Randolph’s Leap – Introducing..

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I finally did the right thing and ordered this beauty tonight. Randolph’s Leap is a Glasgow-based 8-piece and Introducing Randolph’s Leap collects together some of their favourite songs they’ve so far released. I originally found this one from Duglas T. Stewart’s (from BMX Bandits, a man whose taste I trust almost fully, I have found a lot of greatness thanks to his TFC forum posts/tweets) tweet about a month ago and instantly liked it. After visiting their bandcamp several times, it became quite clear that this album was pretty amazing and full of very charming folky pop music. This beautiful tune is entitled The Nonsense In My Soul and it’s my current favourite. You can stream/buy the album on their bandcamp.


Randolph’s Leap at Bandcamp
Randolph’s Leap at Facebook


First Times – First Times 7″ EP

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Whenever there’s a new Finnish power pop band/release, you can count me interested. I’ve heard good things about Helsinki-based First Times for a year or two and now there’s finally a debut release. Their self-titled seven inch EP came out in late july on Combat Rock Industry and I finally picked up my copy from the local 8raita record store. If your idea of power pop is something sugary and sweet (like Matthew Sweet for example), this might not be your slice of cheese cake. If you prefer to inhale your power pop with a fair share of rock’n’roll and punk rock (like Bomp! Records catalog for example), then you are in for a treat. This is damn good stuff for sure. You can listen to 2 out of the 4 songs below.


First Times at Bandcamp
First Times at Facebook

Video of the Day #109: The Wicked Whispers

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And then something completely different. British 60’s influenced psychedelic pop/folk group The Wicked Whispers has a new seven inch vinyl single out on Electone Records and they also have a new music video for the a-side Dandelion Eyes. Sounding pretty excellent once again and they fully deserve to be featured in video of the day section for the second time.

The Wicked Whispers Website

American Aquarium – Burn. Flicker. Die.

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Today, I’ve been mostly listening to the new American Aquarium album Burn. Flicker. Die. It was released today and it’s pretty damn great for sure. This Raleigh-based group already has some really convincing albums under they belt, but this one could be something really special. Burn.Flicker.Die was produced by Jason Isbell. Pointless namedropping mode could throw in Jason’s former band Drive-By Truckers, Kasey Anderson, The Hold Steady, Whiskeytown and Bruce Springsteen as comparison. Indie rock, country rock, southern rock’n’roll. It seems to be a great record and I certainly have to buy a physical copy. If you need to try it before buying, Burn.Flicker.Die is already on Spotify.

American Aquarium Website

J.P. Harris & The Tough Choices – I’ll Keep Calling

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One more for today, because I try to catch up on things. Only about 26 albums left that I should write about. Anyway, J.P. Harris & The Tough Choices are driving on the old school country roads and are delivering beautiful honky tonk ballads into your heart. Even their website address is ilovehonkytonk.com. I’m enjoying their new album I’ll Keep Calling a lot and it has often been my companion in the car radio on my way to work. I highly recommend it, if you are anyway into vintage country music. On the other hand, if your introduction to country music is only a few alt.country records, this might be too hardcore for you. Live & Breathing has a great live video for a song entitled One For Your Memory.

JP Harris & The Tough Choices – Just Your Memory from Live & Breathing on Vimeo.

J.P. Harris & The Touch Choices at Facebook
J.P. Harris & The Touch Choices Website

Volter & Big Wave Riders

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A couple of really good Finnish albums came out last week.


Volter’s debut album No Return is a charming pop album. 60s pop music, glam, indie pop, even a tiny bit of Finnish schlager and most importantly really good songs. There might not be anything really mind-blowing on the record, but I like everything this record has to offer. Besides, I’m quite happy with my mind as it is. I don’t want to have it blown away. I rather let it flow in a steady stream of well-crafted and beautifully delivered old-fashioned pop songs. This is the first single Ghost Town.

Volter at Facebook


Big Wave Riders also released their debut album Life Less Ordinary last week. They are part of Soliti’s excellent artist roster. Style-wise they are not totally my cup of tea, but that’s just personal preference. There’s nothing wrong with the quality of their music. Life Less Ordinary is full of high quality pop music and it deserves a lot of attention. And this new video, Sunny Season is pretty damn good.

Big Wave Riders at Facebook

Euros Childs – Summer Special

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Euros Childs has some new music for us. That is always something special. This time it is Summer Special. If the fall is already lurking behind the corner, you can keep it out of sight for another a couple of months by listening to this beautiful pop album. Summer Special is available as CD or pay-what-you want download from Euros Childs website. This is the music video for the lovely new single That’s Better.

Euros Childs Website

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