Heartjet – Grace / World

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Today was a good day. Early morning football and when I returned home, I found two new Heartjet songs. I injected them into my heart through headphones and instantly fell in love with them. The songs are entitled Grace and World and you can download them for free on their bandcamp. The new songs are bit less powerpoppin’ than the debut EP, but equally wonderful pop music. Just bit more serene and beautiful this time around. I hope they get the debut album out and available sometime next year. I’ve just loved them since the day the myspace request hit my inbox back in 2009 and the feeling is getting stronger every day.

Listen here. Download on their bandcamp:

Grace/World by Heartjet

Heartjet at Facebook


Alexander in Paris & Swaying Wires

November 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’ve been meaning to write about these new Finnish bands for a week or two, because I like them a lot and find them really promising. All the roads lead to Honkka and I have to thank him for liking these groups at Facebook. That’s how I found these.


Alexander in Paris from Raahe is a new Finnish folk rock group and there aren’t too many of those around. Their new EP is out and available and you can listen to the songs on their Soundcloud. Especially this song entitled Man VS. Kid is damn good. Definitely a band to keep an eye/ear/heart on.

Alexander in Paris at Facebook
Alexander in Paris at Soundcloud


I knew I wanted to listen to Turku-based Swaying Wires after checking out their influence list. Songs: Ohia was the first on the list and I’m a big fan of all things Jason Molina and Axxxess & Ace is one of my all-time favourite albums. I can hear that influence occasionally, but that’s hardly a bad thing. Beautiful female vocals and captivating folk songs. That’s all I need. This song below is entitled Bluebird. You can listen to three other songs on their Soundcloud.

Swaying Wires at Facebook
Swaying Wires at Blogspot
Swaying Wires at Soundcloud

Album of the Month: Glossary – Long Live All Of Us

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I don’t really have the time to write proper reviews at the moment, but here’s a couple of quick words about new brilliant Glossary album.

It’s dark when you leave for work and it’s again dark when you get back home from work. That’s the lovely Finnish November. You can barely see the light of the day and therefore it’s rather nice to listen to something that makes you feel the summer in your heart. Glossary’s new album Long Live All Of Us is the kind of a record that makes everything all alright and it just feels damn good to listen to it.

Long Live All Of Us is definitely a major contender when One Chord to Another (well me) starts selecting those very best albums of the year. I love everything about it. Just perfect soulful rock in my books. The band might be best known in the alt-country/americana/country rock circles, but you don’t really need to have a single country bone in your body to be able to fall in love with Glossary. Sure that background shines through, but things like E Street Band comes to mind as well. Actually if you love the great Finnish rock’n’roll group Damn Seagulls, you should definitely check out Glossary. My favourites might change on an hourly basis. Currently they might be When We Were Wicked and The Flood. These are not on soundcloud, but these two below are equally amazing. Long Live All Of Us is a marvellous record and easily worth all five hearts.

This is the opening track Trouble Won’t Last Always:

And this is a song called A Shoulder To Cry On:

Glossary Website

Kevin – A Lonely Place

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Kevin are returning to this ball game and a brand new Kevin album is due out in early 2012. The first outtake from the upcoming album is a free digital single entitled A Lonely Place and it is now out and available. I’m looking forward to the album, because even though I love digging the old treasures from the Shindig! magazine, it will be great to get some new Finnish music with 60’s psych/garage flavours.

This is the new single A Lonely Place:

And this is the marvellous old music video Theme From Forever (from the We Come In Peace album that came out back in 2004)

Kevin Website
Kevin at Facebook

Kevin photo: Risto Vauras

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