Tragic Van – Paper Thin

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Some new Finnish indie folk or finamericana. Tragic Van has just released their debut EP Paper Thin and you can stream/buy it at bandcamp. The man behind Tragic Van is Henri Seger. Pretty much all I know about him is that he made those Elliot Smith cover concerts a few years ago. Tragic Van’s debut EP shows that this young man can also write excellent own material. This is the title track Paper Thin.

Tragic Van Website


But lately I’ve been mostly listening to..

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Storytelling popcorn oldies. I’ve listened to these simple but perfect songs about 3405 times during this year and I can never get tired of them. Magnificent stories.

Chuck Miller With Hugo Peretti And His OrchestraBaltimore Jones

Chance Halladay – Lucky Me (and all other Chance Halladay songs)

Joseph West, Paul Otteson, Jay Woodward

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I don’t really know anything about New Jersey born singer-songwriter Joseph West, but this guy seems to be a rather fabulous new americana/country/folk singer-songwriter. I found him from Brett Detar’s mailing list and I’ve been really enjoying Joseph’s new EP Three Thieves. Available as name-your-price download from his bandcamp. All three songs are gorgeous. This one is the opener Movin’ On.

Joseph West Website


The new Paul Otteson & Faux Fawn EP Prairie du Chien almost flew under my radar, but thankfully I was searching what other’s had bought from bandcamp and found this little treasure. It’s not as magical as last year’s Robin Red (#4 on my albums of the year list), but it’s certainly another great release. This one is The Battle of Prairie du Chien. Stream/buy the whole thing on his Bandcamp.

Paul Otteson at Bandcamp


I’ve also been very much into the new Jay Woodward album Letters We Told. Here’s one great example Garden In The Sun, but you really need to listen to the whole thing from first note to last word to fully understand the beauty of Letters We Told.

Jay Woodward Website

New Devil Box song Réunion Pacific

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Hold your horse and stop galloping towards the post office to submit your ballot for the best Finnish albums of the year. You will need to hear this one first. A new Devil Box album Ceci n’est pas une guitare will arrive in December 2013. The first song Réunion Pacific just got into our headpiece 15 minutes ago and has not left the office since. Very addictive. Réunion Pacific goes like this.

Devil Box Website

Video of the Day #139: Vikesh Kapoor

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Folk singer-songwriter Vikesh Kapoor and his debut album The Ballad Of Willy Robbins has already been mentioned a couple times, but it is worth another one because a) it’s been one of my favourite albums this fall and will feature on my upcoming best of the year lists as well b) there’s a new music video. This video song Bottom Of The Ladder is not my favourite moment of that fine album and I think there are 3-4 songs that are even better than this one. But that only shows how strong his album is. Because this Bottom Of The Ladder and it’s a rather wonderful song.

Vikesh Kapoor – Bottom Of The Ladder (Official Video) from Randy Sterling Hunter on Vimeo.

Vikesh Kapoor Website

Richard Buckner – Surrounded

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The new Richard Buckner album Surrounded has also gone by without even a mention on this blog. Another reason to think that maybe I should just quit, if I don’t have the time or energy to do this thing properly. But I’m kind of stubborn and I just won’t quit. Anyway, Richard Buckner is one of the best singer-songwriters and he doesn’t really need an introduction. I’ve been a fan since that devastating break-up album Devotion & Doubt back in 1997 (well I heard it probably a couple years later). Dents and Shells is another big favourite from the past, but there’s no need to be stuck in his glorious past. This songwriter is still in mighty fine form. These last two albums Our Blood (2011) and Surrounded (2013) are both great records. This is Mood from the new album.

Richard Buckner Website

Small Sur, The Grapes Of Wrath, Raina Rose

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It’s soon time to start making those pointless but enjoyable year end lists. Therefore I’ve been trying to catch up on things that I haven’t listened to enough this year.


The one that first came to mind was this amazingly beautiful album by Baltimore-based band Small Sur. I did spend some time with it when it came out in June, but it certainly deserves a whole lot more. For example this song, Salt, is just magnificent.

Small Sur Website

I wasn’t even aware that these somewhat legendary Canadians were back in this hockey game and that there was a new The Grapes Of Wrath album until I stumbled on it a week or two ago. I should really get a copy of High Road, because this the kind of melodic pop music that I love dearly. This song below just sounds fantastic to me. Ok, maybe I’ve heard a similar kind of song million times before, but I don’t really care. This is just perfect pop music. Good to See You again The Grapes Of Wrath.

The Grapes Of Wrath Website


The new Raina Rose album Caldera has also been on a heavy rotation lately. I think she is a great singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon (nowadays Austin, Texas). After listening to this song Woodsmoke, you probably will agree with me.

Raina Rose Website

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