Two Cow Garage – Let The Boys Be Girls & American Aquarium – Wolves

February 4, 2015 § Leave a comment


Two Cow Garage is a long-time favourite, but I was a little bit disappointed with their previous album The Death of the Self Preservation Society. I’m not sure did I even ever feature it, because of that. It was not bad by any means and even had a couple of outstanding tracks, but it still didn’t live up to my expectations after several gorgeous Two Cow Garage and Micah Schnabel solo albums. But enough about the past. They are totally back in the game and this is no bizarre slant pass, this is 100% beast mode. There’s a new EP coming out and the first track Let The Boys Be Girls is classic Two Cow Garage. Paul Westerberg-ish blast of rock’n’roll with great lyrics and Micah singing his heart out. Damn good song.

Two Cow Garage at Facebook


American Aquarium’s highly anticipated new album Wolves came out a couple of days ago. I’ve been looking forward to this one, because their previous effort Burn, Flicker, Die is one of the best albums of the past 5 years or so. I haven’t spent much time with the new one and therefore it’s probably a bit too early to make final conclusions, but this new one doesn’t seem to reach that insanely high level. But don’t worry. That statement isn’t that negative, because in the end very few things do reach that level and there’s a lot to love about Wolves as well. Like this awesome title track.

American Aquarium Website


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