The Lieblings – Romance Kills

October 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Finally the first The Lieblings song is out in the public. I’ve been really looking forward to this since I heard that Sam Shingler (Montevideo, The Pansies), Andy J. Prinkkilä (The Sugarrush), Timo Silvennoinen, (The Sugarrush) and Katja Tolonen (The Wrecking Queens) formed a new fuzz pop band together. A younger version of me would have already travelled to Helsinki to see their concert, but the lazy current version of me have only been impatiently waiting on the home sofa. Anyway, they recorded an album last summer and just posted a “live in studio” video from the album sessions. I have no idea when exactly the album is supposed to hit our hearts, but based on this video I can tell it won’t miss the target when it does come out. Hopefully it takes a little less time than The Sugarrush’s third has taken. This is Romance Kills by The Lieblings.

The Lieblings at Facebook


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