Nathan K. – Most Birthdays

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These days we are hardly up-to-date around here, but let’s make an exception and post a new song almost immediately after hearing it. Michigan-based folk singer-songwriter Nathan K. just released the first single from his forthcoming album. I’ve listened to it on repeat for the past half an hour and I think it’s a great song. I Can’t wait to hear the whole thing. You can buy/listen to the new single Most Birthdays on his bandcamp page. And while you are at it, check out his earlier albums Dishes and Newspapers & Prayers. These albums are name-your-price downloads, so you can even get them for free. But that always makes me want to pay a few dollars. So even though I’ve had Dishes on the iPod since the release year, I just paid a couple dollars (well I had a selfish motive and wanted these beautiful records to appear on my Bandcamp collection). Anyway, this is the new Nathan K. single Most Birthdays.

Nathan K. at Facebook
Nathan K. Website


For All The Girls – 70 Love Songs

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This idea is ludicrous.. in a beautiful way. Every pop band has songs with a name of a girl in the title. So why not make a whole album of them. And well.. if The Magnetic Fields had 69 Love Songs, let’s do one more and call it 70 Love Songs. And because the man behind all this is Drew Danburry, this idea actually somehow makes sense. How did he make that happen?

70 songs is a lot to digest on one go, but there’s a lot to like in here. I’ll put a few great ones below. Listen to / buy it the whole thing on his bandcamp.

For All The Girls / Drew Danburry at Bandcamp

Gianna Lauren – On Personhood

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Gianna Lauren – On Personhood (Forward Music Group, 2013)

Back to 2013 for a second, because I didn’t find this back then. Canadian label Forward Music Group is one of my favourites and a few of their releases appeared on my end-of-the-year list. This one didn’t, but it might have if I had heard it in time. Gianna Lauren is a Halifax-based singer-songwriter and her latest album On Personhood came out in april 2013. The opening track Trouble sounds a bit like Laura Veirs to me. Which I count as a good thing, because I love Laura (especially July Flame and Carbon Glacier). The rest of On Personhood doesn’t remind me of Laura, but it does sound equally good and addictive. On Personhood is a very strong release. Here are few samples. The already-mentioned Trouble and Anchor Down.


Gianna Lauren Website

Swaying Wires – Fear Of Flying & Pelotons – Burrows

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Finnish Swaying Wires signed a record deal with UK-based Battle Worldwide Recordings last year and their debut full-length Some Blue Sky will be released on 17th of March, 2014. This excellent digital single Fear Of Flying already came out few weeks ago. I look forward to the whole album. Record release party will be held at Dynamo, Turku on 21st of March.

Swaying Wires Website


I briefly wrote about Pelotons late last year, but I think writing the end-of-the-year lists kind of got in the way and I never mentioned the release of their beautiful Burrows EP. The members of Pelotons are Finnish Tina Kärkinen (Swaying Wires) and English Michael Gale (Co-Pilgrim). Their beautiful folk EP came out in December on Battle Wordwide Recordings. This is the title track Burrows.

Pelotons at Facebook

Video of the Day #145: St. Paul & the Broken Bones

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This blog needs some SOUL and Paul Janeway is the right man to provide it. St. Paul & The Broken Bones from Alabama just released an album called Half The City about a week ago. That thing hasn’t reached Finland yet, so for the time being I will settle for youtube videos (I obviously need need need the album as well. So I have some shopping to do later on). There are a lot of great performances. Ourvinyl’s video for the song Call Me is one of those great ones. Paul is the main guy here, but because I have a lot friends who are Jason Isbell fans, it’s worth mentioning that former 400 Unit guitarist Browan Lollar plays in this band these days. Hopefully we’ll get some new solo Browan in the future as well. I was just listening to his solo EP last week an still enjoyed it a lot. Cars is such a good song. Almost like power pop and I love that. But anyway, this is St. Paul & The Broken Bones. They seem to have a bit of hype surrounding them at the moment and rightfully so. The album Half The City is now out on Single Lock Records. This is Call Me.

St.Paul & The Broken Bones Website

Robert Ellis – The Lights From The Chemical Plant

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This new Robert Ellis album The Lights From The Chemical Plant has been one of my favourites early in the year. The fans of classic country and folk music will probably struggle a bit, because it’s lighter and at times almost like a pop album. There’s something for everyone though, because it’s rather varied in style. Thankfully it still manages to sound cohesive. A couple of the songs drag on a little too long for my liking, but it’s not a big issue. Good song is still a good song even if it is a bit too long.

I really get lost in Robert’s voice. The vocals (and the whole record as well) always sound so warm that I’m probably smiling even when he is trying to break my heart. At best this is like the modern version of the warm, melodic and beautiful American pop-tinged folk music of the 70s. There are a few songs I’m not a big fan of (Bottle Of Wine, Sing Along), but at least 3/4 of this album is wonderful. This is one of my favourites and it’s called Pride. In the beginning I always picture Ville Leinonen entering the scene with his soft voice.

Robert Ellis Website

Josh Harty & John Statz – 12 August

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John Statz is one of the folk troubadours that I’ve been following closely for several years. His latest release is a duo album with another really good singer-songwriter Josh Harty. The album called 12 August came out on Money Wolf Music on 18th of February. It’s very bare and intimate. It was recorded live without overdubs or edits, but it still sounds richer than all those overproduced albums. The song and the musicianship is what matters. This is World of War from 12 August

John Statz at Facebook
Josh Harty at Facebook

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