Robin Pahlman – Miss Lonelyhearts (single out now)

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The update frequency on this blog is still rather disgraceful, but this debut single by Finnish indie folk artist Robin Pahlman is something so thrilling that even a lazy blogger like yours truly has to write a news entry about it. Robin Pahlman is a highly talented Finnish singer-songwriter who has previously made great music with rock group Agent Kooper and country duo Carmen & The Devil. This debut single Miss Lonelyhearts is a magnificent start for his new adventure. I posted the early demo version of this song Miss Lonelyhearts back in 2012, but this real thing was released as a digital single on 19th of april. You can get it at least from iTunes. Robin Pahlman is currently having a small release tour in Austria and Germany (he lives in Vienna these days). Check out the remaining dates below in case you are able to attend. In case catching a plane from Finland to Austria/Germany just to see Robin’s live perfomance isn’t on your agenda, you can watch his excellent Couch by Couchwest performance by clicking this link.

April 23 Wels (Black Horse Inn)
April 24 Linz(Café Smaragd)
April 25 Stuttgart(Bar Sideways)

And this is the new single Miss Lonelyhearts.

Robin Pahlman at Facebook


Great Horned Owl – Whistler Bear

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Here’s another beauty that has been on my playlist for a month or so. Great Horned Owl is an indie folk group from Portland, Oregon and Whistler Bear is their latest album. I’m very much into this fragile folk album. Whistler Bear might not work in every possible occasion, but when the time is right this can melt an iceberg or two. You can again buy and listen to the whole album at bandcamp. Here is a song called After Sunset that starts with words “I look down at the snow-covered ground / And I feel warmth / because I am with you, love”. A good reminder about things that actually matter (for a Finnish blogger who is more than little upset that it’s april and it was still snowing a lot today).

Great Horned Owl at Bandcamp
Great Horned Owl at Facebook

Radio Days – Get Some Action

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I’m so far behind with this blog stuff that it isn’t even funny anymore. I suppose I should quit if I can’t find the time & energy to do this properly. But I won’t, because where else would I tell the world (or the seven regular readers) that the great Italian power pop group Radio Days just released their new album Get Some Action last month. I pre-ordered and received my copy last week and it’s pretty damn good album. I’ve been listening to a lot of Bobby Emmett, Radio Days and Kurt Baker lately and it feels great to notice that there are plenty of marvellous power pop acts around. You can buy and stream the whole thing on their bandcamp. Here’s a brand new video for the title track Get Some Action.

Radio Days at Bandcamp
Radio Days at Facebook

Flavour Of The Month 5.4.2013 – Kaveri Special, Satan’s Fingers

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Perjantaina 5.4. Flavour Of The Month-klubilla kuullaan jotain ihan muuta kuin FOTM-iltojen vakiintunutta laulaja-lauluntekijämusiikkia tai kotimaista indietä. Tuolloin on fennougrilaisen afrobeatin vuoro kun Kaveri Special tekee keikkadebyyttinsä Flavour Of The Monthissa. Bändin takana on entisiä Cosmobile-yhtyeen jäseniä, jotka lopullisesti 70-luvun nigerialaiseen kitaramusiikkiin seottuaan pistivät edellisen bändin pakettiin ja ryhtyivät keskittymään uusiin rytmeihin uuden nimen alla.

Huhtikuun session avaa vahvasti tee-se-itse-henkinen lo-fi/indieduo Satan’s Fingers. Levymusiikista vastaa tuttuun tapaan Flavour Of The Monthin DJ-kollektiivi.

Kaveri Special
Satan’s Fingers

+ Flavour Of The Month DJ team
pe 5.4. 2013 klo 21-03
Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku
liput: 4€

Kaveri Special at Soundcloud
Kaveri Special at Facebook

Satan’s Fingers at Soundcloud
Satan’s Fingers at Facebook

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