Johannes Laitila – Hearts Somewhere

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Hearts Somewhere by Johannes Laitila came out last week on the 28th of march. Hearts Somewhere is his second album. The debut flew under my radar, but this new one has gotten quite a lot of air time in this household during the past few weeks. It won’t make me shout his name from the rooftops, but I enjoy listening to the album. You can listen to the whole album on his Soundcloud. This is the music video for the song entitled November.


Video of the Day #96: Lightships

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Lightships is Gerard Love (Teenage Fanclub). I don’t really have to tell you that this is brilliant after that first sentence. Everyone already knows that. It’s as obvious as the fact that cats are adorable. This is Sweetness in Her Spark from the new album Electric Cables that just came out on Domino.

Lightships Website
Lightships at Facebook


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Ville Härkönen is currently exploring the Ethiopian pop music scene, but thankfully that hasn’t stopped him from writing new music and forming new bands. Piilomaa = Ville Härkönen, Ensio Kinnunen, Heikki Marttila, Pekka Kupiainen and Petri Varis and they’ve put together a promo EP, which you can hear below. My own favourite is Vaativaa seuraa. It’s been stuck in my head since I first heard it on Ville’s solo concert sometime last year.

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