Flavour of the Month 1.2.2013: Matti Jasu & The Loose Train, Koria Kitten Riot

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A new month and a new Flavour Of The Month just around the corner. Matti Jasu & The Loose Train and Koria Kitten Riot will share the stage at Pikku-Torre, Turku on friday night. See you there. More in the Finnish press release below.

Matti Jasu & The Loose Train: Fingers Crossed

Koria Kitten Riot: Anthem From the 80’s



Turkulainen nykyaikaisen kitaramusiikin liveklubi Flavour Of The Month palaa pienen talvitauon jälkeen asiaan ja tarjoilee kevään aikana kolme perjantai-iltaa kotipesässään Pikku-Torressa. Kevätkauden ensimmäisen session esiintyjät perjantaina 1.2. ovat Matti Jasu and the Loose Train sekä Koria Kitten Riot, jotka molemmat valmistelevat myöhemmin tänä vuonna julkaistavia uusia albumeja.

Turkulaisesta Goodnight Monsters-yhtyeestä soolouralle karannut Matti Jasu irrottelee The Loose Train-bändinsä kanssa parhaimmillaan lähes Neil Young-hengessä. Jasun tyylilliset linjaukset ovat irtautuneet yhä pidemmälle indiestä ja kotikutoisuudesta – ilmassa on pikemminkin silkkaa classic rockia ja vapaapudotusta.

Koria Kitten Riot puolestaan tunnelmoi viimevuotisella The Lows & The Highs-albumillaan jossakin modernin indie-americanan, singer-songwriter-musiikin ja emopunkin välimaastoissa. Kuulokuvassa harhailevat Bright Eyesin Conor Oberst, Elliott Smith ja vaikkapa The Shins. Uutta albumia joudutaan vielä odottelemaan hetki, mutta kenties maistiaisia on tiedossa Flavour Of The Monthissa?

Matti Jasu and the Loose Train
Koria Kitten Riot

+ FOTM DJ team
pe 1.2. 2013 klo 21-03
Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku
liput: 4€*

Facebook Event


Pickering Pick – (Tropic)

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Pickering Pick has a new album (Tropic) out on Yer Bird Records. If you are a regular reader, you are well aware that Pickering Pick has become one of my favourite singer-songwriters over the past few years. When it comes to folk singer-songwriters Pickering Pick, Chris Bathgate, Small Houses and Hezekiah Jones have somehow become the dearest quartet (ok, last year Barna Howard and Paul Otteson released amazing albums, so maybe I should include them as well).

(Tropic) is another endearing folk album from Pickering Pick. The first reaction might even be that this is just more of the same. That I’ve already heard this on the previous albums. For me, felling in love with an invidual song by Pickering Pick is hardly ever instant, but eventually it happens almost every time. Folk music might not be the most complex artform in the world, but somehow Pickering Pick’s songs reveal more layers of beauty each time you listen to them and then suddenly on some fragile moment you realise that “the just another” Pickering Pick song have become a companion piece to your soul. This man is a true artist and the new album (Tropic) is filled with magical folk songs that will take care of you. This is the single, Standing Stone. Stream/buy the whole beautiful thing at Yer Bird’s bandcamp.


Pickering Pick Website
Yer Bird Website

PS. Yer Bird is having a really strong start this year and will also release the new amazing Small Houses album in february. More about that later on (most likely an album of the month february piece).

Starflower – The Sea Is The Harbour

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Back in december my focus was on just getting through the tough Christmas schedule at work and therefore several criminal things took place. One of them is the fact that I failed to mention the release of this beautiful Finnish album. The new Starflower album The Sea Is The Harbour came out on Karkia Mistika Records on december 5th, 2012. You’ll find their brand new video The Turning below and you can stream the whole thing on their bandcamp.

Starflower – The Turning from Starflowerband on Vimeo.

Starflower at Facebook
Starflower at Bandcamp

Leif Vollebekk – North Americana

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Montreal-based singer-songwriter Leif Vollebekk has a new album coming out on Outside Music in february. The lead-off single Off The Main Drag surfaced a few weeks back and it sounds really good to me. North Americana might turn out to be a special album. Release date is set for february 19th, so I’ll have to settle for this great single for the time being.

Leif Vollebekk Website

Video of the Day #116: Samae Koskinen

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It’s quite criminal that it took me so long to post this new Samae Koskinen single/video Spoon River. Both the song and the music video are wonderful. New full-lenght album to follow soon (in march I think).

Album of the Month: Daniel Romano – Come Cry With Me

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It’s almost february and I still haven’t selected the album of the month for january. Although in my heart I selected the moment I heard the advance mp3 promo of this wonderful album back in december. The album in question is Daniel Romano’s third album Come Cry With Me and it came out on the fairly new Normaltown Records (New West imprint) on january 22nd. Today I finally bought a physical copy from the local record store, 8raita, because mp3-files clearly weren’t enough.

Come Cry With Me is an old-fashioned country treasure. Daniel Romano just does this vintage country balladry thing so perfectly. The voice, the songwriting and the execution. Everything works from the the cover shot to the last note. A lot of Gram Parsons vibe in there as well, which is never a bad thing. Of course you could namedrop all kind of great country gents from George Jones to Waylon Jennings, but let’s not take that railroad (ok, I just did). The main thing is that this is fantastic real country music and Canadian Daniel Romano is one of the very best country singer-songwriters at the moment. He won my heart over with his second album Sleep Beneath the Willow (that ended up as #14 on my albums of the year 2011 list) and Come Cry With Me is at least equally brilliant. Here is the first single Middle Child.

Daniel Romano Website

Thomas Hine – Forgive My Future

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Time to start writing the blog again, because a lot of great albums have already been released this year. Thomas Hine’s new album Forgive My Future definitely seem to be one of the great ones. I don’t know much about this Colorado-based songwriter. In fact, a week ago I didn’t even know who he was. But then I heard the song Bright Shining Mountains and instantly loved it. It reminded me of Iain Matthews early 70s solo albums (+ Matthews Southern Comfort stuff) and I’m totally into that kind of easy-flowing beautiful folk/folk rock. Further investigation has proved that the album Forgive My Future is full of magnificent folk songs. You’ll find two excellent sample songs (Bright Shining Mountains and Owen) below. I might need to start hunting for a physical copy.

Thomas Hine at Facebook

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