Flavour of the Month 25.4: Nicolas Kivilinna & Toni Hautamäki ja Ydinrauha

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Flavour of the Month takes place this friday at Pikku-Torre, Turku. Nicolas Kivilinna & Toni Hautamäki ja Ydinrauha are the artists of the evening. Read all about if below, if you can handle the beautiful Finnish language.



That is actually Toni Hautamäki with Mot Mot. I haven’t heard Toni Hautamäki ja Ydinrauha yet. But I will on friday.

Nicolas Kivilinna
Toni Hautamäki & Ydinrauha
+ Flavour of the Month DJ team
pe 25.4. klo 21-03
Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku
vapaa pääsy!

Debyyttialbumiaan valmisteleva 21-vuotias Nicolas Kivilinna on jo ehtinyt herättää huomiota ja haltioitunuttakin innostusta Tampereen ja Suomen laulaja-lauluntekijäpiireissä ja alakulttuuriporukoissa rohkeilla tempauksillaan, kuten kirjoittamalla pokkana EP:llisen uusia lauluja Eino Leinon teksteihin, versioimalla tuoreeltaan J. Karjalaisen Mennyt mies -hitin ja kääntämällä suomeksi vanhoja amerikkalaisia folkkappaleita sekä Beatlesiä. Monipuolinen ja lahjakas musiikintekijä on jo ehtinyt keikkaillakin melko tiiviisti, joten Flavourissa on odotettavissa mielenkiintoista ja vaikuttavaa kuultavaa jostakin folkin, punkin, suomirockin ja vanhan Love Records-kaman välimaastosta.

Folkista ja suomirockista ammentaa myös mm. kuvataiteilijana ja ainakin Since November- ja A Spokane-yhtyeistä tiedetty Toni Hautamäki. Kovana Neil Young-diggarina tunnettu mies on uuden suomenkielisen Ydinrauha-bändinsä kanssa ryhtynyt sekoittelemaan melankolisia, jopa iskelmällisiä ainesosia taikinansa folkrockjuureen.

Soittoajat (noin):
Hautamäki: 23:00
Nicolas Kivilinna: 23:45


Album of the Month: Ochre Room – Box, Bar & Diamond

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You might have noticed that there has been new Album of the Month on that sidebar for a week or so. I changed that photo when this beautiful album came out. Either life has been busy or I’ve been lazy, because it took me this long to write a couple words about it. Not that couple words is even enough. One should write an essay or a novel about the brilliance of this band and their new album. Ochre Room has been a big favourite mine since I saw them play at FOTM for the first time. I have to be grateful that I’m not really writing reviews these days. I would be running out of scale, because the debut was already magnificent and this thing is just getting better all the time.

In case you need a short introduction. Ochre Room is a Finnish americana / folk rock band from Tampere. Their second album Box, Bar & Diamond came out on Lumpeela julkaisut in the beginning of April, 2014. Central Europe and UK release will follow in May. Their beautifully arranged americana is pizza to my ears and I really love the way Lauri and Minttu sing together. These magnificent male-female harmonies are definitely a big part of their charm. Minttu also sings some lead vocals on the new album and does it exceptionally well. Box, Bar & Diamond is a wonderful album and I’m thrilled that it seems to be getting the attention it fully deserves. This is the opener of this gorgeous album, Other Side Of The Town.

Ochre Room – Other Side of the Town from Monadi-Filmi on Vimeo.

Ochre Room Website

I Was A King – Isle Of Yours

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I Was A King recently released a new album Isle Of Yours. This is a fact that I like.. no wait a second.. I love this fact. They are my Norwegian heroes of harmonic pop music. The previous album You Love it Here is one of the finest pop albums of the last few years. The first outtake from the new album was still a bit of a shock, because One Of Us was nothing like that TFC-esque pop heaven of You Love It Here. After listening to it a few times, the early shock turned into a long lasting admiration. I really liked the song and it was clear that the band is still in great form and have just added more dimensions to their music. And yeah, this album does have also some of those perfect pop songs like Bygdøy 30 and Oslo Share that I included on the playlist vol 2. I could listen to those two songs all day long. I could listen to Frode and Anne Lise sing all day long. The voices fit together so perfectly. It’s a pure bliss to listen to them sing. The Blades of Grass would say Just Ah.

This is the first single One Of Us.

I Was A King at Facebook

One Chord to Another Playlist Volume 2

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Sorry. I promise to make also other kind of updates this week. Is there a cure for laziness? Anyway, here’s another playlist that contains favourite songs of mine. It’s still only a tip of the iceberg. I could probably do these all year long and still wouldn’t run out of songs I want to put on a playlist. No need to worry though. I probably get bored within a week or two. But it is kind of nice to go through the record collection and listen to songs I used to love and still know my heart, but haven’t actually listened to in years. For example that Jill Barber song. I gave that EP five hearts many many moons ago, but I can’t remember when was the last time I actually listened to it. Now I did and I still loved it and knew every word. Maybe I should still add more new songs next time (if I make another one). Like 20 and 10. This one is similar to the first one. First 25 are older favourites and then the last 5 songs came out in 2014.

One Chord to Another Playlist Volume 1

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I still prefer physical records, but because I have this Spotify premium for the time being, I thought I make at least one playlist. The good thing was that I ended up listening to old songs that I love. I kind of never actually listen to the records that I own. Listening to new music just takes all the time I have. So doing playlists like this one might be good for me. Does anyone else care? Well that’s very questionable, but I still might do these once a week or once a month. That’s why I didn’t (try to) make a top 30 songs ever list and saved a lot for later use. There’s some of those top songs ever as well like San Diego Serenade by Tom Waits.

This playlist doesn’t really have a theme. Except that these are all songs that I love. It might make more sense to make a power pop list, soul list, Finnish pop list etc separately, but sense is so overrated (ok that Finnish pop playlist might happen). The last five songs are all new 2014 releases. So it’s basicly 25 old favourites and 5 new favourites.

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