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Black Cotton compilations. I’ve been exploring the 30s and 40s and I’ve been into songs like

Wilmoth Houdini’s I Need A Man

or Weed Smoker’s Dream by The Harlem Hamfats

or Abdullah by Fats Waller & his Rhythm

I’ve found these all thanks to El Nino and his Black Cotton compilations. If I could only find the 4th volume somewhere. I only have the first three. I never knew El Nino personally, but during the past 12 months he has been my guide on a journey through vintage music. First through his radio shows and then through his Lady Luck and Black Cotton compilations. Both the CDs and the radio shows have introduced a huge amount of great music to me. The kind of music that I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise. A year ago, I didn’t know I had much interest towards 30s dance music, jazz, fox trot and things like that. El Nino showed me that I do and now it’s something that I listen to almost on a daily basis. Even though my only contact with him was a small thank you email I sent last December, I’m still deeply saddened that he passed away last summer. Thank you for everything El Nino.


Video of the Day #138: Drag The River

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There’s a new Drag The River album out there. At least the CD is, Vinyl is coming soon on Hometown Caravan. I’m a big fan and own most of their back catalog. Here’s a fabulous new video of Drag The River playing a song from the new album History With History. Black In Bluhm Session no 2.

Drag The River Website

Math and Physics Club – Our Hearts Beat Out Loud

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Howdy! What is all this country music? Isn’t this supposed to be a POP website?

I understand your point sir. I have good news for you. This is a pop website at least each and every time there’s a new Cats On Fire release or a new Math and Physics Club release. This time it’s Math and Physics Club. Their new album Our Hearts Beat Out Loud will hit the stores and our hearts tomorrow 19th of November. And holy mother of God or Rose Melberg, This is just fantastic. Ok, I’ve just heard these two songs that you can listen to below, but I’m smiling like The Softies and The Lucksmiths were playing a house concert in my living room. I need this album. It makes me happy. This is the two songs sampler that the finest indiepop label Matinee Recordings is providing for our pleasure.

Math and Physics Club Website

The Coloradas – Big Empty

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There’s a new The Coloradas album in town. The Coloradas is a great roots band from Portland, Maine. I really enjoyed their debut album on Spotify, but never ended up buying it. Time to make amends, because their Euro label Hometown Caravan sells the new one Big Empty in a fairly priced bundle with the debut. Great songwriting and totally my kind of music. Here’s Maxine from the new album. You can listen to the whole thing on that bandcamp page.


The Coloradas Website

The Bottle Rockets / The Brooklyn Side reissued

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Bloodshot Records is on a great roll at the moment. The new Robbie Fulks is among the very best of the whole year and the new Lydia Loveless EP and Neko Case full-length are also rather wonderful. And the little bit that I’ve listened to the new Ha Ha Tonka album, makes me think it might be something special and I need to properly check it out. Tomorrow they are doing great things again by reissuing the first two The Bottle Rockets albums.

I find this release rather exciting, because I haven’t even heard these albums beforehand. If I think of my musical past and the way bands like Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Whiskeytown and Son Volt were a real a game changer and opened a whole new musical horizon, it’s just ludicrous and criminal that up until now, I pretty much knew The Bottle Rockets by reputation only. Not So Loud album and Otis Gibbs’ excellent podcast with Bottle Rockets front man Brian Henneman were pretty much all I really knew. This is going to change now and I’m definitely going to add this reissue to my collection.. I’ve already had the possibility to stream these albums over the last weeks and these are just awesome. Especially The Brooklyn Side. This should be classic just like Trace, A.M or Strangers Almanac. Among the people in the know, it probably already is. Yours truly has just been an ignorant fool all these years.

This is The Bottle Rockets and live version of Gravity Fails from Music Fog.

The Bottle Rockets Website
Bloodshot Records Website

Robin Pahlman’s debut EP out 15.11. Stream in advance.

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Major news! Monkey Records from Berlin (originally New Zealand) will be releasing Robin Pahlman’s self-titled debut EP next Friday 15th of November. Robin Pahlman is a highly talented Finnish indie folk singer-songwriter who has been featured on this site several times and I’m thrilled that there’s finally an official release available. Monkey Records deserve one of One Chord to Another’s imaginary culture awards for such a release. They also gave me an opportunity to stream the forthcoming EP in advance. So if you can’t wait until Friday, hit that play button below and listen to some magnificent folk songs (Stream link will disappear from this post within a week or two). In Finland, the new EP will be easily available at least through the great Turku-based record store 8raita.

Stream link removed

Robin Pahlman & Ghost Town will also celebrate the new release by touring in central Europe during November. No Finnish dates this time around, because Robin is living in Vienna these days and it doesn’t make financially sense to travel back so soon after their august Finnish tour. Here are the tour dates that I picked up from Robin’s Facebook.

Nov 15 EP Release Show @ Down Under, Vienna, Austria
Nov 16 Black Horse Inn Wels, Austria
Nov 18 Krone, Darmstadt, Germany
Nov 19 POP IN,Paris, France
Nov 20 Le Sombrero Café, Amiens, France
Nov 21 LR6, Brussels, Belgium
Nov 23 Barrock Maastricht, Netherlands
Nov 24 Hannekes Boom, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nov 26 (House Show), Leverkusen, Germany
Nov 27 KINGKONGKLUB, Berlin, Germany
Nov 28 Laika, Berlin, Germany

And one more thing. Here’s the fairly new music video for the lead track of the new EP Miss Lonelyhearts.

Robin Pahlman at Facebook
Monkey Records Website

New Delay Trees single Perfect Heartache

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Delay Trees is a band that I sometimes love and sometimes don’t. Today it’s all love. Their new full-length album Readymade will arrive via Soliti Music in early 2014 and this lead single Perfect Heartache that surfaced today is just fantastic. If the rest of it sounds like this, it’s not going to be sometimes love anymore, it will be always love (like Nada Surf used to say).

Delay Trees Website

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