tuttu hienosta Hi-Lo And In Between-yhtyeestä, joka on parikin kertaa esiintynyt FOTM-klubilla. Hi-Lo’n americana on tällä haavaa vaihtunut kotimaisempaan kaihoon esityskielenkin ollessa suomi. Odotettavissa on lauluja viime vuoden lopulla julkaistulta debyyttialbumilta Puiden ylle kaatuu aurinko ja muut.

Illan toisena aktina kuullaan odotetun paluun Flavour of the Monthin lavalle tekevää Carmen & The Deviliä. Suomen johtava country-pariskunta esittää tyylitajuista amerikkalaista juurimusiikkia; sekä hallittuja covereita (mm. Hank Williamsia ja Gillian Welchiä) että omaa tuotantoa.

Illan ohjelman täydentää Flavour of the Monthin DJ-kollektion valitsema tyyliin sopiva levymusiikki.

Hiljainen mies
Carmen & The Devil
+ Flavour Of The Month DJ-team
pe 30.9. 2011, klo 21-03
Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30
liput 3€

Power Pop #13: The Kidda Band – Get Off The Telephone

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The Kidda Band (aka The Incredible Kidda Band) was a british power pop group in the late 70s and early 80s. I admit that this was the only song I knew from them before checking out some youtube videos that proved that they had other great songs as well. I think I need to buy their compilation at some point, but let’s stick with Get Off The Telephone for now, because it’s the song I know by heart and it also has a pretty cool video. So watch this beauty if you are looking for fashion tips or simple but damn brilliant power pop song.

The Kidda Band Website

New single from Hi-Lo & In Between

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The great Finnish folk rock / americana band Hi-Lo & In Between is getting ready to release their third album entitled We Are Not The Wind (due to be released by Lumpeela julkaisut in october). I’m really looking forward to this, because I loved the second album. The first single A Clear Silence is now out and available. I admit that I had some doubts when I was listening to it for the first time. Maybe because the chorus sounded more like Lasse Lindh than folk to me and I wasn’t expecting that. However, now I’ve been listening to it over and over again with headphones and I’m falling in love with it so badly that I better start saving money for an engagement ring.


Hi-Lo & In Between at Facebook

Video of the Day #74: Samae Koskinen

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You won’t get a big return, if you bet that this song will take the song of the year award here at onechord.net. Hän, jolla on kaikki from Samae’s latest solo album has been the biggest favourite to win that award since I heard it for the first time. Now it also has a music video where nothing or everything happens.

Samae Koskinen Website

The New Tigers debut album out today (+new video)

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Just a quick but extremely important news entry. The New Tigers debut album was released today by Soliti. It’s often fuzzy, sometimes dreamy and always excellent. There’s also a new video for the song Velvet Jam, which you can see below.

The New Tigers – Velvet Jam from appu jasu on Vimeo.

The New Tigers at Facebook

Hurricane Fighter Plane

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Australian pop hero Joe Algeri introduced Hurricane Fighter Plane to me and I was immediately hooked. If you happen to be into 60s pop/garage/powerpop and spend your days reading the wonderful Shindig! magazine, I think this might be your new favourite band. They come from Fremantle/Perth, their new self-titled EP has just been released and you can buy it from their bandcamp. Extremely highly recommended I would say and I will definitely buy it myself once I figure out do I settle for the download or buy a physical copy. Just listen to this song called It Won’t Last. This is just bloody brilliant.

It Won’t Last by Hurricane Fighter Plane

There’s couple of cool videos as well. This first one is also the great opening track of the EP.

Hurricane Fighter Plane Website

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