Video of the Day #123: Strawberry Heritage

May 26, 2013 § 1 Comment


Today I found something new to love and it’s called Strawberry Heritage. I was just totally into this about 15 seconds after I started watching and listening to this video of a new Strawberry Heritage song Grow Back New. It’s an outtake from their upcoming album New Rise, due out in june 2013. If the rest of the album matches the level of Grow Back New and the other already available song Work Harder, New Rise is going to be brilliant. Maybe it could even come to the level of the new Frontier Ruckus record Eternity of Dimming, which so far is my favourite record of the year. I brought that up, because there is a connection (and this was another opportunity to tell people about the greatness of the new Frontier Ruckus album). If I’m not mistaken John Hanson has directed videos for them and played bass on their tour line-up. It’s always great to find a new artist that I find amazing and then notice that he is friends with other artists I love like Frontier Ruckus, Small Houses, Nathan K etc. Anyway, the connections are nice, but what’s more important is that John Hanson is a really talented folk songwriter. And those harmonies on some of the songs. Oh my. Pure bliss for a pop fan like yours truly. This is Grow Back New.

Strawberry Heritage at bandcamp
Strawberry Heritage at facebook


Video of the Day #122: Ochre Room – Don’t Try

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One Chord to Another gained some unexpected recognition today. It was selected as the #1 Finnish music blog by Cision. Which was nice, even though it might not be fully deserved. Lately the update frequency has not been on the level it should be and there are plenty of Finnish bloggers that do a great job in covering Finnish music and are better writers than I am. Anyway, there seems to be a small burst of new visitors, so this is a rather good opportunity to recommend one of my favourite Finnish bands, Ochre Room. This Tampere-based folk rock / americana group released a marvellous debut album Evening Coming In last year. The follow-up is currently in the making, but it’s still way too early to set a camp outside your favourite record store. However, the band just released a new music video for the song Don’t Try. It’s an excellent outtake from their debut album and the music video was directed by Jeroen Sebrechts.

Ochre Room Website

Kuukauden sivumaku: Mäkelä vs Mäkkelä

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Finnish lesson for today.

Flavour of the Month-klubin epäsäännöllinen arki-iltaversio, Kuukauden sivumaku tekee paluun! Sivumaku-nimellä on vuosien varrella pidetty muutamia iltamia akustisessa sooloartisti-hengessä. Keskiviikkona 22.5. on luvassa livenä kaksi Mäkelää, toinen saksalais-suomalais-papuauusiguinealainen ja toinen kaarinalainen.

Vanhan koulukunnan bändikilpailu- ja maaotteluhengessä käytävässä Mäkelöiden taistelussa saksalaissuomalaisen Martti Trillitschin lo-fi/trashfolk/singer-songwriter sivupersoonasooloprojekti Mäkkelä’s Trash Lounge kohtaa turkulaisen Jyrki Mäkelän aka Kolibri Kasinon (ex-Hundred Million Martians) soolosetin. Se, miksi Saksan Mäkelä kirjoitetaan kahdella k:lla, voidaan kysyä Martilta keikan aikana. Sivumakuun pääsee ilmaiseksi!

Flavour of the Monthin Kuukauden sivumaku:
Battle of Mäkeläs!
Mäkkelä’s Trash Lounge (GER/FIN)
Jyrki Mäkelä aka Jyrki Martian
+ Flavour of the Month DJ team
ke 22.5. klo 21
Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku

The Lieblings – It’s All Gonna Fall

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I’ve been otherwise engaged lately, but things like this can’t go completely unnoticed. This is marvellous Finnish pop music and at least once this website was all about great Finnish pop music. And obviously The Lieblings contains Coma and Andy from my all-time favourite Finnish band The Sugarrush. Anyway, The Lieblings are a fuzzy pop group from Helsinki and recently they signed a record deal with GAEA Records / Exogenic Music Group. The debut album Take Us To Your Leader will hit the stores and our hearts in august 2013. The first outtake from the upcoming album, It’s All Gonna Fall was released some days ago. You can heart this great tune below.

The Lieblings at Facebook

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