Laura Moisio – Spiraali & Yksin koko elämän

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Finnish singer-songwriter Laura Moisio was recently signed by the excellent Lumpeela julkaisut and she is currently recording her debut album. We’ll have to wait for the album to hit the record stores and our hearts until early 2014, but the first outtakes from the upcoming album surfaced a week or two ago. These digital singles Spiraali and Yksin koko elämän are available on iTunes/Spotify/etc. I’m especially enjoying this hauntingly beautiful song called Spiraali. Julia Elomäki directed this simple, but striking video for the song.

Laura Moisio at Facebook
Laura Moisio at Soundcloud


Video of the Day #127: The Wicked Whispers

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I’ve liked this british psychedelic folk/pop group called The Wicked Whispers from the start and I think I’ve posted each and every one of their videos to the blog. No need to change the policy, because Voodoo Moon is another gem. The vinyl (and digital) single Voodoo Moon was released by Electone Records on 22nd of april. So I’m a bit late to this ball game, but I can catch up by watching this great video ten times in a row.

The Wicked Whispers Website

Rachel Brooke in Finland 19.06-22.06

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Someone hasn’t been paying attention. I just noticed on Rachel Brooke’s facebook feed that she’s coming to Finland in a few days. That’s good news. Would be even better news if I had a chance to participate. Unfortunately there’s a busy work schedule coming up next week that will take the time and energy. But if you do have a chance to go see her concert, I highly recommend it. I’m not sure have I ever written about her on the blog, but she is a very good country singer-songwriter and I like her albums Down in the Barnyard and A Killer’s Dream. Especially the latter one is really good. The Black Bird below is an outtake from A Killer’s Dream.

Rachel Brooke Finland tour:

Wednesday, June 19 – Club Loose – Helsinki – Finland
Thursday, June 20 – Rock n Roll Jamboree @ Hotel Ellivuori – Sastamala – Finland
Friday, June 21 – Dinos Bar & Grill – Mariehamn, Åland – Finland
Saturday, June 22 – Dinos Bar & Grill – Mariehamn, Åland – Finland

And this is The Black Bird:

Rachel Brooke Website

Album of the Month: Jason Isbell – Southeastern

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June 11th was good for good music this year. Two absolutely brilliant albums came out that day, John Moreland’s In The Throes and Southeastern By Jason Isbell. I quickly wrote about Moreland the other day and now it’s time to praise the Isbell album a bit. Southeastern is also the new album of the month here at the headquarters.

In my corner of the universe, Jason Isbell is a big star, a hall of fame singer-songwriter and don’t need any kind of introduction. On a global scale that is not be entirely true and a big chunk of that stardom that I see is still just a perspective illusion, because he is so highly regarded in the folk/americana/alt-country community that I live in. His new album Southeastern came out on june 11th and it’s a home run. Jason has been a magnificent songwriter for ten years or so, but for me this is the first consistently brilliant album he has released. The previous one Here We Rest had an out-of-this world first half, but the second half contained some just ok songs (of course it was still on my 2011 top 10, because most of it was so amazing). Southeastern on the other hand is just damn brilliant from start to finish. Well I guess one could make a case out of Super 8 even though there’s nothing really wrong with it. Just feels a bit insignificant rocker when compared to world class songs like Yvette, Live Oak, Elephant & Different Days. In overall, Jason Isbell has matured beautifully and written a future classic. Five hearts any day of the week.

This is Stockholm from the new album:

Jason Isbell Website

Video of the Day #126: Marty the Random Guy

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Finnish blues/roots/country artist Marty the Random Guy released quite an impressive debut Hooks back in 2009. The world is still waiting for the follow-up, but these two live at Arcada videos give a little of taste of things to come. Great stuff again from Marty.

Smalltown Madness:

Green Machine:

Jeremy Squires, Paper Beat Scissors & Michael Feuerstack

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I’ve written about Jeremy Squires before and don’t have much new to say. I’ve just been listening to him at work lately and it has reminded me how much I love this guy. I can listen to his Central Nervous Station EP a couple of hours in a row. Sometimes it makes working a bit difficult, because when a song like A Warm Glow or Central Nervous Station flows through the headphones, everything stands stills for a second. The songs are gorgeous, but what really strikes me each time is that voice. I love his vocal delivery so much that Jeremy is quickly becoming one of my favourite vocalists. Here are A Warm Glow and Central Nervous Station one more time.

Jeremy Squires at Bandcamp
Jeremy Squires Website



Another artist that has been playing quite a lot on my iPod lately is Canadian Paper Beat Scissors’ and their/his fairly new EP Live at St. Matthew’s Church. I like the whole thing, but I’ve been especially addicted to this song called Tendrils from the EP in question. This was a record store day release by the great Canadian label Forward Music Group. This is Tendrils.
Paper Beat Scissors Website



Staying with Forward Music Group, I’ll close this post with a month old Michael Feuerstack video The Same Sky. I haven’t heard his new full-length album Tambourine Death Bed that came out may 7th on Forward Music Group. However, I think I definitely should, because this is a really beautiful song and I’ve watched this video several times during the past weeks.

Michael Feuerstack Website

John Moreland – In The Throes

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I don’t really writer proper reviews anymore, but if I did, this one would get all five hearts. Singer-songwriter John Moreland from Oklahoma has created something rather special. In The Throes is just one hell of an album. This is songwriting of the highest order and a contender for the album of the year award. Springsteen comes to mind occasionally, but it’s not disturbing at all. This is no third grade singer-songwriter trying to copy everything he can from the masters. John Moreland is a true talent and with this album he claims a place among the finest current americana/country singer-songwriters. This whole thing is just so damn brilliant that I’m struggling to decide which song to feature here. Let’s go with Break My Heart Sweetly this time, but you really need to hear the whole amazing album. In The Throes was released by Last Chance Records on 11th of june.

I had to add Oh Julia as well:

John Moreland at Facebook
John Moreland Website

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