Barna Howard – Indiana Rose

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Lately I’ve been extremely excited about two albums. John Moreland’s High On Tulsa Heat and Quite a Feelin’ by Barna Howard. There might be a few more soon, because I bought the latest by Simon Joyner, Hayden and Ryley Walker yesterday during Record Store Day. I don’t really care much for those limited RSD releases myself and I prefer just buying good new full-lengths instead. I don’t have anything against those RSD releases and if and when they do help keeping the record stores alive, those are a damn good thing (luckily we still have a really great store here in Turku called 8raita).

Barna Howard from Portland, Oregon is one of my favorite singer-songwriters. The debut was #2 on my albums of the year list and this new one Quite A Feelin’ has been one of my most anticipated releases of the year. Even though I had almost unfairly high expectations, it certainly seems like this manages to live up to them. Wonderful UK-based label Loose Music just recently signed Barna Howard and therefore the new album will also be released in Europe. The always great Mama Bird Recording Co will take care of the North American release once again. Quite A Feelin’ is out in late May and I try to make an Album of the Month post about it around the time of the release. Meanwhile you can listen to this excellent first single Indiana Rose.

Oh and Barna is currently on an European tour. Unfortunately not in Finland, but if you live in France or UK, check out the dates on his Facebook.

Barna Howard at Facebook


Salaliitto – Virhe (single / music video)

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Major news! Salaliitto just released the first singe / music video from their forthcoming album. I’ve seen this band play live several times and I’m extremely confident that this album will be amazing. They are still looking for a label to release it. If I had a record label and/or money, I would sign them immediately. Unfortunately I don’t, but you know what to do, if you want to get one of those’s imaginary culture awards. Sign Salaliitto and release their debut full-length. This one below is the lead single Virhe from the forthcoming album. There are a couple of equally excellent b-sides on their Soundcloud.

Salaliitto Tour Schedule (so far confirmed dates, more to come):

24.4. Klubi, Turku
25.4. Musta Kynnys, Jyväskylä
8.5. Tapper’s Inn, Sauvo
24.7. H2Ö-festivaali, Turku
22.8. Rytmiraide, Kurikka

Salaliitto at Facebook

Klasu – Vilkutan maapallon läpi & Skip Zone – Turn Me Around

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Things are still a bit slow here, because I’m either watching hockey playoffs or trying desperately to find a way to get my body in decent condition (and failing miserably). On the music front things are pretty perfect. A couple of my biggest heroes, John Moreland and Barna Howard are releasing new albums this spring and both of those records are outstanding. A lot of splendid Finnish artists are also back in this ball game. The Rollstons and Satan’s Fingers albums are something that I find really exciting and you can preview those releases by following this link. Klasu’s self-titled solo debut is already out and available and it’s a great slice of melancholic Finnish pop music. The album came out on late March on Drink Tonight Records and this second single Vilkutan maapallon läpi came out on 10th of April.


Helsinki-based folk/americana group Skip Zone played a great concert at our Flavour of the Month club a little over a week ago and are also getting ready to release a new full-length album When The Dust Blows Away in May. Last Friday they released a new single Turn Me Around from the forthcoming album. I’m liking this a lot and I’m eagerly waiting for the album. Turn Me Around goes like this.

Skip Zone at Facebook

Small Houses (US) Finland Tour 17.4. – 25.4.2015 (with Ochre Room)

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Major news event on the One Chord To Another scale. Small Houses aka Jeremy Quentin will be touring in Finland very soon. This is his second Finland tour. Last time Jeremy played here in 2013 and I loved the Turku concerts that I saw back then. Therefore it’s easy to say that these concerts are going to be fabulous and well worth attending. There was some talk of an Helsinki concert, but perhaps that didn’t work out, because it’s not on the schedule. So if you want to book a marvellous singer-songwriter to play in Helsinki or somewhere else in Finland between 18th and 23rd of April that actually might be possible. Just like last time, one of Finland’s finest bands Ochre Room will share the stage with Small Houses on these Finland dates.

Small Houses also have a great new album out called Still Talk; Second City, which has been sitting on that album of the month spot in the right column for couple of months now. Partly because I’ve been too lazy, busy, ill to change it and partly because it’s so damn good that it could just as well stay there for the rest of the year. Here are couple of tunes from the new album. Seventeen In Roselore and Staggers and Rise.

And here’s the whole euro tour schedule as it currently stands on the FB event. I’m not sure are additions possible, so better follow Small Houses at Facebook to make sure you don’t miss anything.

April 17 – Bar Kuka – Turku, Finland
April 18 – 8raita – Turku, Finland
April 24 – Hometown – Salo, Finland
April 25 – Herwood – Tampere, Finland

April 29 – Landet – Stockholm, Sweden
May 2 – Holy Moly – Gothenberg, Sweden
May 5 – freundlich+kompetent Bar – Hamburg, Germany
May 6 – TBA – Berlin, Germany
May 7 – House Concert – Nuremberg, Germany
May 9 – – Munich, Germany
May 13 – Die Schneiderei – Zuerich, Switzerland
May 14 – House Concert – Zuerich, Switzerland
May 18 – Monotonag – Winterthur, Switzerland
May 20 – House Concert – Utrecht, Netherlands
May 21 – Radio – Rotterdam, Netherlands
May 22 – PX – Volendam, Netherlands
May 23 – Wishful Music – Groningen, Netherlands
May 24 – InDeBuurt – Zwolle, Switzerland
May 25 – Prive HKC – Klazienaveen, Netherlands
May 28 – Karton – Bremen, Germany
May 29 – Hasenschaukel – Hamburg, Germany
May 30 – Songwriters@Heart – Copenhagen, Denmark
June 4 – The Green Note – London, England

Small Houses Website

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