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Just before going to bed I want to share the songs that I’ve loved the most today. Linnusto followed me on Soundcloud a few days ago. I didn’t know who he was, but I hit the play button sometime late last night. Suddenly familiar, warm voice and beautiful songs floated through the headphones into my veins and Linnusto won my heart over in a few seconds. Since then I’ve listened the songs around ten times and my relationship with the songs is only getting stronger. This is En eksy tässä kaupungissa enää. You’ll find the other equally great song Hietaniemi from his Soundcloud.

Linnusto at Soundcloud


Thanks For Giving A Damn with Otis Gibbs

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Lately I’ve been mostly listening to these Thanks For Giving a Damn with Otis Gibbs podcasts. I listened all 23 episodes within a week and I really loved spending quality time with Otis and his friends. All of these podcasts are very entertaining. Even when I didn’t knew the person beforehand. Some favourites were Motown engineer Bob Olhsson sharing his memories, Richard Dobson talking about Heartworn Highways and Townes Van Zandt, Phil Kaufman on Gram Parsons, Charles Manson etc and a lot of great current singer-songwriters like Slaid Cleaves, Lydia Loveless, Ray Wylie Hubbard. I guess I could list them all, because favourite one was always the one I was listening to at the time. I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes. Thanks for Giving a Damn with Otis Gibbs is available for free on iTunes. If you don’t care for iTunes, you can listen to them on Otis Gibbs website.

Otis Gibbs is also a great singer-songwriter himself. I own his two latest albums Joe Hill’s Ashes and Harder Than Hammered Hell. Both are excellent. There’s one song from each below. Made to Break from the latest Harder Than Hammered Hell and Kansas City from Joe Hill’s Ashes. Maybe I should go and order the older ones as well.

Otis Gibbs Website
Thanks For Giving a Damn on iTunes

Great Peacock – Great Peacock EP

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This is American Music has again been releasing a lot of great music this year. All of them would be worthy of an own blog post, but my favourite is probably this new EP from Great Peacock. This Nashville-based duo of Blount Floyd and Andrew Nelson are making some sort of southern indie folk and it’s sounds pretty marvellous to me. The singing and the harmonies are pure gold. These guys are going places. This is the opener Take Me to the Mountain.

Great Peacock Website

Esa Linna – This Is Who I Am

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Last year Esa Linna released his first solo release She’s Not a Human Being EP that featured pop guru Roger Joseph Manning Jr on backing vocals and keyboards. Now it is time for the debut full-length and the album This Is Who I Am was released digitally on february 22nd. A new Finnish power pop release is definitely an event for this blog, because even though I’ve gotten lost in the world folk and country music, I will always love power pop the most. Ok, not all of this fits under the genre, but a lot of it does and the rest of it is really good stuff as well (well other than Meat Market, that song is not for me). Maybe I’m not entirely sure about the cover art, but it’s the songs that count and this album contains plenty of damn good melodic pop songs like Don’t Know What It’s All About, DIY and A Drop in the Ocean.

Esa Linna Website

Ben Fisher. Kickstarter etc.

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Ben Fisher’s kickstarter for full-lenght album is closing in about 12 hours. He is a young Seattle-based singer-songwriter. Influenced by the great ones like Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan, Joe Pug, James McMurtry etc. And he is not just another singer-songwriter. He has found his own voice and there’s definitely some real talent here. He is still a bit short of his kickstarter goal and I sincerely hope he makes it. He has promised free downloads of his earlier releases for new backers (check his facebook), so you get something rather special instantly and then the new album when it’s ready next fall/winter. I’ve been listening to the earlier Roanoke EP, Heavy Boots & Underwoods album for the past day and I really like them a lot. So even if you don’t have anything to give for the Kickstarter, you should go and listen to him. This is Dublin Blues Pt.2 from Roanoke EP.

Ben Fisher at Facebook
Ben Fisher Kickstarter

Gudrid Hansdottir Finland tour 13.3 – 16.3

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Singer-songwriter Gudrid Hansdottir will be touring in Finland next week. Her Finnish label Lumpeela julkaisut also released her latest album Beyond the Grey in Finland last month. So this is also a release tour for that beautiful vinyl album.

Gudrid Hansdottir Finland Tour:

Wed 13.03. Arkadia International Bookshop, Helsinki (kello 18)
Wed 13.03. Oire-klubi, Siltanen, Helsinki
Thu 14.03. Paksu, Helsinki
Fri 15.03. Flavour of the Month, Pikku-Torre, Turku
Sat 16.03. Telakka, Tampere

As you noticed, she will also be playing at Flavour of the Month on friday with Hiljainen mies. So I’m not going to make a separate blog post for Flavour of the Month this time. I will see you there and we can then enjoy amazing songs like this. This is Gudrid Hansdottir and A Faroese Fisherman Speaks of Drowning.

And this is I Mjorka

Gudrid Hansdottir at Facebook

Jeremy Squires – Central Nervous Station EP

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I’m so slow these days. I’ve been meaning to write about this stunning, beautifully haunting and melancholic EP for a long while. North Carolina singer-songwriter Jeremy Squires is extremely talented and he has created a marvellous little record Central Nervous Station. There’s something here that reminds me of Richard Buckner’s Devotion & Doubt album. Maybe this just hits that same melancholic part of my heart. You can listen to / buy the whole EP at Jeremy Squires bandcamp. This is A Warm Glow.

Jeremy Squires Website
Jeremy Squires at Bandcamp

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