Flavour of the Month: Skip Zone + Marty the Random Guy 2.4.2015

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This blog is pretty much on hold at the moment. I will probably continue writing after the Easter holidays. Before that we have a new Flavour of The Month event taking place Thursday 2.4.2015 at Pikku-Torre, Turku. Skip Zone and Marty the Random Guy will share the stage. See you there.

Skip Zone
Marty The Random Guy

+ FOTM DJ team
Pikku-Torre, Yliopistonkatu 30, Turku
to 2.4. 2015 klo 21-03

Huhtikuun Flavour of the Month -iltaa vietetään poikkeuksellisesti pääsiäisen takia (kiiras)torstaina 2.4.
Illan pääesiintyjäksi on kutsuttu FOTM-debyyttinsä tekevä helsinkiläinen Skip Zone. Yhtyeen musiikilliset vaikutteet (alt. country, 60-70-lukujen ”kosminen americana” ja muutamissa arvosteluissa vilahtaneet Ryan Adams, The Jayhawks ja alkuaikojen Wilco) ovat lähellä Flavour of the Monthin syvintä olemusta, joten on aikakin saada ryhmä Pikku-Torren lavalle.

Lämmittelyt hoitaa monissa musaliemissä Turun seudulla keitetty Marty The Random Guy. Soolomateriaalissaan niin ikään amerikkalaisen juurimusiikin erilaisia virtauksia yhdistelevä Marty säestää itseään yleensä monipuolisesti mm. itse rakentamillaan sikarilaatikkokitaroilla, joista osa lienee keikoilla myös myynnissä!


Ryan Allen and His Extra Arms – Heart String Soul & Taylor Knox – Lines EP

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Getting back to the basics. Which means getting back to power pop or melodic pop music in general. No matter how far in the country zone I have traveled, this will always be the foundation of my music taste.

First we have Ryan Allen and His Extra Arms and their new album Heart String Soul. I’ve had this one on my playlist for several weeks and I’ve been enjoying it a whole lot. Heart String Soul is such a damn fine rockin’ pop record. Unlike some others, Ryan hasn’t forgotten that there’s a word “power” in the name of the genre. I also love the fact that the album keeps on reminding me of all those fairly unknown, but magnificent pop bands that I found from the Not Lame catalogs. It makes me want to pick up those records and keep on spinning them for the first time in several years. However, first I’ll play this new Ryan Allen and His Extra Arms album as loud as the neighbors can tolerate. This is the album opener Should Be Me.


Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms Website


I’ve been following Canadian Taylor Knox for a few years and I’ve been waiting for a full-length album. Unfortunately I still don’t get that full-length, but he will release a new Lines EP later in March. Taylor Knox has played with a lot of great Canadian bands/artists like Sloan and Hayden. Mostly drums if I’m not mistaken. It would be a good time to step up front and sing his own tunes. I think this guy has a lot of talent and does that Sloan-ish melodic power pop rather perfectly. I’ve pretty much loved everything I’ve heard so far. I haven’t heard the EP yet (unless the songs are the same he has released by himself before, I know some are at least), but I’m fairly confident that it’s going to a really good one. This is a live video of I See Lines from the forthcoming release out 31st of March on Maple Music Recordings.

Taylor Knox Website

One Chord To Another Playlist: Week 11

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This is the weekly playlist that I was planning on posting yesterday, but the hockey game lasted forever. This is just the stuff that I could find on Spotify. My absolutely favourite song in the world right now is Nostalgia Blues by Simon Joyner (but that’s not there), Closely followed by that new John Moreland track that kicks off this little playlist. Now back to enjoying Couch by Couchwest festival.

Spotify Link

Simon Joyner, A Grave With No Name & The Rollstons

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This is a quick post of three songs I fell in love with today.

Simon Joyner – Nostalgia Blues

First we have singer-songwriter Simon Joyner and his song Nostalgia Blues from his forthcoming album Grass, Branch & Bone (out 31st of March). I pretty much forgot to breath while listening to this work of art. The big question is why the hell I haven’t I been paying attention to Simon Joyner for years? I think the last one I bought is Hotel Lives, but that beautiful thing came out ages ago. Somehow I just lost track of him. I have some catching up to do, if he has been this amazing throughout the years. This is the awesome Nostalgia Blues.

Simon Joyner Website

A Grave With No Name – Onion

A Grave With No Name is something completely new to me, but I instantly fell in love with his music when I somehow saw his label’s tweet and went to listen to his songs. He is about to release his fourth album (so yeah, I’m really late to this party) in May. It will be produced by Mark Nevers and called Feathers Wet, Under the Moon. There’s a couple of songs out there already and both are absolutely gorgeous. My favourite one is Orion mostly because it does remind me a lot of one of my all-time favourite bands Sparklehorse. I’m very eager to hear the whole album in the spring. This is Orion by A Grave With No Name.

A Grave With No Name at Facebook

The Rollstons – A Silent Film

And last but not least. The Rollstons just posted a new song from their forthcoming album. A Silent Film is another future classic and I still love listening to the blissfully twisted pop music of The Rollstons. They are even playing a concert here in Turku (at Bar Kuka) next friday and I’m obviously extremely excited about that. The only downside is that I probably have 4am wake up on Friday morning and therefore I might be a bit sleepy when the evening comes. However, I’m fairly confident that The Rollstons can kick me awake with their live concert. This is The Rollstons and their new song A Silent Film.

The Rollstons at Facebook

John Statz, Joe Pug & Chris Porter

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Another brilliant week of new music. These three great singer-songwriters all released a new full-length album earlier in the week.

John Statz is a Denver-based folk/americana singer-songwriter and his new full-length is called TULSA. I took part in his Kickstarter project and therefore I’ve already had Tulsa on repeat for several weeks and I think it’s a very impressive effort. It feels like the best album that John Statz has made. That’s actually a lot said, because the previous one Old Fashioned was already pretty great on all accounts. Nevertheless, John Statz sounds even more confident now and has written some great stories. Tennessee, Exposure and Old Pro are mighty good examples of first-class storytelling. Tulsa was produced by Jeffrey Foucault and came out on 10th of March. I’m not sure is this a bit weird favourite song, but this song Tennessee just really struck me from the get go and never seems to let go of me. This is Tennessee.


John Statz Website


I’m long time Joe Pug fan, but this time I have one negative thing to say. Even though Joe Pug is a really handsome man, I still don’t like that cover art. Not that it matters much, because the music on his new album Windfall seems to be wonderful once again. During these first listens I’ve especially enjoyed the latter stages of the album. Windfallen and Pair Of Shadows are such a beautiful combo. It’s a really good album as a whole as well and full of Joe’s poetic songwriting that most likely will continue to amaze me throughout the year. This one is another early favourite called The Measure.

Joe Pug Website


I already wrote a bit about Porter’s album a few weeks back, so this one is just a reminder that Chris Porter’s excellent new solo album This Red Mountain is now out and available. This one is Don’t Let Me Go from the new album.

Chris Porter Website

Jay Gonzalez – The Bitter Suite

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Things to look forward to. Jay Gonzalez is about to release his 5-song rock medley The Bitter Suite next month. Jay might still be better known as the keyboardist of The Drive-By Truckers, but he also has this second life as a 70s-influenced pop wizard that creates catchy power pop tunes with more than a little bit of AM pop. I highly recommend his full-length Mess Of Happiness, which is a great pop record. The song Baby Tusk is still part of my DJ routine. I will always love that little tune. Ok, I admit that this rock medley thing sounds both exciting AND scary, but I trust Jay’s melodic sense and I know he can pull this off. The release date is set for 7th of April, but you can already pre-order it (I did) and listen to the first chapter of this medley called Light Side of the Leaves.


And here’s Baby Tusk from Mess of Happiness.


Jay Gonzalez Website

Album of the Month: Small Houses – Still Talk; Second City

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My problem with this blog thing often is that I keep on neglecting the albums that matter the most. The new Small Houses album Still Talk; Second City is a great example of this cruel behaviour. This beauty has been out for a month, but I still haven’t found the ability to write anything that could even remotely describe the brilliance of it. I still have to get this done now or this will keep on haunting me forever.

The new album of the month is Still Talk; Second City by Small Houses. I’m a long time fan of singer-songwriter Jeremy Quentin aka Small Houses. His previous albums North and Exactly Where You Wanted To Be have both been on my year-end top 10 and it’s fairly easy to predict that the new one Still Talk; Second City will demand a place on my best of 2015 list.

After a brief stay in Philadelphia, Jeremy moved to Atlanta in order to work with producer Damon Moon. This was a good move, because together with Damon, Jeremy has created his most convincing album to date. The album flows through beautifully and contains a lot of magical moments. The highlight for me is 17 in Roselore that features Samantha Crain on backing vocals. I’ve seen several live versions of the song even before hearing this album, but that song still takes my breath away every time. Staggers and Rise on the other hand is one of the most instant Small Houses songs ever and should be a hit. And that’s just a couple of examples. The whole album is absolutely gorgeous and a treasure that keeps on revealing more with every listening session.

Still Talk; Second City by Small Houses is now out on Cottage Recording Co. This is Seventeen in Roselore from the album.


And this is the music video for the first single Staggers And Rise.

Small Houses Website

Oh and one more thing. Small Houses will be touring in Finland with Ochre Room in April! More about this when the tour schedule is set!

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