The Wicked Whispers & Stephen Steinbrink

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The Wicked Whispers is a band that I’ve liked from the start and have been following them in here since the debut EP. This Liverpool-based group do this psychedelic pop thing rather brilliantly. They are finally ready to release to their debut album Maps Of The Mystic. It will come out on Electone Records on September 22nd. You can pre-order the album from the label’s website starting today. This is the latest single and opening track of the album Chronological Astronaut.

The Wicked Whispers Website


Stephen Steinbrink is a new find for me, but lately I’ve been creating an obsession towards his beautiful new album Arranged Waves. I usually try to run away, if I hear the word experimental. Thankfully I didn’t this time around, because this experimental pop songwriter has created a pop treasure. This is the opener Now You See Everything.

Stephen Steinbrink Website


Otis Gibbs – Souvenirs Of a Misspent Youth (+ Thanks For Giving a Damn)

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Even though I don’t know the man personally, it feels like Otis Gibbs is a dear friend of mine. Actually it feels like his whole family (pets included of course) are friends of mine. The reason for this one-sided friendship and affection is of course his brilliant Thanks for Giving a Damn podcast where he chats with wonderful singer-songwriters, musicians etc and tells little stories about his life and his pets. I’ve never had any ads on this page, because I kind of hate them, but sometimes I think of adding a gigantic unpaid Thanks For Giving a Damn with Otis Gibbs banner on the front page. That podcast is something that I believe so strongly that I actually might change my no ads policy.

Besides being the world’s greatest podcast host (and even more importantly), Otis Gibbs is obviously a first class singer-songwriter as well. That’s how I first got to know him. I bought his album Joe Hill’s Ashes back in 2010 and have bought each and every release ever since. Therefore I was also happy to participate in the Kickstarter project for his latest album Souvenirs of a Misspent Youth. The album is now officially out in Europe. US release will follow in August. Otis Gibbs is also regularly touring in Europe. Maybe next time he is going to Sweden/Norway, we need to try and convince him to visit Finland as well. Meanwhile we can listen to his new album Souvenirs of a Misspent Youth. This is excellent Ghosts Of Our Fathers from the new album.

Otis Gibbs Website

Michael Claytor – My Trespasses

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I’ve been waiting for this one for quite a while. Well ever since I first heard Michael Claytor and Sam Moss singing Hairpins several years ago. Something like 2011 or thereabouts. That little youtube video is something that I always return to time and time again. This folk singer-songwriter from Gainesville, Florida won my heart that easily. Therefore I youtube search the name Michael Claytor every now and then and thankfully I’ve found several new videos over the last few years (mostly thanks to Eric Atria). This time there’s something far more exciting than just a video though. Michael Claytor just released his new album My Trespasses this weekend. At the moment it’s available in digital format at Bandcamp (CDs will be there later as well). I bought and downloaded it earlier today. The task for the next few days is to fall in love with it. I’m not expecting that to be hard at all. I’m fairly sure it’s going to be one of the easiest tasks I’ve had this summer. This is Pines, Pines, Pines from the new Michael Claytor album.

Michael Claytor at Bandcamp
Michael Claytor at Facebook

Frontier Ruckus – Sad Modernity

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Yeah yeah yeah! There’s a new Frontier Ruckus single out there. It’s called Sad Modernity and it obviously sounds fantastic. Frontier Ruckus took the album of the year award here at last year with their amazing double-album Eternity Of Dimming. Therefore I better not start compiling this year’s list until the new Frontier Ruckus album Sitcom Afterlife hits the record stores and my heart in November. I’m really eager to hear the new album. Even more so after I red that the new album was influenced by bands/artists like Big Star, Teenage Fanclub and Matthew Sweet. And if you know me or have been reading this blog, you are aware that it is the kind of music I love the most. So it’s kind of like my new favourite band being influenced by my all-time favourite bands. Nothing can go wrong. This is the first single Sad Modernity. The album will come out in the US on Quite Scientific. I’m not sure will Loose Music or someone else put it out in the Europe.

Frontier Ruckus Website

Rob Snarski – Wounded Bird & NQ Arbuckle – The Future Happens Anyway

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Australian The Blackeyed Susans is a band that I love wholeheartedly. They actually have a lot of Finnish fans and listeners thanks to Miettinen and the finest radio show ever, Räkärodeo. “Big in Finland” might be pushing it, because probably only Räkärodeo listeners really know them at all. Nevertheless, there are plenty of people in here who adore The Blackeyed Susans. I’m definitely one of them and therefore Rob Snarski’s voice is like a dear friend to me. After all, this man has sang me to sleep countless amount of times. Yeah, I’m kind of a softie and therefore the beautiful ones were always the dearest ones for me. I do love things like Curse On You as well, but my all-time favourite The Blackeyed Susans song is actually Be My Medicine. It might be a bit weird choice, but for me that has always been one of the most beautiful songs ever.

Anyway, let’s forget the past for a second and move on to 2014. The lead vocalist Rob Snarski has just released his solo debut in Australia and damn it feels great to hear that voice singing new songs. Even though it’s a solo album, fellow Blackeyed Susan Dan Luscombe seem to be play a big part by co-producing the album with Rob and co-writing some of the songs. I can’t wait to spend more time with this beautiful thing. So far I’ve only previewed it a few times over at Bandcamp, but I will hit the buy button once I decide do I settle for the digital or order a CD from the webstore. This is the awesome first single and opening track Tender Like a Bruise from Rob Snarski’s new album Wounded Bird.

Rob Snarski Website


Canadian roots rockers NQ Arbuckle are another band that has always meant a lot to me. Therefore it’s really criminal that the release of their latest album The Future Happens Anyway kind of flew by without a mention. Ok, I did write a few words way before it actually came out, but nothing during the late spring when it was released by Six Shooter Recordings. This surely could have been the album of the month in June, if I had chosen one. Neville Quinlan has again written a bunch of fantastic songs. Here are two perfect examples. The songs are Red Wine and Art O’Leary from NQ Arbuckle’s album.

NQ Arbuckle Website

Ryan Tanner, Jay William Henderson & The Souvenirs

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Oh dear. It’s been well over a month since the last update. Even though I knew that the world cup, summer and the day job will keep me otherwise engaged, it was never my intention to neglect the blog for a whole month. I think should never give myself a break, because somehow it gets harder and harder to start again. I should just maintain a steady pace, because that’s just easier than starting again. That way I don’t have too much time to wonder is this worth it anymore, because frankly, it probably isn’t. However, then there’s records like these below. Records that I hold very dear and records that hold me when I need a shoulder.

I don’t really know much about Utah’s music scene. Only thing that comes to mind is Drew Danburry and his alter-egos. Well actually that was before I got to know Ryan Tanner, Jay William Henderson and The Souvenirs. They are all from Salt Lake City, Utah (even though some do live in Nashville these days) and they are all oh so wonderful.


Ryan Tanner released his new album Together Is Where We Belong on the 15th of July. I had been waiting this one for a month or two, because every song I had heard sounded magnificent to me. The album lived up to the hype I had created for myself. I love the way it sounds. Even during the darker moments, the overall feeling is kind, caring and warm. Even spiritual. And those female harmonies provided by The Souvenirs lift these already wonderful songs to a whole another level. These below are called Days To Think Of You and Love Is All You Need and they are both from the new Ryan Tanner album Together Is Where We Belong.

Ryan Tanner Website


Ryan Tanner’s album was engineered and co-produced by Jay William Henderson. Jay William Henderson released his own new album Hymns To My Amnesia also on the 15th July. That was seriously good day for fans of beautiful music, because this one is just as heavenly as Ryan’s album. I’m totally addicted and could listen to this all day long. One of my favourite 2014 albums so far. Occasionally this makes me think of Canadian troubadour Justin Rutledge. And what about the moments when the female harmonies come along. Pure magic each and every time. There’s two members of The Souvenirs (Kiki Buehner, Marie Bradshaw) and Debra Fotheringham singing on this one. Here’s Throne and White Dress from Hymns To My Amnesia.

Jay William Henderson Website


As previously mentioned. Both Ryan Tanner and Jay William Henderson owe a big thank you for The Souvenirs. I probably would have loved those albums even without the harmonies, because the songs are so magnificent. Nevertheless, the beautiful backing vocals are a big part of the charm for me and The Souvenirs sang their way into my heart on those albums. Therefore I’m thrilled that they are also working on their own debut album. Needless to say that I’m more than eager to hear it. There’s a few songs out there already and they are oh so good. This one is called Paper Bag.

The Souvenirs Website

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