The Deep Dark Woods – Jubilee

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The Place I Left Behind by The Deep Dark Woods is probably my favourite album of this decade. It won the album of the year award 2011 and I still listen to it rather frequently. Therefore it’s kind of a big deal that there’s a new The Deep Dark Woods album Jubilee. However, I was rather worried when the first outtake Miles and Miles came out few weeks ago. At first listen I pretty much hated it, but I’m not sure where my ears were at the time. It just wasn’t what I expected at all, even though listening to it now, it’s rather hard to find that shock factor. Quite close to 70s Neil Young actually with some psychedelia. And I suppose that shouldn’t be that unheard from a folk rock band.

Anyway, I learned to like Miles and Miles and the second outtake 18th of December was the familiar kind of The Deep Dark Woods. So the excitement levels were back on an extremely high level. Right now I’m listening to this thing on Spotify for the first few times (until I get a physical copy) and I’m absolutely loving this. It’s a bit more challenging than The Place I Left Behind and I might struggle with a few of the songs. But I look forward to the challenge and I know I’m going to spend a huge amount of time listening to Jubilee. There was really no point in re-writing The Place I Left Behind and the quality is still on an equally high level. It’s just unreal how great this band is and Jubilee is one amazing album.

Jubilee was produced by Jonathan Wilson and it just came out on Six Shooter Records (Canada) and Sugar Hill Records (USA, Europe). This is 18th of December.

The Deep Dark Woods Website


Elvyn, Vikesh Kapoor, Huck Notari

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Canadian band Elvyn was a big favourite here at the headquarters back in 2010. The Decline was and still is a wonderful pop album and received full five hearts on this little website. It has taken them a while to create the follow-up Valley of the Kilowatt Hour, but it looks like they are getting ready to release this thing into the wild. The first single is already out there. It’s called AM and you can listen to it on their website and download it for free at

Elvyn Website


A second song from the upcoming Vikesh Kapoor album The Ballad Of Willy Robbins surfaced last week and oh my.. If possible, Carry Me, Home is even more convincing then the earlier I Dreamt The Blues. Vikesh’s excellent record label Mama Bird Recording Co set up the pre-order for the forthcoming album yesterday. Early birds will get an autographed copy and a personal note from Vikesh. The Ballad Of Willy Robbins is due out on October 15th. This is the the new single Carry Me, Home.

Vikesh Kapoor Website

huck notari

Let’s stay in Portland, Oregon. Another favourite singer-songwriter Huck Notari has a new album out. This was the first time I participated on a Kickstarter project, because I’m a big fan of this criminally unknown songwriter. The new excellent album Huck Notari and The River album is now out and available. It might not have anything as amazing and out-of-this-world brilliant as his songs I Want To Win and Wall Around Your Heart on his previous album (I could write a novel about the greatness of those songs), but it’s another strong release for sure. Here’s Huck playing a song Old Dirt Road from the new album.

Huck Notari Website

Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace release a new single Skater

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Some new Finnish country sounds. Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace are getting ready to release their new album Homegrown Soul on 11th of October. The first single Skater surfaced last week. Will Van Horn from the great Robert Ellis Band features on the track on pedal steel.

The first album Rivertown wasn’t consistently brilliant, but had several mighty fine moments. I’m eager to hear Homegrown Soul and see how they’ve progressed. I expect great things. You can listen to the new single Skater below and download it for free on their Soundcloud.

Jerry Lindqvist & The Grace Website

Penniless – Rows Of Houses

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Huge news! New Penniless album Rows Of Houses came out last week on A West Side Fabrication. It’s fantastic, brilliant and the best Finnish album of the year.. Well to be honest, I haven’t heard it yet. I went to the local record shop yesterday, but unfortunately the package that had the new Penniless in it was late and therefore I wasn’t able to buy a copy. The band is one of my all-time favourites and I’m extremely confident that the new album is once again going to be amazing. But maybe I should do the highest of praises on a later date. When I’ve actually listened to the album.

Penniless Website

Soliti News: Gim Kordon & The New Tigers

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gim kordon

Soliti is one of the finest indie labels in the country and they’ve been busy lately. Their new signing is wittily named Gim Kordon and it’s impossible not to like them. Finnish DIY punk rock meets 90s US indie rock. Where You Been at the back, punk vocals on the front. Sounds so good to me and takes me back to the days when things like Dinosaur Jr, Smudge and Sebadoh reshaped my heart. Debut album due out in 2014, but as a taste Soliti offers an early demo version of a song called Ei oo helppoo.

Gim Kordon Website


The second The New Tigers album The Badger came out last week and it’s another good one. I think Valtteri’s pop sensibility and the wall of sound are in good balance this time around. If you can write a great pop song with the loveliest melody, why destroy it with useless crap. Sometimes in the past they’ve been guilty of that. This time pretty much everything works. For example Secondary City is such a magnificent song where The New Tigers get closer to Teenage Fanclub-ish moods in the chorus. Well done.. and worth all the hype. This one is Quicksilver from the new album.

The New Tigers Website

Drew Danburry Video Premiere (+ New Album)

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I came across Drew Danburry about eight years ago and I’ve been following his career more or less frequently ever since. Back in 2010, Drew admitted to himself that music wasn’t able to provide the kind of financial stability he and his family needed. The touring musician trained to become a barber and eventually started Danburry Barber Shop in Provo, Utah. Thankfully Drew didn’t completely abandon music and after a minor break, he started writing and releasing new music. This time he can just do it without the financial pressure.

Drew Danburry’s new album Becoming Bastian Salazar came out a week ago on 16th of September. Bastian Salazar is Drew’s alter ego and Becoming Bastian Salazar tells the story of how one person evolves from love to hate, hope to despair, and altruism to egocentricity. To celebrate the new album, Drew is releasing new music videos each week. One Chord to Another has a chance to premiere this week’s video for the song Eliot Rosewater, Peter Weir, Buck Brannaman, Jason Anderson, Ralph Waldo Emerson and the Dalai Lama or the day I realized that I’ll never be who I want, but will always be who I am and that is sufficient. As you noticed, Drew is a man with long, but meaningful song titles. This sad & beautiful song actually would be a bit too depressive without the title. However, when you add together the song, the title and this music video of the adventures of young Drew, that dwelling sadness of the song suddenly turns into something good and instead of feeling insufficient you actually feel good about yourself and appreciate the person who you are.

Becoming Bastian Salazar is available as pay-what-you-want download at Bandcamp. Follow Drew at Facebook to find more information about my favourite barber.

It’s been a busy year for Drew, because in July he re-released his album This Could Mean Trouble, You Don’t Speak for the Club. A lot of things went wrong the first time it came out (in 2008) and therefore Drew decided to make it available again as a limited edition.

Drew Danburry Website
Drew Danburry at Facebook
Drew Danburry at Bandcamp

One Chord to Another turns 12!

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Happy birthday to One Chord to Another. This little blog is now 12 years old. That’s almost as shocking to me as the fact that the Karate Kid actor is well over 50 and one of my all-time favourite albums, Frosting on the Beater by The Posies came out 20 years ago. Time sure flies and when looking back, 12 years doesn’t feel that long. However, I’m still somewhat proud of the fact that I’ve been able to keep this going on at some level through all these years. Of course could have been a lot better, if I was a better writer or knew more about music or have had some confidence to push it further. Overall, I’m still quite happy with what I’ve done over the years. This is never going to be an influential music media, but it’s not supposed to be either. It’s just me writing about the music that I love and sharing the songs that I’ve formed relationship with. That’s the way it’s going to be also for the next 12 years (ok, 12 might be pushing it, but maybe at least three more to get to 15).

12 years isn’t a cause for a big celebration, so I thought I just do what I always do and mention albums that mean the world to me and create pointless lists. To get this even somehow loosely connected to the number 12, these are my 12 favourite releases of the year 2013 so far. There is some kind of order, but I didn’t spend hours thinking about it. The order of these might be totally different when December comes and it’s time to sum up the whole year. And I might have forgotten something extremely important and there’s a lot I haven’t even heard yet and obviously a lot hasn’t been even released yet like the new The Deep Dark Woods and the new Jeremy Squires. So this is more than just a little pointless list to do at this time of the year, but that’s why I buried it on this birthday post that nobody reads..

Top 8 International Albums

frontier1. Frontier Ruckus – Eternity Of Dimming
austinlucas2. Austin Lucas – Stay Reckless
HeavyBlinkersHealth3. The Heavy Blinkers – Health
isbellsouth4. Jason Isbell – Southeastern
smallhouses20135. Small Houses – Exactly Where You Wanted to Be
moreland6. John Moreland – In The Throes
bobbyemmettbrighter7. Bobby Emmett – Brighter Days (mono)
marinedreams8. Marine Dreams – Corner of The Eye
Top 3 Finnish albums

lieblingsi21. The Lieblings – Take Us To Your Leader
samae2. Samae Koskinen – Hyvä päivä
mattijasupin3. Matti Jasu & The Close Encounters – Pin On the Map
Top 1 EP

jeremysquires1. Jeremy Squires – Central Nervous Station

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