Kevin – Ebb and Flow

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Neglecting the blog has led to such sad state of affairs that I’ve failed to even mention several extremely important new Finnish releases. Back in september Kevin returned with a new album entitled Ebb and Flow. The album came out 12th of september on If Society. It might not be easy-listening, because the songs are mostly long and there’s plenty of psychedelia and progressive elements. So it’s fair to say that it doesn’t stay on my own comfort zone all the time, but there’s plenty of elements that I do love as well. Pop melodies, harmonies, 60s & 70s rock, beautiful soundscapes etc. Ebb and Flow is a bit of a challenge as a whole, but mostly a rewarding one. This is the opener Standing on a Rubber Band.

Kevin Website


Neil Halstead – Palindrome Hunches

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Neil Halstead has a new album Palindrome Hunches out on Brushfire Records. That’s far more exciting than any kind of Slowdive reunion. Slowdive was a really good band, but Neil has become even better since those days. Mojave 3 was like the best band ever and also solo-Neil ranks above Slowdive in my world. New solo album Palindrome Hunches is again filled with hauntingly beautiful folk songs. This is the opener Digging Shelters. I could just listen to that warm voice all day long.

Neil Halstead Website

The Wine-Dark Sea – Stories Better Never Told

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The Wine-Dark Sea is a band from Perth, Australia and Stories Better Never Told is their new EP. I’ve been listening to it quite a lot during this fall, because it’s really good. I especially enjoy Tracey Read’s soft and beautiful vocals. The vocals kind of add an indie pop dimension to their folk songs. Even The Softies come to mind. Or the stuff that Rachel sang on Mojave 3’s masterpiece Excuses for Travellers. Anyway, it’s all very good and an actual song tells much more than this pointless namedropping. This is Suitcase from their beautiful new EP Stories Better Never Told.

The Wine-Dark Sea Website

The Lieblings – Romance Kills

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Finally the first The Lieblings song is out in the public. I’ve been really looking forward to this since I heard that Sam Shingler (Montevideo, The Pansies), Andy J. Prinkkil√§ (The Sugarrush), Timo Silvennoinen, (The Sugarrush) and Katja Tolonen (The Wrecking Queens) formed a new fuzz pop band together. A younger version of me would have already travelled to Helsinki to see their concert, but the lazy current version of me have only been impatiently waiting on the home sofa. Anyway, they recorded an album last summer and just posted a “live in studio” video from the album sessions. I have no idea when exactly the album is supposed to hit our hearts, but based on this video I can tell it won’t miss the target when it does come out. Hopefully it takes a little less time than The Sugarrush’s third has taken. This is Romance Kills by The Lieblings.

The Lieblings at Facebook

Delay Trees – Doze

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The second Delay Trees album Doze came out on 19th of october and it’s another great addition to Soliti catalogue. Well partly great in my case, because I have some issues with it. The overall quality is on a very high level as everyone can see/hear, but not all of it is actually my cup of orange juice. Some of the songs are just too long, slow and dreamy for my narrow-minded taste that has been formed by listening to three minute pop songs and whiskey-soaked country ballads. So basicly the album doesn’t lack quality, I lack the patience to enjoy it fully. It’s sad state of affairs for me, because some of the songs are absolutely brilliant like this video song HML below. I wish I would find the key to enjoy Pause as much, but that might not happen anytime soon.

Delay Trees: “HML” (Official DIY Music Video) from Sami Korhonen on Vimeo.

Delay Trees – Pause

Delay Trees Website

Video of the Day #112: Browan Lollar

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I’ve watched this over ten times today. I got the TIAM mail about this and other things a while back, but red it on a coffee break at work and forgot to watch the video later. Well until today Jan (from No Deal Music) posted it on Facebook. The song instantly won my head, heart, elbow & toenail over and other body parts should follow in a brief moment. I’m not too familiar with Browan Lollar at this point, but he used to play with Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit (also made the cover art for the albums I think) and now This Is American Music is releasing his solo EP For The Givers And The Takers sometime soon. You might more used to expect wonderful americana/folk/country/rock’n’roll from TIAM, but at least this Browan Lollar song is actually a really great pop song that could and should be praised also in the power pop scene. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the EP after this fabulous song Cars.

Browan Lollar at Facebook
This Is American Music Website

The JAC – Faux Pas

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The JAC released their debut album in early august and therefore it’s about time to write a few words about this pop phenomenon. The man behind The JAC is Joe Algeri who plays every instrument on the album and has also recorded and mixed the whole thing. Previously Joe Algeri has also delivered great pop tracks with Jack & The Beanstalk and The Britannicas, but now it’s time for another solo adventure. Joe Algeri creating an album in his home studio without any kind of supervision certainly could lead to a catastprophe, but he is able to pull it off rather wonderfully. It’s not too all-over-the-place even though Faux Pas is a playful pop album where anything can happen. Actually things like 60’s pop, garage rock, punk pop, psych pop weirdness and all-around goofyness fit quite well under the same roof. The JAC also showcases a slightly grittier version of Joe Algeri, but it won’t be enough to banish the pop fans from his backyard. We can tolerate a bit of rock’n’roll, because Joe still has that great melodic sense. This is Truly Julie & Terry. Stream/buy the whole thing at

The JAC at bandcamp
The JAC at Facebook

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