Bahamas – Barchords

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The man behind Bahamas is a Finnish-Canadian singer-songwriter Afie Jurvanen from Toronto and recently he released his second album Barchords. I’ve been listening to it a lot lately, because it’s such a great record. Even better than the debut. It feels like Bahamas has grown without losing that down-to-earth charm. Small is still beautiful and oh how I adore songs like Time and Time Again. Hopefully Mr. Jurvanen from Canada will one day play a concert in Finland.

Bahamas Website


Flavour of the Month 2.3.2012: David Myhr (SWE), Heartjet

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There’s a very special Flavour of the Month taking place at Pikku-Torre, Turku on friday 2nd of march, 2012. Ex-Merrymaker David Myhr will be playing a solo concert with great Finnish duo Heartjet as the support act.

I’ve already praised The Merrymakers enough (ok, that might not be possible, they were so brilliant), so let’s focus on things happening now. David Myhr’s solo debut Soundshine came out in Japan last december and will be released in Europe at the end of march by the great british pop label Lojinx (Farrah, FOW, Brendan Benson, Pugwash…). I’ve not heard the full album yet, but based on the first outtakes, David Myhr is in top form and capable of creating timeless melodies and insanely catchy pop songs. Check out these videos if you don’t take my word for it. And do come to the show at Pikku-Torre on 2nd of march.

And there’s more. David Myhr will have a great support act. Finnish Heartjet might be still a bit unknown, but that’s just criminal. Their digital releases Goodbye Stan EP and Grace/World single are both excellent pop releases. Listen to below.

aika: pe 2.3. klo 21-03
livenä: DAVID MYHR (SWE, ex-Merrymakers) & HEARTJET
paikka: Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku
liput: 4€

Facebook Event

Power Pop #15: The Merrymakers

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I’m not sure has anyone missed these power pop entries, but now there’s definitely time for another episode. Ex-Merrymakers David Myhr will play at Flavour of the Month (Pikku-Torre, Turku) on this friday 2nd of march. Before writing one last reminder about the upcoming show and focusing on his new excellent solo material, it’s time to celebrate the past and post a couple of songs by The Merrymakers. This Swedish pop group created two stunning albums in the 90s. No Sleep ’til Famous and Bubblegun are both amazing. Bubblegun is actually one of my all-time favourite power pop albums and Popsicle, The Wannadies and The Merrymakers will probably always the most influential Swedish bands to me. Here are Saltwater Drinks and April’s Fool from Bubblegun. Plus a promo clip for Bubblegun.

Esa Linna – She’s Not a Human Being EP

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Esa Linna will release his debut EP She’s Not a Human Being in Finland on the 29th of february. As previously mentioned, the title song She’s Not a Human Being features pop wizard Roger Joseph Manning Jr (Jellyfish etc) on backing vocals and keyboards. The full-length album will follow before the end of the year. Preview the EP below (for some weird reason this set seem to only show 3 songs in here even though there’s 4 songs on the soundcloud set).

Esa Linna Website

Video of the Day #89: Daniel Romano

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Canadian Daniel Romano released a wonderful vintage country album Sleep Beneath The Willow last year. It took the spot #14 on’s album of the year list. The opener Time Forgot (To Change My Heart) has now a music video. Such a great song.. and there’s actually 3-4 better ones on the album. That’s how strong the album is.

Daniel Romano Website

An American Underdog – Always On The Run

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I’ve been meaning to write about this amazing pop album for a month, because it deserves some.. well actually a lot of.. love. There’s also another good reason to write about it, because it was just released on vinyl in february 2012 (came out in october 2011 on CD).

Michigan-based songwriter/producer Andy Reed is the man behind An American Underdog and he has created an impressive pop record. Always on the Run is a melodic heaven that reminds me of all kind of great things from Jellyfish to The Beach Boys. These delightful pop songs are full of insightful arrangements. I’ll Miss You Girl should be a hit in the same vein Cherry Twister songs should have been hits in the year 2000. Always on The Run is a classic pop album and it’s not a surprise that it was widely praised on several power pop blogs last year. This is the opener Your Reign Is Over. You’ll find plenty of more sample songs from his soundcloud page.

An American Underdog Website
An American Underdog at Facebook

Video of the Day #88: Tyler Butler

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Yer Bird Records will be re-releasing Tyler Butler’s Winter King on 20th of march. To celebrate the upcoming release, Tyler and Yer Bird have set up a video series and they will post a new live video every tuesday until the release. Winter King took some high positions on the year-end lists of my favourite folk-minded blogs (Slowcoustic, Common Folk Music) and it’s definitely time to introduce my heart to Tyler Butler’s music when Winter King comes out. I think we might hit it off rather well, if this video of Plover is a sign of things to come. Finnish folks are certainly quite used to the same kind of chilling conditions as this Canadian folk musician. Check out more videos at where you will find a new video each tuesday.

Tyler Butler :: Plover from Yer Bird Records on Vimeo.

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