Cowbell & The High Learys

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I tried so hard not to say that this blog needs a little more cowbell. It looks like I failed miserably. Anyway, tonight I ended up listening to this new Cowbell album that is out now Damaged Goods. Or sometime soon at least. The label website says pre-order, but at least this Spotify thing seem to contain the whole Skeleton Soul album. Cowbell are Jack Sandham & Wednesday Lyle from London and this is just fabulous garage rock’n’roll. Maybe not something that I listen to on a daily basis, but tonight I’m enjoying this wholeheartedly. This one is the opening track Cry Wolf.

Cowbell Website

Moving on to Australia. I’ve been meaning to post this one for a while, because I think it’s a fantastic song. The High Learys are just getting better all the time and this new single Clear My Mind is just oh so amazing. Such a great band that do this 60s garage, beat, mod, British invasion thing so brilliantly. This is Clear My Mind.

The High Learys at Facebook


Denver & The Slim City Pickers

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The release of the new Denver album Rowdy love went by without a mention little over a month ago. Better take care of that now then. They are an excellent country band from Portland, Oregon and the new album was released by Mama Bird Recording Co on the 15th of July. This is the opening track Carry On.

Denver Website

This self-titled album by The Slim City Pickers is a brand new one and only came out a few days ago. The Slim City Pickers are a Canadian country rock band from Regina, Saskatchewan. I think I somehow found them through Zachary Lucky if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, the new album is out now and available through their bandcamp and sounds really good to me. This one is About Love from the new The Slim City Pickers album.

The Slim City Pickers at Facebook

Ochre Room – Cabin Sessions

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This is something really special. The finest Finnish band perfectly captured on film. Ochre Room – Cabin Sessions was directed, shot and edited by Sami Pöyry (Monadi-filmi). Somewhere between a live session and a short film says the press release and that sums it up nicely. I did add the embed code below, but please do visit the vimeo link or hit full screen, because you probably can’t capture the whole beauty of this by staring at that stamp-sized window below.

Ochre Room – Cabin Sessions from Monadi-Filmi on Vimeo.

The first four songs on the video are from Ochre Room’s latest album Box, Bar & Diamond that came out in April 2014 (Lumpeela Julkaisut / Beste! Unterhaltung). Check it out if you haven’t done it already. Extremely monstrously highly Recommended, five hearts, album of the year so far and all the other praises.

Ochre Room Website

Ochre Room photo: Sami Pöyry

The Fox, The Hunter And Hello Saferide

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Another old favourite is back in this ball game. I’ve loved Swedish Hello Saferide since her lovely debut album came out back in 2005. I kind of thought that she had stopped making music, because it had been quiet for a few years. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised when a new single and music video surfaced a few weeks ago. I Was Jesus is the first outtake from a brand new Hello Saferide album The Fox, The Hunter And Hello Saferide due out in early September on Razzia Records. I Was Jesus didn’t leave as huge impression as Anna did back in 2008, but it’s still really good and I’m so eager to hear the whole new album.

And of course I’ve watched Anna several times after finding out that there will be a new Hello Saferide album. It’s a song so cute and it’s a song so devastating. I know the story by heart, but watching it still breaks me every time. A perfect song and a perfect music video. It actually might be my all-time favourite music video. I’m not sure is there another that I turn to so frequently.

Hello Saferide at Facebook

Video of the Day #150: The Wonderminers

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The Wonderminers have some typewriter action for you. They recently released a lyric video for the song Green Fields. The song in an outtake from their magnificent These Fell Of The Shelf album that came out in January 2014. If you like what you see & hear, you can check out the whole album on their bandcamp page.

The Wonderminers at Bandcamp

Comet Gain, Anthony Atkinson & The Running Mates

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Somewhat legendary british pop band Comet Gain was one of my favourites in the early 00s. Sneaky, Tigertown Pictures, Realistes and City Fallen Leaves were all excellent albums and I played them a lot around that time. Since 2005’s City Fallen Leaves I’ve lost track a bit, but 2014 seems like the right time to get back on the right path. There’s a new Comet Gain album Paperback Ghosts out there on Fortuna Pop! and it sounds just as good as those oh so dear early albums. This one below is a truly outstanding outtake from the new album. It’s called Sad Love and Other Short Stories and it goes like this,.


Moving on to Melbourne, Australia. If you are long time reader, you are also well aware of my Anthony Atkinson admiration. His early solo albums Come Home For Autumn (2003) and Loyalty Songs (2006) on Candle Records were kind of a big deal here at the headquarters and received a whole lot of love from me back then. It has been a while, but because I really like the guy, I’ve been following him as closely as possible during all these years and listened to every demo he has posted on Soundcloud. A week ago the finest Australian indie pop label The Lost and Lonesome Recording Co released the wonderful news I had been waiting for for several years. They will release a new Anthony Atkinson & the Running Mates album Broken Folks on 17th of October. The first outtake is called It Radiates and sounds rather magnificent to me. I’ve really missed this voice.

Spencer Burton, Christopher Denny, J. E. Sunde

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I have never properly listened to Canadian indie rock band called Attack In Black. I think I probably should, because I seem to love everything the band members have done since then. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you are well aware that I’m a huge fan of both Daniel Romano and Ian Kehoe (the man behind Marine Dreams). They both played in Attack in Black. And so did this man called Spencer Burton who is about to release his solo album next month. The album Don’t Let The World See Your Love was produced by his former band colleague Daniel Romano and will come out on Dine Alone Records on the 16th of September. This one below is the latest single from the forthcoming album. It’s called A Body Is All She Ever Let Me Hold and it sounds mighty good to me.

Spencer Burton Website


The new Christopher Denny album If The Roses Don’t Kill Us is out now on Partisan Records. I was very much into the early single Our Kind of Love few months ago, but the album release somehow slid under my radar. Thankfully I stumbled upon this now, because it still sounds excellent to me. I have to properly check out the full album during the next few days. This is the amazing Our Kind of Love.

Christopher Denny Website


Last week the new J.E. Sunde album Shapes That Kiss The Lips Of God kept me company on my way to work and back. It was pretty much the toughest work week I’ve had and I was exhausted both mentally and physically. J.E Sunde might not have been able to take care of that physical side, but certainly did wonders to the mental side. By turning a key in the car, there was again a little bit of sanity in the world and the struggle of a 12-hour workday had been replaced by a steady flow of timeless music. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m so completely addicted to this. Especially Dream Baby and A Blinding Flash Of Flight which are both so wonderful. I also had to include the Easy Kid video by Jon Burns, which is definitely one of the best lyric videos I’ve seen.

J.E. Sunde Website

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