Video of the Day #120: Frontier Ruckus

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Tonight there’s no time for large updates, but there’s always time for Frontier Ruckus. This is Careening Catalog Immemorial from their stunning new double album Eternity Of Dimming. I’m totally into that album and can listen to it all day long. Maybe I should rethink my strategy of not writing actual reviews anymore. On the other hand, now I don’t have to decide is the new Frontier Ruckus worth full five hearts or just four and a half.

Frontier Ruckus Website


Video of the Day #119: Small Houses

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The new album by Small Houses came out today on Yer Bird Records and therefore a perfect video of the day is the latest Small Houses video Our Sweet. It’s one of my own favorites from the excellent album Exactly Where You Wanted to Be. You can also now stream and buy the whole beautiful album at

Small Houses Website

Video of the Day #118: Andy Oliveri

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I meant to do plenty of updates today, but instead I updated wordpress and ran into some problems. It took some time, but I hope I got things sorted out. If the site looks like a mess, then I probably didn’t. Anyway, it’s getting late, but there’s still time for one amazing video that I found from Slowcoustic last week.

Andy Oliveri is a UK-based folk singer-songwriter and the song A Heart That Sings Can Never Bleed is the a-side of a vinyl single that came out last november on istartedthefire Records. Such a great song and that hypnotic video by Miles Ridgway is just marvellous. Andy Oliveri also participated Slowcoustic’s Long May You Run, J.Tillman cover project with an excellent version of My Waking Days. This project is worthy of an own blog post later on, but hit this link if you want to hear the magic already. There’s already a lot of excellent versions from artists like Lotte Kestner (new Lotte Kestner album also out soon, is it this week or the next), Greater Pacific etc and there’s more to come. But more about J.Tillman later on. This is Andy Oliveri and A Heart That Sings Can Never Bleed.

Andy Oliveri at Facebook
Andy Oliveri Website

Album of the Month: Small Houses – Exactly Where You Wanted To Be

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The new Small Houses album Exactly Where You Wanted To Be is due out 26th of february on Yer Bird Records. I’m a bit early then, but this needs to be album of the month and it feels like march is too far away. I’ve been a huge fan of Jeremy Quentin’s folk project Small Houses since the previous album North came out in 2011. That was my first encounter with Small Houses and Jeremy instantly won my heart over. In the end, North ended up #6 on my albums of the year list and Late July was my favourite song of the year.

The new album Exactly Where You Wanted To Be is just as impressive as North was. Objectively speaking it’s even more impressive, because Jeremy has since become even stronger and more confident songwriter without losing the fragile and gentle honesty of his music (subjectively the album that made you found a new artist to love, always has that certain magic surrounding it). Exactly Where You Wanted To Be contains only eight songs, but it still holds more depth, value and subtle grace inside than most double albums do. It’s definitely my favourite record of the year so far (ok, I’m just starting with the new Frontier Ruckus, so Small Houses might soon have a contender). There are a lot of good folk singer-songwriter albums out there, but these songs are just so well crafted and beautifully phrased that the album stands out, grabs your arm and takes you out for a date that might turn into a lifelong relationship.

This is Oh, Hiding Out from the new album. There’s also a video for Our Sweet coming out soon and I will post that later on as a video of the day. There’s also a brand new Folkadelphia session at bandcamp. And there might be more great Small Houses news later in the year, if things work out. Oh and you can obviously already pre-order the album from Yer Bird.

Small Houses Website
Small Houses at Facebook

Video of the Day #117: The Starfolk

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I’ve mentioned this at Twitter and Facebook, but this deserves a blog post as well. The Starfolk is a new group led by Brian Tighe. His former band The Hang Ups was marvellous and their album So We Go is a pop classic that everyone should own or at least hear. So it’s indeed exciting that Brian has a new band and they are releasing a debut album in april. This beautiful song From Above is an outtake from the upcoming album.

The Starfolk Website

Red Jacket Mine – Someone Else’s Cake

February 17, 2013 § 2 Comments

The new Red Jacket Mine album Someone Else’s Cake is due out 19th of february on Fin Records. I’ve had the pleasure to listen to it for the past month or so and I really like it. I suppose it’s no wonder, because if I look at the favorites list on their website, I can’t be entirely sure I haven’t hacked the site in my dreams and written a major part of the list myself (Big Star, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, Sparklehorse, Sloan, Lee Hazlewood etc).

The third Red Jacket Mine album contains a lot of that power pop thing that I love so dearly. For example Ron Nasty is such a great melodic pop song. Power pop influences are just one side of the story though. The frontman Lincoln Barr grew up in Memphis and therefore it’s not a surprise that soul music is very dear to him. Someone Else’s Cake holds a lot of soul inside. That might well be the reason why Red Jacket Mine often sounds very refreshing. I mean I’ve spent my whole adulthood listening to bands influenced by Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello and while I still love that kind of bands, Red Jacket Mine offers something new by wrapping that melodic pop inside soul sounds.

Oh. And one of my biggest musical heroes, Ken Stringfellow sings backing vocals on three songs. This opening track Amy isn’t one of them though. They also have a new video for the title track, which you can find by clicking this.

Red Jacket Mine Website

The Glass Mountain

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Some brand new Finnish music. The Glass Mountain is a one-man electronic indie band. The pop wizard behind The Glass Mountain is Mika Mäkilaakso and he just released the first three Glass Mountain songs. Style-wise this might not be the closest thing to my heart, but I need to write a few words, because the songs are pretty damn good. I especially like the first one The Grey. Such a great song.. and as a bonus there are a few moments in there that takes me back to the days when Ben Gibbard meant the world to me. You can listen all three songs on his bandcamp/soundcloud. This is The Grey.

The Glass Mountain at Facebook
The Glass Mountain at Soundcloud
The Glass Mountain at Bandcamp

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