Courtney Marie Andrews – Leuven Letters & China – Towards The Sun

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A quick post about a couple of music releases that I’ve loved during the week. First we have Courtney Marie Andrews from Phoenix, Arizona and her Leuven Letters EP. I got severely addicted to this one and listened to it for several hours during the past week. I previewed the EP sometime late last year and really liked it, but somehow I made a bad decision that I will just wait for the new full-length instead of purchasing it. After finding myself re-visiting her bandcamp several times during the winter and spring, I finally did the right thing and bought the download. It was totally worth it, because this is timeless and amazingly beautiful. I love the whole thing, but especially the songs They Say and Near You are the ones that strike me harder than an army of black metal guitarists. Those tunes are a perfect match with the romantic core of my heart.

Courtney Marie Andrews Website


I can’t say I really know anything about a band called China, but earlier today, my Bandcamp browsing session took me to their page (thanks to Dying For Bad Music) and after listening for a while, I found myself paying a few bucks and downloading their two EPs. They are from Oakland, California and the members might be better known from a band called Odawas. I need to check that one out as well even though this folk/americana thing that the China are perfectly mastering is probably a bit closer to my heart. This is May 21st from their new EP Towards The Sun.

China at Bandcamp


Suomen Zorro & Vähäsarja

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Suomen Zorro signed a deal with Sound Of Finland. That’s a mighty good thing, because this band definitely deserved a record deal. The first single from the forthcoming album is called Aurinkomatkat and it’s now out and available. It might not crawl as deep inside me as their song 6 syliä did last year, but I love this one as well. Can’t wait to hear the album.

Suomen Zorro at Facebook

This is also a good opportunity to further recommend Vähäsarja’s self-titled solo debut that came out on Helmi Levyt in January or February. Such a damn good album that probably should have gotten even more recognition on this blog (and elsewhere). It’s something I still return to every week. I still have it with me every day and often listen to it in the car on my way to work. I’m especially fond of the songs Peili, Palava silta and 13 kerrosta. Filed under the best songs of 2015. I can never get tired of these.

Vähäsarja at Facebook

Daniel Romano & The Trilliums Finland Tour 3.6 – 6.6.2015

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This is a big deal. Canadian alt-country singer-songwriter Daniel Romano will be hitting Finland next week. It’s definitely a bit of a dream come true to see this hero of mine perform with his band The Trilliums next Friday at Klubi, Turku. Do not miss this one, if you are even a little bit interested in these things like country, americana and folk music. It just doesn’t get much better than this. Ok, I’ve never seen them live before, but I’m extremely convinced that this is going to be totally awesome. A big big thank you to Gaea and 8raita for making this happen.

Daniel Romano & The Trilliums in Finland

03-06-2015: Maarianhamina, Dino Bar
04-06-2015: Tampere, Herwood Stage & Bar
05-06-2015: Turku, 8Raita, in-store (around 5pm)
05-06-2015: Turku, Klubi
06-06-2015: Helsinki, Korjaamo

Daniel Romano Website

Summer Fiction – Himalaya

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Good news for fans of perfect pop music. New Summer Fiction album Himalaya hits the stores and our hearts on the 16th of June. The name Bill Ricchini is filed under pop geniuses in my imaginary book of songwriters. That previous self-titled Summer Fiction album (2011) was just magnificent and I shortly featured those videos/singles Chandeliers and Throw Your Arms Around Me on this blog as well. I have only heard two songs from the forthcoming album so far, but I’m extremely confident that it’s going to be a great album. This is the excellent first single Lauren Lorraine from the forthcoming album

And here’s wonderful pop blast from the past. Summer Fiction – Throw Your Arms Around Me.

Summer Fiction Website

Danny & The Champions of the World, A Grave With No Name & John Calvin Abney

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I’ve never been a dedicated follower of fashion, but I’ve always been a dedicated follower of Danny Wilson. New Danny & The Champions of the World album What Kind Of Love drops into our arms on the 1st of June and based on this first outtake below, it’s going to bring a lot warmness and tenderness into our souls. The album will be released by the ever lovely and constantly brilliant UK label Loose Music. This is the soulful title track What Kind Of Love.

Danny & The Champions of the World Website


I already posted the single Orion before this new A Grave With No Name album was out, but a reminder is in order because the album is now out and available. I still love Orion so much. It sounds a lot like Sparklehorse to me and well I’m a huge Sparklehorse fan. However, the album has other treasures as well. Like this beauty below called I Will Ride a Horse. The album Feathers Wet, Under the Moon is now out on Lefse Records.

A Grave With No Name at Facebook


And here’s one that I listened to quite a lot a couple of months ago, but don’t think I ever said a word. John Calvin Abney is a gifted songwriter from Oklahoma and his latest album Better Luck is mighty good. I especially have a fond memory of listening this song Dallas City Lights on my way back home after an evening/night of playing records in a bar and watching some great bands play. It wasn’t Dallas, but it sure felt good to listen to this on repeat at 3 am while walking under the Turku city lights. You can buy/listen to the whole record on his Bandcamp.

John Calvin Abney at Facebook

Barna Howard – Quite A Feelin’

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The most important music news that I can think of. New Barna Howard album Quite A Feelin’ is now out, available and ready to create a lifelong companionship with your heart. The self-titled debut was #2 on my albums of the year list back in 2012 and this new one is at least equally brilliant. The album was released by Mama Bird Recording Co in the US and by Loose Music in Europe. Album of the month post about this coming up within a week or two. I just had to make an early shout-out and make a little news entry about the release of this future classic. This is Bitter Side Of Blue from Quite A Feelin’.

Barna Howard Website

Robert Chaney – Cracked Picture Frames

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The blog has been pretty much on hold during the spring and therefore I still haven’t written about some real treasures that have been released during the first half of 2015. Robert Chaney’s new album Cracked Picture Frames is one of those treasures. This London-based folk troubadour has written extremely convincing album. It’s not really an album that I listen to on a daily basis, because it doesn’t work as just background music. You really need to pay attention, but that’s only a good thing. We already have more than enough of that zip-a-dee-do-dah filling the airwaves. So every now and then it’s good to just focus on the song and listen when a gifted folk musician tells you a dark story. Robert Chaney is a brilliant songwriter and storyteller. The whole album is gorgeous, but these two below really take my breath away. This is songwriting of the highest order. The Cyclist and The Ballad of Edward and Lisa.

Robert Chaney Website

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