New songs from Robin Pahlman

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Robin Pahlman has featured here several times as a half of the country duo Carmen & The Devil. The other half is his wife Heli Pahlman and together they create beautiful old-fashioned country songs. Nowadays Robin & Heli are exploring the Austrian country & folk scene and Robin is also working on his upcoming solo debut in his home studio in Vienna. A few of his demos recently surfaced and it proves that the solo material is equally amazing. I can only hope that he finds a label that will release the solo debut, because this stuff is just too damn brilliant and captivating to be left unreleased. This one below is Miss Lonelyhearts. Hit that soundcloud link to find the songs Waves and Man Overboard, which are just as great.


Robin Pahlman at Soundcloud

Carmen & The Devil at Facebook


Video of the Day #107: Johan Örjansson

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Tonight I’ve been mostly listening to Swedish singer-songwriter Johan Örjansson. I stumbled upon his single If I Were To Love You on No Deal Music’s spotify list and instantly liked it. Johan Örjansson’s songs remind me a lot of Ryan Adams, but that’s hardly a bad thing. I love Ryan and it seems like I could end up developing same kind of affection towards Johan. His new album Melancholic Melodies For Broken Times came out on june 7th and this is the aforementioned single If I Were To Love You.

Johan Örjansson Website
Johan Örjansson at Facebook

Woody Pines, Zachary Lucky and Carly Maicher

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Woody Pines – You Gotta Roll

North Carolinian Woody Pines released a new ep You Gotta Roll a while back and I really like their vintage country sounds. Old-fashioned American music delivered with heart and soul. Red Rockin’ Chair is an outtake from the excellent new EP, but I also had to re-post the earlier video of the day 99 Years Blues (not on the new EP), because it’s just so damn good.


Woody Pines Website

Zachary Lucky – Saskatchewan

Canadian folk troubadour Zachary Lucky released his new album/mini-album Saskatchewan back in march and I just realized that I haven’t posted about this beauty more than an odd twitter comment or two even though I’ve been enjoying it ever since. Saskatchewan is a little folk treasure and makes Saskatoon feel like home even if you can’t find it from the map. Here are couple of magical examples. Across The Ocean and Leaves Are Falling. The latter one features another wonderful folk artist Carly Maicher on backing vocals.

Zachary Lucky at Bandcamp
Zachary Lucky Website

Carly Maicher – Hiding

Well this one is actually from last year, but I couldn’t leave the opportunity to post a Carly Maicher song to pass me by. I think I first found her music late last year, when she toured with Ryan Boldt (The Deep Dark Woods). At the time I was curious about anything even remotely The Deep Dark Woods related and instantly noticed that Carly Maicher’s music was also something pretty amazing. Since then, I keep on coming back to her bandcamp every now and then. This is a beautiful song entitled Tundra.

Carly Maicher at bandcamp

Seamus Cater & Viljam Nybacka – The Anecdotes

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Seamus Cater & Viljam Nybacka are Amsterdam-based experimental folk duo. Seamus Cater is british and Viljam Nybacka is from Vaasa, Finland, but has lived in Amsterdam for the past twelve years or so. Together they’ve created a captivating folk album The Anecdotes. At times the album goes out of my comfort zone, but in the end it’s rather refreshing to listen to something more challenging than those three minute pop songs and sad whiskey-soaked country tunes for a change. And obviously there’s the beautifully phrased vocals and the traditional folk elements that will keep simple pop fan on board even if the minimalistic experimentation occasionally becomes too challenging. Just listen to the magic of Folk Music to judge yourself and stream/buy the album on their bandcamp.

Seamus & Viljam at Bandcamp
Seamus & Viljam at Facebook

Video of the Day #106: I am Oak

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The new album Nowhere or Tammensaari by dutch folk artist I am Oak has been on my list of albums to check out since I saw slowcoustic’s blog post about it a while back. The title obviously made me somewhat curious, because there’s a Finnish word in it and the man behind I am Oak, Thijs Kuijken, comes from Utrecht, Netherlands. I don’t know is there a bigger Finnish connection, but Nowhere or Tammensaari was recorded in Finland. However, the amazingly beautiful folk music of the album is much more interesting than the word Tammensaari in the title of the album. A good place to start is to watch I am Oak’s new music video Palpable dozen times and then stream the whole album at bandcamp. Nowhere or Tammensaari came out on Snowstar Records on june 1st.

Nowhere or Tammensaari at bandcamp
I am Oak Website
I am Oak at Facebook

The See See & Pale Sunday

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London-based The See See has delivered excellent psychedelic pop music right from the start. Their second album Fountayne Mountain came out in late may on Dell’Orso and I’m enjoying it a lot. All kinds of great things like 60s psych-flavoured pop and west coast comes to mind. Full of great songs like Fix Me Up which isn’t million miles away from Teenage Fanclub.


The See See Website
The See See at Facebook


A blog favourite Pale Sunday returns with a new EP entitled The Fake Stories About You and Me. They are a great brazilian indie pop group and I really loved their early releases Weekend With Jane EP (2003) and Summertime? album (2005). Based on the opening track of the new EP Happy (When You Lived Here), the band is still more than capable of creating magnificent indie pop tunes. The Fake Stories About You and Me was released by the wonderful Matinee Recordings and is already available directly from the label (

Pale Sunday Website
Pale Sunday at Facebook

The Tallest Man On Earth, The Great American Desert, Nathan K & Paul Otteson

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The last month kind of flew by and my life revolved around new job and the Euro 2012. Therefore it’s time to go through some of the great folk albums that came out during that time. More to come during the next week or so, because I try to get on track and there’s tons of albums I need to write about.

The Tallest Man On Earth – There’s No Leaving Now

Swedish Kristian Matsson aka The Tallest Man On Earth is quite a well-known folk singer-songwriter and doesn’t really need an introduction. Of course that’s partly a perspective illusion and he is not such a big star outside the world I live in. But he should be. The new album There’s No Leaving Now came out on june 12th on Dead Oceans and it is excellent. This is 1904 from the new album.


The Great American Desert – Carson City

Yer Bird’s latest signing is The Great American Desert. The Great American Desert is Max Holmquist who previously crafted captivating folk music under the name South Of Lincoln. His new album Carson City came out on Yer Bird Records on june 26th. Listen to the title track from this beautiful down-to-earth folk album below and hit that bandcamp link for more.


Great American Desert Website
Great American Desert at Bandcamp

Nathan K. – Dishes

Michigan-based folk musician Nathan K. featured in the video of the day section a while back, but it’s time for another entry, because his great new album Dishes came out on 26th of june. There’s also a new video for the song entitled Bob Seger, which is an outtake from the new album. Stream/buy at bandcamp.

Nathan K. Website
Nathan K. at Bandcamp

Paul Otteson – Robin Red

Well Robin Red by Paul Otteson was the album of the month in june and it is one of my favourite albums of the whole year. It’s such a beautiful release that I had to mention it one more time. February Fables was already pretty convincing, but Robin Red lifted Wisconsin-based Paul Otteson to the hall-of-fame for unknown folk singer-songwriters. Well I suppose hall of no fame, but magical music would be more approriate. Monstrously highly recommended. Stream/buy at bandcamp.

Paul Otteson Website
Paul Otteson at Bandcamp

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