Flavour of the Month goes Punk: 1981 + Folk-Valto

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Flavour of the Month takes place next friday 4th of november at Pikku-Torre, Turku. Legendary troubadour Folk-Valto and a great punk band 1981 will share the stage. These are songs from the magnificent 1981 EP. Press release in Finnish below will take care of the facts.

Decay 3-track ep by 1981


Indieklubi Flavour Of The Month tunnetaan lähinnä kitarapopin ja folk/country-tunnelmoinnin pää-äänenkannattajana Turun livemusiikkikentällä, mutta aika ajoin klubi tekee hallittuja harharetkiä vaihtoehtomusiikin ja alakulttuurien laajan spektrin eri sektoreille.

Marraskuun Flavourissa seikkaillaan agitoivan ja tummasävyisen punkin maisemissa, kun turkulainen 1981 tekee paluun FOTM-lavalle. Paikallisia, monissa liemissä marinoituja soittajahahmoja sisältävä bändi yhdistelee nimensäkin mukaisesti 80-luvun alun uusi aalto- ja jälkipunkvärinöitä popimpiin sävyihin ja kulmikkaaseen yhteiskunnallisuuteen. Yhtyeen Bandcamp-sivulla kuultavat uudet biisit antavat ymmärtää soinnin hieman keventyneen sitten viime kuuleman, mutta lopullinen livetotuus selviää vasta perjantaina 4.11. Pikku-Torressa.

Illan on luvannut tulla avaamaan legendaarinen Folk-Valto, alias turkulaisen indiepopin jokapaikanhöylä Valtteri Virtanen (mm. Goodnight Monsters, The New Tigers, Hell Cat), joka vielä edellisellä 1981:n FOTM-vierailulla oli yhtyeen jäsen! Tällä kertaa ex-81 lämmittää lauteet vanhoille bändikavereilleen soolosetillään, joka saattaa sisältää lähes mitä tahansa, ehkä jopa tarunhohtoisen, hämmentävästi yhä ajankohtaisen sillanrakennuseepoksen Penny Bridge!

Flavour Of The Month esittää

+ FOTM DJ team
pe 4.11. 2011 klo 21-03
Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku
liput 3€



Video of the Day #78: Small Houses

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Small Houses from Michigan released beautiful, delicate and heartwarming album entitled North in early october. It is one of my favourite folk albums of the year. Today Small Houses published a charming music video for the title track North. Marvellous song, marvellous video.

Small Houses Website

The Frowning Clouds – All Night Long

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The Frowning Clouds from Melbourne, Australia is a great band if you are into 60’s garage rock, beat, mod etc. A youtube critic told them “it’s 2011, c**ts”, but personally I love this kind of stuff. I haven’t heard their debut full-length but this new-ish single is awesome.

Frowning Clouds at Facebook

Kurt Baker: Rockin’ For a Living

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Kurt Baker’s new album Rockin’ For a Living is out on 25th of october on Oglio Records. Kurt Baker was previously in a band called The Leftovers who released some marvelous powerpop/punk/rock’n’roll songs a few years ago (at least Eager to Please was a really good record, that’s the only one I have). I’m not sure has the band completely broken up, but recently Kurt Baker has taken the solo route. He released a covers EP a while back that was produced by pop guru Linus Of Hollywood and contained songs from The Nerves, Nick Lowe, The Knack, Elvis Costello, The Vapors and that artist list certainly shows that this is my kind of guy. The new Kurt Baker originals seem to come from the same place and damn I love people who are heavily influenced by late 70’s power pop / punk / rock’n’roll bands and are keeping that music alive by writing new excellent power pop tunes. A couple of samples from Rockin’ For a Living below. This is a whole lot of fun.

Why You Gotta Lie by KURT BAKER

Don’t Steal My Heart Away by KURT BAKER

Kurt Baker Website
Kurt Baker at Facebook

Have Gun, Will Travel: Mergers & Acquisitions

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New Have Gun, Will Travel album Mergers & Acquisitions will be released on 1st of november by Suburban Home Records. The band is highly respected here at the onechord.net headquarters and the previous album Postcards from A Friendly City took the #11 spot on the best albums of the year 2010 list. I’ve had the chance to listen to the new album for a few weeks and this one is equally amazing and contains great americana storytelling. Pre-order is up on the Suburban Home website and this sampler set below contains three great songs from the album.

Have Gun, Will Travel Website
Have Gun, Will Travel at Facebook

Video of the Day #77: Michael Claytor & Sam Moss

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During 2011 I’ve watched Michael Claytor & Sam Moss video of a song called Hairpins so many times that you need to be a math specialist to be able to count them. Therefore I keep on checking out This is Gainesville / Music’s youtube every now and then to see if they’ve added more videos. Tonight I found two more and these are also wonderful. Without further ado, I let these beautiful people sing these beautiful songs (Courtesy of This Is Gainesville / Music and I will obviously remove them if they want to).

Michael Claytor & Sam Moss: Pines, Pines, Pines

Michael Claytor & Sam Moss: Annabelle

And of course I have to add Hairpins as well. Which means I won’t be able to go to sleep for a while even though It’s 3 am in Finland. I probably will be watching this over and over again for the next 30 minutes.

Hi-Lo & In Between: We Are Not The Wind

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I’m not sure when was the exact release date of this beauty, because I bought this from Hiljainen Mies at previous Flavour Of The Month. Anyway, I think it is now officially out and available and needs to be praised. We Are Not The Wind is an excellent record full of finest finnish folk rock and americana. It was released by Lumpeela Julkaisut and they’ve added one new song from the record to soundcloud. This one is called The Day When Madness Came:

And this is the stunning first single A Clear Silence:


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