Album of the Month: Cale Tyson – Cheater’s Wine EP

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I haven’t selected album of the month since July I think, but I think it’s time because I seriously fell in love with Cale Tyson’s Cheater’s Wine. Actually Cheater’s Wine is an EP, but this is my blog and I can make up the rules as I go along. This is such a damn perfect slice of classic country music. Things are actually looking pretty good for the good kind of country music. Sturgill Simpson seems to be doing really well right now, Daniel Romano is doing some fantastic stuff in Canada.. well the list could go on and on. Cale Tyson is just as good as those other guys and has just released one incredible EP full of fabulous old-fashioned country tunes. I posted the opening track Fool Of The Year the other day, so let’s go with the second track Borrowed Love (To Go) this time around. Actually it’s my favourite song at the moment, but they are all fabulous.

Cale Tyson Website


Caleb Stine – Maybe God Is Lonely Too

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I became a fan of singer-songwriter Caleb Stine when I heard his fifth album I Wasn’t Built For A Life Like This a couple of years ago. His sixth album Maybe God Is Lonely Too saw the light of the day in April, 2014. It was pretty difficult to find a copy of this peaceful and beautiful folk album. Actually I didn’t find one until I asked him and he was kind enough to send me a copy. I’m happy that I asked, because Maybe God Is Lonely Too is a wonderful record. This combination of serene atmosphere and thoughtful lyrics is a perfect antidote against all that pointless every day stress and anxiety that I’m so good at creating. This is extremely highly recommended. I hope one day it will be little easier to find, but in this modern age where pretty much everything is instantly available for streaming, I kind of liked the idea that there was record that I loved to hear, but had to patiently wait until the little folk treasure had arrived in the mail from USA.

This is the only song that I found from the album online in the summer. The magnificent album opener called The Mountain.

The Mountain by Caleb Stine from Allen Moore Films on Vimeo.

Caleb Stine Website

Video of the Day #153: Lac Belot

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Just a quick video post today. I’ve been praising Lac Belot’s debut EP a few times already, but that doesn’t stop me from doing it one more time. There’s a good reason too, because now there’s a music video as well. It’s been out since early October, so it’s about time to post it to the blog as well. This is Lac Belot aka Jarno Takkumäki playing the title track of his wonderful Elizabeth EP.

And here’s the song II from the same EP.

Lac Belot at Facebook

The Taste – Sea Legs EP & Sloan – Commonwealth

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Some fabulous pop music this time around. Lately I’ve been really enjoying the new The Taste EP called Sea Legs. They are a Toronto-based pop group and the new EP came out last summer on Reel Cod Records (cassette or digital). I just got a digital copy last week and this has been my a big part of my soundtrack for the day job at the factory ever since. Sea Legs is a truly entertaining slice of pop music. You can hear a couple of great samples below. There Will Come A Day and a music video for the last song on the EP, Happening Now.

The Taste – Happening Now from Ali Weinstein on Vimeo.

The Taste at Facebook
Reel Cod Records Website


Staying in Canada for the time being. Not a surprise there, because these days this blog seems to cover as much or maybe even more Canadian music than Finnish. Canadian rock heroes Sloan released a new album earlier this fall. It’s called Commonwealth and I’m loving it. Not a surprise there either. I suppose it’s fairly obvious that Sloan is very dear to me. This band consists of four excellent songwriters and this time they’ve given each member one side of the double album. Don’t ask me to pick the best side though, because I think they are all great. Even (or especially) Andrew Scott’s 18-minute long Forty-Eight Portraits works beautifully after the first couple of minutes. And that’s a lot said, because my impatient pop mind often argues that anything over three minutes is useless and only makes the song worse. I don’t think Commonwealth is the best Sloan album ever, but it sure is another damn great one. Commonwealth is out now on Yep Roc. This is Three Sisters from the new album.

Sloan Website

Justin Townes Earle – Single Mothers & Cale Tyson – Cheater’s Wine EP

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I suppose American singer-songwriter Justin Townes Earle doesn’t really need an introduction anymore. I don’t even really know why I’m writing this, because I try to focus on the smaller artists. Not that Justin Townes is that universally famous or anything like that. But in the very small niche that I’m covering, he is quite well-known at this point. But why shouldn’t I write, because I’ve always liked him a lot and I buy all the full-length albums he releases. Maybe that timeless classic that will stay on people’s heart for decades is still missing, but he is consistently great and have never released a bad album. The new one called Single Mothers recently came out on Loose Music in Europe and it’s another great one for sure. This is White Gardenias from Single Mothers.

Justin Townes Earle Website


Cale Tyson isn’t as household name as Justin, but this weekend I’ve been listening to him a lot. His new EP Cheater’s Wine is coming out in a few days, but American Songwriter magazine already has a premiere going on on their website and I’ve been listening to this classic country heartbreaker over there. Robert Ellis plays lead guitar and sings harmonies on it, if you need further convincing to check it out. I’m enjoying it a lot and I probably need to travel to his Bandcamp to buy a copy next week. This is the magnificent opening track Fool Of The Year.

Cale Tyson Website

Viljami Kukkonen, Skip Zone, Janne Laurila & Puumaja

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I haven’t posted too much Finnish music this year. That’s rather criminal, because there’s a lot of marvellous stuff out there. Like these either new or fairly new singles that are all magnificent. Actually I should do another part sometime soon, because I can’t fit everything to this little blog entry


First we have something extremely exciting. The first outtake and music video from the forthcoming Viljami Kukkonen album Jos rakkaus tapahtuu. Like I’ve said several times. Viljami’s debut album Mörönsyötti is an album that is very dear to me and by far my favourite Finnish album of the current decade. Therefore I’m really eager to hear the new full-length due out next year. We’ve once again reached the time of the year when you can only see the daylight through a factory/office/school window, but thankfully we can always turn to the warmhearted kindness of Viljami’s music. That should be more than enough to carry us through the winter. This is Säkki from the forthcoming album. Directed by Finn Andersson.

Viljami Kukkonen – Säkki from Viljami Kukkonen on Vimeo.

Viljami Kukkonen at Facebook


Moving on to the second single My Sweet Parisienne from the forthcoming Skip Zone album. I like this one even more than the excellent first single and therefore I’m really looking forward to the full album. You can download this folk rock beauty for free from their soundcloud page. This is My Sweet Parisienne by Skip Zone.

Skip Zone at Facebook


One of my all-time favourite singer-songwriters Janne Laurila is also planning on a new album and released a brand new single Olen vain ihminen a month ago. You can find this wonderful new song from Spotify and digital stores. Olen vain ihminen goes like this.

Janne Laurila at Facebook


And last but not least, we have the music journalist of the year and one of the loveliest guys of any time period, Mikko Meriläinen doing some splendid music with his band Puumaja. I wasn’t even aware that they were still active, but I was pleasantly surprised that a new Puumaja song surfaced a couple of days ago. And this still sounds excellent to me. This is Vesiposti by Puumaja.

Puumaja Website

John Davey – Living Is Trying & Hezekiah Jones Pledge campaign

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I’m still here. I’ve just been trying to cut down the time I spent on a computer, because I’ve had some rather unpleasant headaches and neck aches for the past couple of months. It looks like I’m not young anymore and the combination of doing exactly the same kind of manual labour each day and spending a lot of the free time online has not been ideal. No surprise there I suppose. Especially because I’ve almost neglected things like stretching and therefore my body has turned into a statue-like state. Thankfully naprapathy has already helped quite a lot and things are slowly improving. And well listening to beautiful music always heals the mind. Other than the J.E. Sunde album that I’ve been continuosly praising and that Anthony Atkinson record that has been the headline post for a while, I’ve been really into this one below.


Singer-songwriter John Davey’s new full-length album album Living Is Trying came out on Dilated Time Records on 7th of October and this magnificent album has been one of my biggest addictions lately. Even though my taste in music has drifted more and more towards folk and country music, I’m still a pop guy at heart. Maybe that’s why I like this so much. John Davey has a great sense for melody and the album Living is Trying is full of wonderful folk-tinged pop songs. This one is the first single Spent.

John Davey at Facebook

And then some rather exciting news. Hezekiah Jones are working on a new album and just started a Pledge campaign for it. I pre-ordered yesterday and I’m thrilled to hear a new Hezekiah Jones album sometime in 2015. They are a truly wonderful Philly-based folk collective led by Raphael Cutrufello. We still need to wait a a while for that new album to hit our hearts, so here are a couple of my old favourites. Borrowed Heart and Lift the Shadow From This Heart. I could listen to these songs all day long.

Pre-order new Hezekiah Jones album at Pledge Music
Hezekiah Jones at Facebook

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