New Breed R&B – The best thing ever

December 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Is there anything better than New Breed R&B? I’m just completely obsessed with this material. Ok, I don’t know does the term make any sense. I think Ace Records compiler came up with it ten years ago, but I couldn’t care less. Everything that seem to be labeled as New Breed r&b sounds marvellous to me. I suppose it’s basicly just pre-soul danceable rhythm & blues. A bit too poppy for the die hard R&B fans and not really soul either. Well I don’t really know much, but I do love this stuff. I bought all four New Breed r&b releases that Ace/Kent has released and Outta Sight’s Dawn of Northern Soul and Age of Northern Soul that seem to contain similar kind of stuff. If you are aware of compilations and releases that contain this kind of music, I’m more than interested to hear about them. Vampisoul’s R&B Hipshakers has been on the shopping list for ages and they might fall around the same neighbourhood. I sure hope Ace keeps releasing more new breed r&b compilations.

New Breed R&B compilations at Ace Records


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