Video of the Day #80: Matti Jasu & The Loose Train

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Matti Jasu wrote a lot of amazing pop songs for Goodnight Monsters and I’ve been eagerly waiting his new material. Now the wait is almost over. Matti Jasu will perform at Flavour of the Month on friday 2nd of december with his new band and today this cool video of a song called Fingers Crossed appeared. Fingers crossed that the Matti Jasu & The Loose Train album will soon hit the stores and our hearts. I’m 100% sure that it’s going to be awesome.


Flavour of the Month – Mikael H & The Siberians, Matti Jasu and the Close Encounters

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Flavour of the Month is once again around the corner and will take place at Pikku-Torre, Turku next friday 02.12.2011. Two wonderful bands Mikael H & The Siberians and Matti Jasu and the Close Encounters will share the stage. Really looking forward to this. More details in the finnish press release below:


Joulukuun Flavour Of The Month-klubilla perjantaina 2.12. on tarjolla helsinkiläistä ja turkulaista laulaja-lauluntekijäosaamista.

Folk-mestari Mikael Hakkarainen ja yhtyeensä The Siberians ovat juuri julkaisemassa kolmatta albumiaan The President of Venice Beach Helmi Levyjen kautta. Yhtyeen debyytti Sounds like Siberia julkaistiin vuonna 2004 ja kakkoslevy Back from Serbia vuonna 2006. Parin vuoden tauon aikana Hakkarainen on soittanut mm. John McGregorin kanssa Kasparissa sekä Astrid Swanin, etelä-afrikkalaisen Guy Collinsin sekä australialaisen Gosia Winterin yhtyeissä.

Turkulainen Matti Jasu puolestaan saatetaan muistaa kaksi albumia 22-Pistepirkon Bone Voyage-merkille levyttäneestä Goodnight Monstersista. Jasun uusia tekemisiä kuullaan nyt nimen Matti Jasu and the Close Encounters alla.

tiedot lyhyesti:
Mikael H & The Siberians
Matti Jasu and the Close Encounters

+ FOTM DJ team
pe 2.12. 2011 klo 21-03
Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30
liput 3€

Mikael H & The Siberians photo: by Alena Rebova

New songs from Carmen & The Devil

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Carmen & The Devil, The finest Finnish country/folk duo has some new songs for you. You might have heard these new Carmen & The Devil originals on their stunningly beautiful live concerts during the recent months, but now they’ve added the songs to their Soundcloud as well (there’s also a limited edition cassette that contains these new tunes, but that might be a bit tricky to find). This wonderful band will be mostly investigating the Austrian old time country scene for the next couple of years, but let’s hope they manage to get that debut album done and dusted sometime during 2012. That’s going to be a thing of beauty. The new songs are Tell-Tale Heart and Row Row and you’ll find them below. Hit the soundcloud link, if you haven’t heard the older ones, because those are equally amazing.

Carmen & The Devil: Tell-Tale Heart:

Carmen & The Devil: Row Row:

Carmen & The Devil at Facebook
Carmen & The Devil at Reverbnation
Carmen & The Devil at Soundcloud

Marmalakes – Even Clothed

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I wrote a couple of words about Chase Weinacht’s two great solo albums back in june. Now his band Marmalakes has released a new EP entitled Even Clothed and oh my.. this is even better. I’m becoming seriously addicted to the music these guys make. This young band from Austin, TX is capable of writing really amazing folk-pop songs that contain beautiful, delicate harmonies and colourful arrangements. I’m totally loving this. For example this last song of the EP Balmorhea is mindblowingly brilliant. Listen to it below and check out the whole EP on their bandcamp. If I still wrote reviews, I think this would get full five hearts.

Balmorhea by Marmalakes

Marmalakes at Bandcamp
Marmalakes at Facebook

Video of the Day #79: Kevin

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As previously mentioned, the Finnish psych/garage/pop heroes Kevin are back in the game and the new album is due out in 2012. The first single A Lonely Place came out in early november and Finn Andersson has now created a wonderful music video for the song.

Kevin Website

Kevin photo: Risto Vauras

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. appears on the upcoming Esa Linna single

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Esa Linna is getting ready to release a debut single She’s Not A Human Being in the coming months and a debut album is scheduled to be released later in 2012. This is already great news as it is, because Esa is definitely capable of stitching together awesome pop tunes. However, there’s also one minor (well major) detail that adds a truckload of excitement on top of it all. Pop wizard Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Jellyfish etc) will play keys and sing harmonies on She’s Not A Human Being. That’s cooler than Alain Delon in Le Samourai.

Esa Linna Website

The Genuine Fakes – Liner Notes EP

November 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

After posting the great new songs from Finnish pop group Heartjet, it’s time for some amazing Swedish pop music. I also know that Heartjet guys are into this next band, so that’s another good reason to write about these two during the same evening.

The band in question is obviously The Genuine Fakes who played a stunning concert at Flavour Of The Month earlier in the fall. Certainly one of the highlights of my year. The Genuine Fakes marvellous debut came out last year and currently they are in the process of making the follow-up. While waiting for that pop masterpiece, the band decided to put together a new digital ep. Liner Notes EP came out on 11/11/11 and contains leftovers from the debut album sessions, one new song and a couple of covers (Andreas Mattsson and The Posies). Most of these have appeared as bonus tracks on US and Japanese versions of the debut, but everything has been remixed by the band and then remastered by Anders Hellgren (from the legendary Swedish pop group The Merrymakers).

And don’t worry. These are not some barely decent tunes that didn’t make the debut album, because they weren’t any good. I think these are ridiculously amazing considering that fact and many power pop groups would have been proud to have written even one of them. While the debut was a loud power pop album best suited for friday nights, these new mixes might bring some melodic greatness to sunday mornings as well. I’m totally loving this. You can stream the whole thing on their bandcamp and/or follow my example and just buy yourself this digital pop treasure from the same place.

This is the opener Time Is Slight. Check the rest on their bandcamp.

Time Is Slight by The Genuine Fakes

The Genuine Fakes Website
The Genuine Fakes at Facebook

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