Beachwood Sparks – The Tarnished Gold

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Something to look forward to. The new Beachwood Sparks album The Tarnished Gold will hit the stores and my heart on the 26th of june. It will be a tough task to wait a month for this beauty. Beachwood Sparks is a band that I love dearly and especially the debut album holds a very special place in my heart. Canyon Ride and The Reminder. Oh my. They were truly stunning back then. Sweet harmonies, west coast country sounds and psychedelic pop melodies. Based on these two songs I’ve heard from the upcoming album, they are nowadays equally stunning. More about this when the album actually comes out. I just had to make an early start, because this is something that I’m extremely excited about.




Video of the Day #102: Snowgoose

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Snowgoose are Jim McCulloch, Dave McGowan, Anna Sheard, Raymond McGinley and Stuart Kidd. Now that’s a mighty good line-up with several pop maestros from the Northern Britain. Their debut album Harmony Springs came out on 21st of april and this marvellous folk beauty is entitled Sycamore.

Snowgoose at Facebook
Snowgoose Website

Video of the Day #101: Hallelujah The Hills

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I’ve been meaning to post this Hallelujah The Hills video Get Me In A Room for a while now. At first I thought it was just alright, but I keep on getting back to it and nowadays I think it’s damn good. There must be something very addictive about it. I can’t say I’m too familiar with this Boston-based indie rock group at this point. I only found Hallelujah The Hills few weeks back when Gregor from Captains Dead started praising their new album No One Knows What Happens Next on twitter (and that guy has a great taste in music). I finally downloaded the album a couple of hours ago and I’m really liking it so far.

Hallelujah The Hills at bandcamp
Hallelujah The Hills Website

Video of the Day #100: Euros Childs

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Euros Childs will be releasing a new album in august. The first outtake from the upcoming album is a single entitled Spin That Girl Around. The single will hit the stores on 28th of may, but the song will hit your heart today if you watch this new music video.

Euros Childs Website

Album of the Month: Joe Pug – The Great Despiser

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A couple of quick words about the latest album of the month, before it’s time to choose a new one (obviously one could and should write a master thesis or a novel about the greatness of this record). Anyway, Joe Pug’s second full-length The Great Despiser was a really easy choice for that album of the month slot on the right. The Great Despiser came out on Lightning Rod Records on april 24th and it was love at first sight.The debut album Messenger was already close to perfection (and the finest moments were perfect), but I’m loving this new one even more as a whole. Joe Pug from Chicago, Illinois is such a fantastic folk songwriter. The songs are instantly catchy and easy to enjoy right from the start, but they also hold a giant amount of lyrical depth & poetic devotion inside them. Without further ado, here are a couple of great examples of Joe Pug’s songwriting talent.

The Great Despiser:

One of Many live at Guild Lounge:

Joe Pug Website

Indiaanikesä III 01.06.-02.06.2012

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Something to look forward to. Flavour of The Month and Hyvän Musiikin Klubi are organizing a minifestival at Pikku-Torre on 1.6-2.6.2012. More information on this press release.


Turun Pikku-Torressa vuosina 2007 ja 2009 järjestetty Indiaanikesä-minifestivaali palaa klubikartalle kesäkuun ensimmäisenä viikonloppuna 1.-2.6.

Rajusti Suomen pienimuotoisimman kaksipäiväisen musiikkitapahtuman tittelistä kamppailevan Indiaanikesä III:n tarjonta jakautuu tällä kertaa indiepopimpaan perjantai-iltaan ja rockpitoiseen lauantaihin.

Perjantain pääesiintyjäksi on kutsuttu pienoista paluuta esiintymislavoille tekevä turkulainen kulttiyhtye Wojciech. Toisena aktina esiintyvä Goodnight Monsters on myös viettänyt hiljaisempaa eloa kahden Bone Voyage-merkille tehdyn hienon albumin jälkeen.

Lauantaiksi on kasattu melkoinen blues-rock’n’roll-gumbo. Illan aloittaa instrumentaalista bluesjyrnytystä tarjoileva Devil Box, toisena lavalle nousee 50-luvun rytmibluesia ja 60-luvun garage- ja beatmusiikkia yhdistelevä The Good Times ja lopuksi baarin tasaiseksi lanaa rockduo helvetistä, aina tehokas ja vakuuttavasti jyräävä Black Magic Six, jolta ilmestyi taannoin jo kolmas täyspitkä, Brutal Blues.


pe 1.6.


la 2.6.
DEVIL BOX (guitar solo)


Pete Molinari touring in Finland 17.5-19.5

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In case you didn’t know it already, world class singer-songwriter Pete Molinari is touring in Finland right now. These concerts are going to be absolutely wonderful.

To 17.5.2012 Tampere, Telakka +Suvi Koivu
Pe 18.5.2012 Helsinki, Bar Loose
La 19.5.2012 Turku, Dynamo

Here are some of my own Molinari favourites.

Sweet Louise:

Today, Tomorrow and Forever:

Since You’ve Been Gone:

Pete Molinari Website

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