Flavour of the Month November Punk Special 1.11.2013

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A new month and a new Flavour Of The Month. It’s a punk special. 1981 and A.Impivaara share the stage. See you there.

Kulmikkaasti kirskuva punk tekee paluun Flavour Of The Month-klubille kun turkulainen anarko-postpunk-yhtye 1981 tekee jo perinteeksi muodostuneen vuosittaisen visiittinsä Pikku-Torren lavalle perjantaina 1.11. Yhtye on parhaillaan viikon mittaisella Britannian kiertueella, joten tarjolla on kohmeisen marraskuun kunniaksi reissuelämän koulima ja vetreyttämä bändi.

Illan avaa niin ikään turkulainen laulaja-lauluntekijä A. Impivaara, jolla on, paitsi illan teemaan sopivaa karheamman laidan soolomateriaalia, myös punktaustaa, mm. yhtyeistä Lunar Outpost ja The Lenients. Impivaaran laulut ovat, artistin omien sanojen mukaan, ”usein synkeitä ja kertovat pelonsekaisia ja surullisia tarinoita rakkaudettomista ihmiskohtaloista”. Jotkut saattavat tuntea Impivaaran myös suomenkielellä esiintyvistä yhtyeistä Kukkaislapset ja Klaava.

A. Impivaara
+ FOTM DJ action
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British-Finnish duo Pelotons

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Finnish Tina Kärkinen and British Michael Gale have started a new duo called Pelotons and released their first song last week. This might end up being a great collaboration and this first result Burrows already sound rather marvellous. Tina Kärkinen is also the singer-songwriter of the great Finnish band Swaying Wires and Michael has his great Co-pilgrim band in the UK. I look forward to more songs from Pelotons. This is Burrows.

Pelotons at Facebook

I first got into Co-pilgrim several years ago when Michael collaborated with the great Ilona V. It’s a huge shame that Ilona V’s music seem to be so hard to find these days. I do have everything she did back then, but I’d like to share that beauty with the world every now and then and most of the time. I’m still quite sure that one day some Light in the Attic of the 2040’s will dig up all Ilona’s recordings and release them as a lost masterpiece. Meanwhile someone should convince Ilona to write more music..

Video of the Day #137: T.Hardy Morris

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I wrote about T.Hardy Morris in august, but a quick revisit is in order. Since last time, I’ve bought this fine album and there is now a music video for the title track of the album Audition Tapes. It’s also my favourite song on that great record.

T.Hardy Morris Website

Video of the Day #136: Euros Childs

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A long time favourite Euros Childs is back with a new album Situation Comedy. The Euros Childs albums have never made as huge impact on me as some of the Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci albums. But that’s because Gorky’s were so special, completely amazing and oh so dear to me. It’s hard to reach that same level all the time, but the same magic takes place on Euros Childs albums as well. Maybe not as consistently, but there’s always several great pop songs on each Euros Childs release and they are all so worth hearing. This is one of them. The opening track and lead single Tête à Tête from the new Euros Childs album. Available directly from Euros Childs website.

Euros Childs Website

Video of the Day #135: The Lieblings (instagram music video)

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Is this turning into a Coma Silvennoinen fansite? Well actually, in some minor way this probably always has been a Coma fansite. But yeah, it’s the same guy singing as in the previous blog entry. The Lieblings has a new video for the song She Motorway. Maybe my favourite song from their great debut album. The video was shot by the members of the audience on their Helsinki concert last week using instagram video. Directed by Kalle Kotila.

The Lieblings Website

Hills release debut single!

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Hills (of Vaasa) actually exists. I heard the name years ago, but I wasn’t sure if Ove Ritola and Coma Silvennoinen were actually planning on releasing something under that name. They didn’t back then, but today Hills (of Vaasa) released their debut single Hello / It Was There. Sounding mighty good as expected. Especially loving the b-side It Was There. You can stream the single on their brand new website. I won’t embed the songs here, because you don’t want to miss those beautiful brides.

Hills Website
Hills at Facebook

Marine Dreams – Corner Of The Eye

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If you saw that early sketch for the albums of the year 2013 list, you are aware that I’m very much into the new Marine Dreams album Corner Of The Eye. I guess I can understand if someone thinks this is only good and nothing that special, but I instantly fell in love with this one and I’m in the process of forming a life-long relationship with this lovely little album. In fact, I think Ian Kehoe, the man behind Marine Dreams, must be some kind of pop genius with a fantastic melodic sense. And then you have highly talented Tamara Lindeman (The Weather Station) and Daniel Romano providing harmony vocals. Actually, maybe I find it hard to understand if someone doesn’t find this amazing. It’s sounds so brilliant to me. Corner Of The Eye came out in late september on the great You’ve Changed Records. This is my favourite song Morning. I could listen to this for hours and I probably already have.


Marine Dreams at Facebook

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