John Davey – Living Is Trying & Hezekiah Jones Pledge campaign

October 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

I’m still here. I’ve just been trying to cut down the time I spent on a computer, because I’ve had some rather unpleasant headaches and neck aches for the past couple of months. It looks like I’m not young anymore and the combination of doing exactly the same kind of manual labour each day and spending a lot of the free time online has not been ideal. No surprise there I suppose. Especially because I’ve almost neglected things like stretching and therefore my body has turned into a statue-like state. Thankfully naprapathy has already helped quite a lot and things are slowly improving. And well listening to beautiful music always heals the mind. Other than the J.E. Sunde album that I’ve been continuosly praising and that Anthony Atkinson record that has been the headline post for a while, I’ve been really into this one below.


Singer-songwriter John Davey’s new full-length album album Living Is Trying came out on Dilated Time Records on 7th of October and this magnificent album has been one of my biggest addictions lately. Even though my taste in music has drifted more and more towards folk and country music, I’m still a pop guy at heart. Maybe that’s why I like this so much. John Davey has a great sense for melody and the album Living is Trying is full of wonderful folk-tinged pop songs. This one is the first single Spent.

John Davey at Facebook

And then some rather exciting news. Hezekiah Jones are working on a new album and just started a Pledge campaign for it. I pre-ordered yesterday and I’m thrilled to hear a new Hezekiah Jones album sometime in 2015. They are a truly wonderful Philly-based folk collective led by Raphael Cutrufello. We still need to wait a a while for that new album to hit our hearts, so here are a couple of my old favourites. Borrowed Heart and Lift the Shadow From This Heart. I could listen to these songs all day long.

Pre-order new Hezekiah Jones album at Pledge Music
Hezekiah Jones at Facebook


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