An American Underdog – Always On The Run

February 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve been meaning to write about this amazing pop album for a month, because it deserves some.. well actually a lot of.. love. There’s also another good reason to write about it, because it was just released on vinyl in february 2012 (came out in october 2011 on CD).

Michigan-based songwriter/producer Andy Reed is the man behind An American Underdog and he has created an impressive pop record. Always on the Run is a melodic heaven that reminds me of all kind of great things from Jellyfish to The Beach Boys. These delightful pop songs are full of insightful arrangements. I’ll Miss You Girl should be a hit in the same vein Cherry Twister songs should have been hits in the year 2000. Always on The Run is a classic pop album and it’s not a surprise that it was widely praised on several power pop blogs last year. This is the opener Your Reign Is Over. You’ll find plenty of more sample songs from his soundcloud page.

An American Underdog Website
An American Underdog at Facebook



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