Video of the Day #84: Sassparilla

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I’ve been listening to the new Sassparilla album The Darndest Thing quite a lot during the last few weeks. This Portland-based group has created a pretty damn good americana album. This might not be the greatest video you’ll ever see, but I really like this song My First Lover and it’s not even my biggest favourite on the album. Beautifully crafted dark atmospheres.

Sassparilla Website


Cirrone – Uplands Park Road

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Cirrone from Italy was a big hit in the power pop world last year and most of my favourite power pop blogs featured Cirrone’s Uplands Park Road album on their year-end lists. For example the wonderful rated is as the best album of the year 2011. This beauty of an album has been playing in my headphones for the last week or so and I can fully agree with all of my favourite blogs. This is one hell of a classic power pop album. A bit of 70’s power pop like Badfinger or Blue and a bit of 90’s power pop things and a whole lot of catchy pop songs. Varies from great rockin’ pop songs to beautiful pop ballads and everything works. This album is again a perfect reminder that (power) pop music is still the sweetest form of art as far as I’m concerned. Simple things are often the greatest and I think Uplands Park Road would have hit my top 10 albums of the year list, if I had heard it in time. This has so many amazing pop songs that it’s almost ridiculous. I could just pick any song, but let’s go with the opener Here Is My Song. Listen to the whole album on their bandcamp.

Cirrone at Bandcamp

Hall of Ghosts – A Random Quiet

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Hall of Ghosts – A Random Quiet

This is not officially out until march, but I got a digital promo which I’ve been enjoying lately. Hall of Ghosts is a new project from Additional Moog’s Jim Williams. I can’t say I know too much about Additional Moog except that it was a highly respected UK alt-country band. I remember that I red good things about the debut back in 2007 and that I really liked the songs I listened to back then. Anyway, now I finally can properly introduce my heart to Jim Williams songs and it seems like they get along well together. This is obviously the kind of stuff that I enjoy. Think of The Jayhawks and Grand Drive. Think of beautiful americana / folk rock with pop sensibility and sweet melodies. What a lovely record. This is Giant Water.

Hall Of Ghosts Website

Flavour of the Month 3.2.2012 – Ochre Room, Markus Perttula

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February’s Flavour of the Month is around the corner and takes place next friday 3.2.2012. Artists sharing the stage are Ochre Room and Markus Perttula.

Ochre Room is a folk rock / americana group from Tampere. They released a great Blue Ribbon EP last year. This is the title track.

Ochre Room Website

Markus Perttula is an excellent singer-songwriter from Turku. Markus is currently working on his debut album. Really Looking forward to that, because his soundcloud songs are pretty amazing. This one is entitled Ainoa tie.

Markus Perttula at Facebook


Helmikuun klubi-ilta on perjantaina 3.2. ja tuolloin esiintyjinä nähdään ja kuullaan tamperelaista americana/folk/country-yhtye Ochre Roomia sekä turkulaista laulaja-lauluntekijää Markus Perttulaa, jonka lähes jeffbuckleymaiset laulusuoritukset ovat aina komeaa kuultavaa.

aika: pe 3.2. klo 21-03
+ FotM DJ Team
paikka: Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku
liput: 3€

Video of the Day #83: Woodpigeon

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Just remembered that I’ve only posted this great new Woodpigeon song to my facebook. Canadian Woodpigeon recently released their new EP For Paolo and this is the beautiful title track. I love it.

Woodpigeon Website

John Statz – Old Fashioned

January 28, 2012 § 1 Comment

Several excellent albums came out this week. I think one could make a great top 5 year-end list in next december by just using records that came out on 24th of january. John K. Samson, Craig Finn, Bro. Stephen, Nada Surf and John Statz. That’s a giant dose of awesome new music for one day. I wrote a few words about the John Statz album a month ago, but wanted to remind you that the album has now been released by Yer Bird Records. John Statz is an excellent folk singer-songwriter from Madison, WI and he is just getting better all the time. Old Fashioned is the title of his new album and it is a really strong and captivating album. This beautiful song is Honest.

John Statz at Bandcamp
John Statz Website

Bears – Greater Lakes

January 28, 2012 § 2 Comments

I’ve lost touch with the indie pop world during the last couple of years, but maybe things change during 2012 because there’s plenty of great records coming out. For example new Burning Hearts is out next week, new Cats on Fire in the spring… and new Bears album on valentine’s day.

Bears is an indie pop band from Cleveland, OH and their new album is entitled Greater Lakes. It is utterly wonderful. My girlfriend was the first one to notice that in our household. She always put this record on and soon I started to realize how delightful and beautiful this pop album really was and it was time to put those country records aside for a moment and just listen to Bears. This is the first single Eleven A.M.

Bears Website
Bears at Facebook

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