James McMurtry – Complicated Game & Mark Edgar Stuart – Trinity My Dear

March 1, 2015 § Leave a comment

My main goal in life is still to just get rid of the pain and numbness and therefore I’ve been neglecting the blog and focused on doing all sort of exercises and paying my hard-earned money to all kind of specialists. I think the next step is try and see whether a chiropractor could help me out. So far it feels like music is still the only thing that helps. This week my medicine were the new albums by James McMurtry and Mark Edgar Stuart.


James McMurtry doesn’t need an introduction. He has been writing damn fine songs for a really long time. Sure it’s been a while since his 2008 album Just Us Kids, but he hasn’t lost his touch and his brand new album Complicated Game is again full of wonderful songs. This is South Dakota from the new album.

James McMurtry Website


Mark Edgar Stuart also released a new album this week. I didn’t know him beforehand, but John Paul Keith mentioned Mark Edgar Stuart’s new album on his FB and that got me interested. What I found was a mighty good album called Trinity My Dear that was released a few days ago by Madjack Records. Here’s We Were in Bloom from this beautiful album.

Mark Edgar Stuart Website


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