Klifton Filente – Breaking the Clouds

December 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

It looks like I will be unemployed for the next three weeks. Not a perfect scenario, but the big plus side is that I finally have the time to write about the albums that I’ve fallen in love with during the last few weeks/months. Klifton Filente’s new album Breaking the Clouds is definitely one of them. This singer-songwriter from Gothenburg, Sweden is a big favourite of mine these days. He won my heart over with the previous album Common Ground and this new one is equally wonderful. I can’t understand why all indie pop blogs in the world aren’t writing about Jonas Lundvall’s Klifton Filente. I think he is pretty amazing and I’m totally into his sweet and beautiful pop songs. You can download these awesome releases for free from his bandcamp.

This is the opener Foremost of the Westerners:

Foremost of the Westerners by Klifton Filente

Klifton Filente at Bandcamp



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