Gudrid Hansdottir & Ochre Room Finland Tour 30.9 – 4.10

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Next week will be a good week, because Gudrid Hansdottir and Ochre Room will be touring in Finland together. I love them both and I’m thrilled to be able to see their concerts at Flavour of the Month club next friday. Check out the full tour schedule below. If you decide not to attend any of these shows, you should send a note signed by you and your mother that explains the reasons behind this odd decision.

TI 30.9. Helsinki, Pohjoismainen kulttuuripiste (Gudrid + Lauri solo)
TI 30.9. Radio Helsinki / Njassa.
KE 1.10. Helsinki, Siltanen / Oireklubi (Gudrid + Ochre Room duo)
TO 2.10. Tampere, Sampola LIVE (Gudrid)
TO 2.10. Tampere, Telakka (Gudrid + Ochre Room)
PE 3.10. Turku, Pikku-Torre / Flavour of the Month, Pikku-Torre (Gudrid + Ochre Room)
LA 4.10. Hämeenkyrö, Frantsila (Gudrid + Ochre Room)


Video of the Day #152: Freschard

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A new Freschard music video surfaced yesterday. The song is Investigate from her fabulous album Boom Biddy Boom. If you are dedicated follower of (not sure if there are any), you’ve heard this song here before. I’ve had huge Freschard crush going on since spring and I still love her records Boom Biddy Boom and Shh.. I haven’t gone further back in her discography yet, but I probably eventually will. This is Investigate.

Freschard at Facebook

One Chord to Another turns 13!

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One year to another. 13 strikes, but I’m not out yet. Maybe when 23 strikes. Or maybe more like 13 down and maybe 2 to go. We’ll see. 13th birthday is not a cause for a huge celebration. Let’s leave that for the 15th anniversary. But I think it’s still worth mentioning. Unfortunately this last year probably wasn’t the highlight of I’ve been rather horrible at replying to emails and haven’t updated the blog very frequently. The other things in life (like the day job) have just taken most of the energy lately. My apologies. But hey! This thing is still somehow standing after 13 years and while that’s not a reason for a parade of any sort, I can still show a Litti thumb to myself and be a little proud of this small achievement.

And here’s the soundtrack for the 13th birthday party of

First we have a song from the new Sloan album Commonwealth, which I think is magnificent. 13 (Under a Bad Sign) is not my favourite song on this wonderful album, but well it fits quite well to this, because it has that lucky number 13 on it. And yeah. I do love this one as well.

Then we have song from J.E Sunde’s solo album Shapes That Kiss The Lips of God. I shortly featured it a while back and I’m still totally addicted to this album. I just keep on listening to the songs Blinding Flash of Light and Dream Baby over and over again. This one is Dream Baby.

And last but not least. Of course I want to include something Finnish, still fairly unknown, but still truly outstanding. Lac Belot and the title track of his Elizabeth EP. This whole EP is marvellous and deserves a lot of attention.

Video of the Day #151: Withered Hand

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Withered Hand has a new music video for the song Black Tambourine. The song is an excellent outtake from the latest Withered Hand album New Gods that came out early in the year on Fortuna POP! / Slumberland. That guy on the video definitely looks exactly like Dan Willson and a cat makes a cameo appearance. What’s not to love. This is Withered Hand and Black Tambourine.

Withered Hand Website

Sister Flo – Tragician’s Hat (Anniversary Edition)

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Maybe I’ve been writing this blog far too long, because record labels are already starting to reissue the ones that I covered and loved during the early days of One Chord to Another. Soliti couldn’t have picked a better one to reissue though, so I’m glad they are reissuing Tragician’s Hat and I’m more than happy to feature it again. After all, Sister Flo’s Tragician’s Hat is a masterpiece and one of my all-time favourite albums. I still love everything about it. Samae’s beautiful vocals, the insightful arrangements, lyrics that sometimes make perfect sense and occasionally don’t make any sense whatsoever. Tragician’s Hat has aged perfectly. My review from 2004 probably hasn’t aged as perfectly and it sure is weird to read something you wrote ten years ago. Nevertheless here’s the 2004 review of Tragician’t Hat below.

Sister Flo: Tragician’s Hat (Delphic, 2004)

An instant love affair. Sister Flo is creating magical and colourful music. It’s simple enough to be enjoyable, but it’s also so detailed and thoughtful underneath. How can music so strong sound so soft and gentle. I know that Sister Flo will still improve, Tragician’s Hat might be just a start for a great career, but this indie group already deserves all the praises, because they’ve created a stunning collection of truly beautiful and captivating music. If you don’t know a thing about finnish pop music, this album would be a good place to start. Tragician’s Hat deserves to be heard.

Tragician’s Hat contains ten beautifully and well arranged songs. A huge part of their magic has always been the depth of their material. Yes, the heart of the song can be a simple delicate melody that gives the music an easy-flowing feeling, but there’s also so much depth and emotions in the songs. And even with the amount of detail and production ideas, it never sounds too massive. The saxophones, flutes and french horns are not taking the lead role, they just add another level and flavours to these well crafted songs. And what about the songs. Well these songs will easily reach your heart. White Noise and Guillotine. Either one of them could be my song of the year. At the moment it would be Guillotine. Quiet but still dynamic moments full of melodic charm and Samae’s sweet voice on top of that make the songs go into deeper than where any doctor could reach. Guillotine’s verse is probably just something too sad & beautiful. Strangely named Tina Turner Shitting Position is a wonderful pop tune and one of the catchiest songs on the album. And the ending. Oh dear how perfect it is. Although I do admit Nathaniel & Isabel was one of the only songs I didn’t love on the first listen. Perhaps the complexed and almost proge-ish structure was a bit too much at first. But a guess it had some reserved catchiness in it, because nowadays I love the song and the story of Nathaniel and Isabel is a perfect ending to a perfect record. All the songs would be worth mentioning, because there really are no mishits. Tragician’s Hat is sincere, captivating and full of warmth and comfort. Pure magic. The cover art and inlay drawings (by Ilja Karsikas) are also very lovely and fit so well to this music.

A guess that’s all I’m able to say. I’m not able to put it into words just how much I love Sister Flo’s music. All I’m able to do is to put my headphones on, hit the play button and watch the sleeping city below where everything is standing still. Only one local drunk is trying to find his home after a night in a bar downstairs. I can see only darkness, but there’s light in my heart. That’s because of you boys. Thank you.


Anniversary Edition of Tragician’s Hat is now out on Soliti Music. It’s out first time on vinyl and there’s also a double CD version where the original album is on one CD and the other one contains Proper Kites EP and rarities that never saw the light of the day back then. This is White Noise from Tragician’s Hat

Soliti Website

Woodpigeon Finland Tour 9.9 – 12.9.2014

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Something extremely exciting is just around the corner. Canadian Woodpigeon (aka Mark Andrew of the Hamiltons) will be touring in Finland next week. Helsinki, Tampere (MOP Festival) and our Flavour of the Month Club here in Turku. I became Woodpigeon follower rather late when I bought his albums Songbook, Die Stadt Muzikanten, Treasury Library Canada a couple of years ago, but I’ve been a big fan ever since and I still regularly listen to those amazingly beautiful albums. The latest and equally wonderful Woodpigeon album Thumbtacks + Glue came out last year. I added a few of my own Woodpigeon favourites below the tour schedule. That’s just a tip of this lovely iceberg though and it was incredibly difficult to just pick one amazing track from each album I own.. and I just kept on changing the songs on this little blog post). You can listen to (and buy) the albums in all their beauty at Bandcamp.

Woodpigeon Finland Tour Schedule

09 September 2014 – RADIO HELSINKI – IN SESSION | Helsinki, FI
09 September 2014 – MBAR | Helsinki, FI
10 September 2014 – ARKADIA INTERNATIONAL BOOKSTORE | Helsinki, FI
11 September 2014 – MONSTERS OF POP FESTIVAL / TELAKKA | Tampere, FI
12 September 2014 – FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH / PIKKU-TORRE | Turku, FI

Woodpigeon – Robin Song (from Thumbtacks + Glue)

Woodpigeon – Home As A Romanticized Concept Where Everyone Loves You Always And Forever (from Songbook)

Woodpigeon Website

The Weather Station, Michael Feuerstack & Community Theatre

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Sometimes it feels like that perhaps this should be called Canadian pop site and not a Finnish pop site, because these days a huge amount of my favourite bands are Canadian. We are stuck in Canada once again, because great things keep on happening on a daily basis.

Today one of my favourite labels You’ve Changed Records announced that they will release a new The Weather Station EP in October. What Am I Going To Do With Everything I Know is a limited edition 6 song 45 RPM 12″ EP (also digital). I’m really looking forward to this one, because her earlier releases All Of It Was Mine and the Duets series are both so amazing. The wonderful title track is the first outtake from the forthcoming EP. You can pre-order the vinyl from the You’ve Changed Website or the digital from their Bandcamp.

The Weather Station Website


Michael Feuerstack’s album Tambourine Death Bed was one of the highlights of 2013. Scorekeeper was the final song on that great album and yesterday Michael released a lovely wall ball music video for the song. A good way to keep that album in our minds (sometimes..especially for these clueless bloggers like yours truly.. the life span of a record seem to be something like a couple of weeks and that’s just silly and ridiculous). This one below is Scorekeeper from Tambourine Death Bed that came out on Forward Music Group last year. Michael also has a 2014 release called Singer Songer.

Michael Feuerstack Website

And last but not least. Yesterday I saw this Exclaim article about Community Theatre and I’m really excited about this one. I had not heard about this until I saw that article, but there’s indeed a collaboration album coming from some of my biggest Canadian heroes. Community Theatre will include Mathias Kom (the Burning Hell), Kyle Cashen (Old Time Machine), Chris Adeney (Wax Mannequin), Michael Feuerstack (formerly known as Snailhouse), Steve Lambke (Baby Eagle), Ian Kehoe (Marine Dreams), Jim Kilpatrick (Shotgun Jimmie), Richard Laviolette, and Colleen Collins and David Trenaman (Construction & Destruction). That’s almost a dream-like line-up and I can’t wait to hear the album when it arrives.

Community Theatre – Northern Register teaser from Headless Owl Records on Vimeo.

Headless Owl Website for more information.

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