The Fox, The Hunter And Hello Saferide

August 27, 2014 § Leave a comment


Another old favourite is back in this ball game. I’ve loved Swedish Hello Saferide since her lovely debut album came out back in 2005. I kind of thought that she had stopped making music, because it had been quiet for a few years. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised when a new single and music video surfaced a few weeks ago. I Was Jesus is the first outtake from a brand new Hello Saferide album The Fox, The Hunter And Hello Saferide due out in early September on Razzia Records. I Was Jesus didn’t leave as huge impression as Anna did back in 2008, but it’s still really good and I’m so eager to hear the whole new album.

And of course I’ve watched Anna several times after finding out that there will be a new Hello Saferide album. It’s a song so cute and it’s a song so devastating. I know the story by heart, but watching it still breaks me every time. A perfect song and a perfect music video. It actually might be my all-time favourite music video. I’m not sure is there another that I turn to so frequently.

Hello Saferide at Facebook


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