Yesterday’s news: Koria Kitten Riot, Rosvot

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There were some exciting news yesterday.


1. Koria Kitten Riot released a new single The Lovers That You’ve Never Had. This excellent Finnish band has been signed by Gaea Records and this single is their first release under Gaea. A new full-length album will be coming out early 2014. I have really high hopes for the album. I’ve been a fan of Antti Reikko both as a songwriter and as a singer (great voice) for several years. After the release of the previous album, Koria Kitten Riot has become a full band instead of a solo adventure. I’m quite confident that Koria Kitten Riot is going to reach even greater heights after this decision. Those songs, that voice and a band full of talented musicians. I don’t think they will be able to fuck this up even if they tried to. Here’s the first single, The Lovers That You’ve Never Had.

Koria Kitten Riot Website

2) A new Finnish music blog portal Rosvot collected several great Finnish blogs under the same roof. Including some of my own favourites like Slow Show, We Never Stood A Chance and Stop, Shake, Honey, Go. Highly recommended, because they’ve kept the blogs separate and individual. I think I would have absolutely hated it, if the bloggers had just started one massive blog. This way the blogs still remain unique and personal, which is the main thing for me. Too many people writing the same blog usually just makes it harder to learn things about the individual blogger and his/her taste in music (and how it matches my taste). So Rosvot has definitely done this joining forces thing the right way. More exposure for everyone without losing the personal touch of each participating blog. Well done.

Rosvot Website


T. Hardy Morris, The Provincial Archive, Jeremy Squires

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A quick post about three new songs that I’ve formed a relationship with.


First we have T. Hardy Morris from Athens, GA and his solo debut Audition Tapes. I got to admit that I didn’t know the man before yesterday. Then I heard the title track of the new album and instantly loved it. I have a lot to learn, because I don’t really know his bands Dead Confederate and Diamond Rugs either. I’m gonna start with this solo album that seems to be wonderful and something that I need to add into my collection. Audition Tapes came out on Dangerbird Records july 30th. Here’s a video of T.Hardy Morris playing Audition Tapes.

T. Hardy Morris Website


Moving on to another new song addiction and to Edmonton, Canada. The Provincial Archive is a band that I vaguely knew, but hadn’t really properly paid attention to them. This changed when the excellent Canadian music blog wrote about their new single Common Cards. Such a great song and currently I’m in the process of introducing my heart to their back catalogue that seems to be just as good. Here’s Common Cards.

The Provincial Archive Website


One Chord to Another favourite, North Carolinian singer-songwriter Jeremy Squires released a new song Open a few days ago. Jeremy added music to Lotte Kestner’s poem and again managed to create a magical piece of music. Jeremy’s new album When Will You Go will be released in October. It’s one of my most anticipated releases this fall. I’ve listened the earlier single Oblivious so many times that I’ve lost count. This is the new one Open.

Jeremy Squires Website

Laura Veirs, Pokey LaFarge, Zachary Lucky, Taylor Knox

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It’s tough to keep up, because there’s so much good music coming up all the time. Here’s some recent favourites.


I’ve been a fan of American songwriter Laura Veirs for several years. Her new album Warp And Weft was just released last week and I picked it up from the local 8raita store on friday. It might not reach the same level of brilliance as my favourite Laura Veirs albums Carbon Glacier and July Flame, but it’s another strong album for sure. This is the wonderful opener Sun Song.

Laura Veirs Website


Moving on from Laura’s modern folk sounds into older times. Pokey LaFarge’s new album has been on the playlist for a month or so. It’s a new Third Man Records release and I’m definitely enjoying it a lot. It might not be something that I listen to on a daily basis, but each time I hit play, these old-fashioned sounds make me feel oh so good. So maybe I should start listening to this every day. Country blues, jazz, ragtime and that sort of things. What’s not to love. This is the debut single Central Time.

Pokey LaFarge Website


Zachary Lucky’s new album The Ballad Of Losing You is due to be released on september 17th by Missed Connection Records. It seems like this Canadian singer-songwriter will be heading closer and closer to traditional country sounds, but that’s hardly a bad thing. I like this just as much as I like his older material. Which is a lot. This next one is Woke Up, the first outtake from the upcoming album.

Zachary Lucky Website

Let’s stay in Canada and just move from Saskatoon to Toronto. The music is quite different though. Taylor Knox is a guy I’ve been following for some time now. I think he has a good thing going on. Sloan comes to mind often and therefore it probably isn’t a surprise that a guy who writes a blog titled One Chord to Another likes what Taylor does. I think he has even played with Sloan. But the interesting bit about Taylor isn’t the Sloan connection. He is a talented musician / songwriter and I’m pretty keen to hear his debut full-length. It’s not ready yet though. In the meantime I have to settle for this excellent new song My Backyard.

Taylor Knox Website

The Lieblings – Take Us To Your Leader

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This makes me incredibly happy. The debut album by The Lieblings is now in stores and ready to cause a joyful havoc in your head, heart and bellybutton. This thing is called Take Us To Your Leader and it came out on GAEA Records on the 23rd of august. I’m really loving this one, but I suppose it’s no surprise. If you wanted to make a target audience for this album, I would be there on the first row. Powerful, energetic pop music, 90s power pop, fuzzy guitars, great singing, catchy-as-hell songs. I became an obsessive music fan because of music like this. Of course my taste has expanded into many different directions since that, but before power pop, the chart albums were basicly enough. A lot of beautiful noise in form of a melodic pop song. The sweetest and the most joyful form of art. And now we have a brand new album full of wonderful, energetic and blissfully fuzzy power pop.

The Lieblings are Sam Shingler, Andy J. Prinkkil√§, Coma Silvennoinen and Katja Tolonen. Because of some unknown reason, I somehow assumed that this was Sam’s new band (in a sense that’s he is the only songwriter and the front man of the band). Therefore it was pleasant surprise to notice that all members write songs and sing on the album. But don’t get me wrong. I was damn excited even at the time when I thought this was Sam’s band . I’m a fan of both Montevideo and The Pansies and have enjoyed pretty much everything I’ve heard from him. It’s just that Andy and Coma are from The Sugarrush, which is pretty much the dearest band in the world to me (a tie with Bridget). That’s why I was thrilled to notice that they play equally important role as Sam and Katja. Some of this stuff is actually quite close to The Sugarrush. It almost feels like Coma is stealing a bit from his own The Sugarrush song on She Motorway, but I think that’s allowed (and it might be some unreleased The Sugarrush song). Anyway, Take Us To Your Leader is a wonderful noisy pop record. Monstrously highly recommended. This is the debut single It’s All Gonna Fall.

The Lieblings Website

Marine Dreams, Vikesh Kapoor, Mirel Wagner & Chris Picco

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Some great songs that I’ve formed a relationship with.


First we have Canadian Marine Dreams and Roots Come After Lengthy Waits from their upcoming album Corner Of the Eye. I don’t know much about Marine Dreams or Ian Kehoe, the man behind Marine Dreams, but after listening this awesome dreamy song a few dozen times during the past three days, I’m more than keen to find out more and hear the whole album (it will come out on the You’ve Changed Records in september). This is Roots Come After Lengthy Waits.

Marine Dreams at Facebook


Singer-songwriter Vikesh Kapoor is a new signing by the excellent Portland-based label Mama Bird Recording Company. Last year they released excellent albums by Barna Howard (#2 on my albums of the year list) and Denver (#16 on my albums of the year list). Therefore I’m pretty much a fan of the label and interested about everything they release. It looks like they won’t let me down this time either and continue to sign only great songwriters. Vikesh Kapoor’s concept album The Ballad Of Willy Robbins will hit the stores and our hearts on October 15th. If the rest of it is as good as this first outtake I Dreamt Blues, it’s going to be a special album.

Vikesh Kapoor Website


Moving on to Finland. I still haven’t posted the new Mirel Wagner song Is This What Love Looks Like that came out few months ago. That’s just criminal, because this is again wonderful. Is This What Love Looks Like is a stream only single released in support of a help line for women suffering from violence within their partnerships.

Mirel Wagner Website


Let’s move back to Canada and close this post with something fairly simple, but everlastingly beautiful. Chris Picco’s album The Beach has gotten quite a lot of air time on my iPod during the past month or so. It contains some songs that I absolutely love, like The Good Within and In Your Light, but also a couple of songs I don’t like at all (especially Real Estate Men). So fair to say I do have a bit mixed feelings about it. Mostly a great record though that fills my heart with warmness. This is In Your Light.

Chris Picco at Facebook

Is This Really Me – Boxer 7″

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Some major news. Pretty much the coolest label/collective Marsu on paras returns to this ball game and release a new vinyl single. The single in question is the debut release of a band called Is This Really Me. The band consists of Panu Artemjeff, Hitomi Tabuchi, Mikko Hynninen, Petri Nakari, Hannu Linkola and Yohei Ono. So even though the band is quite new, you’ll find some usual suspects from the line-up. Petri and Hannu are new recruits and don’t appear on this debut release. I’m especially fond of the lighter b-side Ordinary Things that ticks all the right boxes I can come up with. Listen to the whole thing below and visit Is This Really Me Facebook for ordering details of this beautiful white seven inch vinyl single.

Is This Really Me Facebook
Is This Really Me at Soundcloud

Video of the Day #131: Rayland Baxter

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Rayland Baxter’s new digital EP ashkeLon is due out on 20th of august on ATO Records. It will feature this great song Bad Things. I should also finally get familiar with his debut album Feathers & Fishhooks that came out last year. I’ve heard good things.. but this one is Bad Things.

Rayland Baxter Website

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