Flavour of the Month 5.10.2012 – Withered Hand (sco), Swaying Wires (+ Withered Hand Finland tour)

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Flavour of the Month seem to be rather international these days. We have another international guest next Friday when wonderful Scottish folk singer-songwriter Dan Willson aka Withered Hand will share the stage with a great local group Swaying Wires. Withered Hand’s new 10″ EP Inbetweens will also get a Finnish release through Lumpeela Julkaisut in october and Withered Hand celebrates their upcoming massive stardom in Finland by playing three shows in Finland. The full Withered Hand Finland tour schedule is:

Thu 04.10. Telakka, Tampere
Fri 05.10. FOTM, Pikku-Torre, Turku (with Swaying Wires)
Sat 06.10. Korjaamo, Helsinki

This is the beautiful title track of the new EP Inbetweens:

I’m also excited to finally see Swaying Wires live. I still really like their demo songs that you can find from soundcloud. This one is entitled Brings Me Home.

And you’ll need a couple of Finnish lessons to read the rest.


Lokakuun Flavour Of The Month-illan artistivieraina kuullaan skotlantilaista, taiteilijanimellä Withered Hand esiintyvää Dan Willsonia sekä turkulaista Swaying Wires-yhtyettä. Aktit nousevat lavalle FOTMin kotiluolassa Pikku-Torressa perjantaina 5.10.

Edinburghilainen folktrubaduuri Withered Hand on kirvoittanut mairittelevia vertailuita kulttihullu Daniel Johnstoniin, ikiraakku Neil Youngiin sekä jopa Sufjan Stevensin ja Belle and Sebastianin kaltaisiin nimiin. Mediakirjoittelut sikseen: nettisivunsa ääninäytteiden perusteella kyseessä on persoonallinen, mukavalla tavalla kierokin laulaja-lauluntekijä, jonka musiikissa kuuluu hienosti skotlantilaisuus, vastakulttuuriasenne sekä silkka melodinen melankolia.

Swaying Wires tulee puolestaan Suomen Turusta ja valloittaa karhean juurevalla, tunnelmoivalla indie-americanalla The Walkaboutsin ja jopa Mazzy Starin hengessä.

Withered Hand (SCO)
Swaying Wires

+ FOTM DJ team
pe 5.10. 2012 klo 21-03
Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku
liput 4€



Video of the Day #110: I Was A King

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I’ve been extremely excited about the upcoming I Was A King album for a few months. This new promotional video for the single Frozen Disease doesn’t make the excitement levels any lower. A really wonderful pop song. Reminds me a bit of Nada Surf in the verse (Let Go -era.. aka the brilliant era), but let’s not get into that scary and pointless namedropping. I Was A King is a Norwegian pop group and their new album You Love It Here will hit the record stores and our hearts on 5th of october. Well at least in Norway/Scandinavia. Hopefully the distribution to Finland works one way or another, because I really need to hear and buy this one. Oh and one more minor thing. The new album was co-produced by Norman Blake and Robyn Hitchcock! Norman Blake was the reason why I first got into I Was A King. The thing that keeps me interested, is I Was A King themselves and their great pop songs. This is the new single Frozen Disease.

I Was A King Website
I Was A King at Facebook

Mike Viola – Acousto De Perfecto

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Pop guru and a big personal favourite Mike Viola released Electro De Perfecto last year and now it is time for the companion piece Acousto De Perfecto. It was easy to fall for Electro De Perfecto, because it was full of instantly catchy power pop tunes and that’s the kind of music I love the most. Acousto De Perfecto on the other hand, is a bit of a challenge for my narrow-minded taste in music. Maybe the issue is mostly the fact that strings play a major part and usually I’m not entirely comfortable with that. However, the album is amazingly beautiful, Mike Viola has a sweet voice and a perfect melodic sense. Even if I personally would take Electro De Perfecto eight days a week that doesn’t mean Acousto De Perfecto isn’t a great release as well. The album is now out on the wonderful UK pop label Lojinx.

Mike Viola Website

Flavour of the Month 8.9. 2012: College Fall (AUS), Ben’s Diapers (15 years)

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Flavour of the Month returns from summer holiday next saturday 8.9.2012. Australian College Fall is back in Finland (they also have show at Semifinal, Helsinki on wed 5.9.2012) and Ben’s Diapers are celebrating their 15th anniversary. It will be great. More information about the evening in the Finnish press release below these music videos.

College Fall – Abandoned

Ben’s Diapers – The Ugly Truth


Turkulaisen kitaraindiemusiikin instituutioksi muodostunut Flavour Of The Month-klubi avaa syyskautensa lauantaina 8.9. juuri remontoidussa Pikku-Torressa. Tuolloin omia 15-vuotisjuhliaan viettää paikallinen Ben’s Diapers-yhtye, joka lupaa juhlakeikalla soittaa kappaleita koko pitkän ja ohdakkeisen uransa varrelta ja kenties vilauttaa jotakin tulevistakin seikkailuista americanantuoksuisen rockin ja popin parissa.

Illan toinen akti, Australian Melbournesta nykyisin ponnistava College Fall on jo pari kertaa Suomessa ja Flavour Of The Monthissakin vieraillut duo Glenn Musto ja Jodie Bartlett. Pariskunnan ihmissuhdepop yhdistelee amerikkalaista laulaja-lauluntekijä-soundia häpeilemättömän melodiseen ja heleään indieen. Maailmaa jo pitkään kiertäneiden elämäntapamuusikoiden sitoutuminen ja osaaminen vakuuttavat kyynisimmänkin rokkipoliisin. Kaksikolta on tulossa uusi levy, mutta sitä ennen on tiedossa Ruotsiin, Norjaan, Tanskaan, Ranskaan ja siis myös Suomeen ulottuva Euroopan kiertue. College Fall esiintyy myös Helsingin Semifinalissa 5.9.

College Fall (AUS)
Ben’s Diapers (15 v-juhlakeikka)

+ Flavour Of The Month DJ team
la 8.9. 2012 klo 21-03
Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku
liput: 4€


College Fall photo: Kelli Morris

This is American Music: Some Dark Holler, Bohannons, Magnolia Mountain

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This is American Music is continuously releasing great music. The biggest highlight of the year so far has been Slowburner by The District Attorneys. That’s one amazing album, but it’s not the only one. These three albums are also really good and have all gotten plenty of “air time” in this household.

Some Dark Holler – Hollow Chest

I’ve only just begun with this one, but I’m already captivated. Some Dark Holler is a new group led by Back Row Baptists’ Chris Porter. Together with his new bandmates Helen Gassenheimer (fiddle, vocals) and Eric Ominus (bass, vocals) Chris Porter has created a great handmade american folk album. It might feel a little too dark at times for me, but there’s also a lot of beauty in the melodies and in the male-female harmonies. Really love the singing on this one. This one is Cry For Me. Stream/buy at This is American Music.


Some Dark Holler Website

Bohannons – Unaka Rising

Bohannons, you give me too much rock, I can’t take it, I have to pass it on to someone else. Well not really. Even though this is not style-wise closest thing to my heart, it’s certainly pretty damn convincing stuff. Listen to Two Riders below and march on to This Is American Music to stream/buy the rest of Unaka Rising.

Bohannons Website

Magnolia Mountain – Town and Country

I suppose you are listening a really good album, if the only thing you can really complain about is the fact that there’s just too much songs on the album. 18 songs and well over an hour of music is just too big one time dose. But no-one is forcing me to listen to Magnolia Mountain’s Town and Country all at once, so where’s the problem, you clueless blogger. After all, the song are mostly really good folk/americana/country songs and that’s what counts. This one is entitled Set On Fire.

Magnolia Mountain Website

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