Freschard – Shh.. & Ratboys – Aoid

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Uk-based label Wiaiwya will be reissuing Freschard’s Shh.. on yellow vinyl in July. Pre-order is up now.. and well.. you know the deal. It’s Freschard. So it’s absolutely gorgeous. In fact absolutely perfect. It will move you and it will be make you smile. Five hearts any day of the week. Extremely monstrously highly recommended. This is Monsters from this future classic.

Wiaiwya at Bandcamp
Freschard at Facebook


Not entirely sure do like that cover art or the name band of the band, but 100% sure that I love the music and that’s what really counts. Aoid by Ratboys is a wonderful instantly catchy indie rock album and listening to it makes me rethink my current status as a sad bastard, because here I am smiling like an idiot instead of making art out of self-pity. Especially MCMXIV, Postman Song and Tixis are so awesome. Almost like an overdose of entertainment. Aoid is now out on Topshelf Records.

Ratboys at Facebook


The best albums of 2015 so far

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My favourite weekend of the NHL season, the draft weekend is upon us. Therefore I dediced to make my own mid-season rankings of class 2015. I didn’t spend ages thinking about these and there’s a lot of stuff I haven’t even seen on the ice yet. So this might change a lot during the next six months. Of course at least that Howard/Moreland combo is a sure bet and pretty much like McDavid/Eichel. World class stuff that will stick around for a long time and you can’t go wrong with either of them. Anyway, here are some 2015 albums that I hold dear.

Top 10 International Edition:


1. Barna Howard – Quite a Feelin’


2. John Moreland – High On Tulsa Heat


3. Small Houses – Still Talk, Second City

4. Michael Feuerstack – The Forgettable Truth
5. Dawes – All Your Favorite Bands
6. Kalispell – Printer’s Son
7. Simon Joyner – Grass, Branch & Bone
8. Jake Xerxes Fussell – Jake Xerxes Fussell
9. Hip Hatchet – Hold You Like A Harness
10. Marine Dreams – Producer’s Wonderland

Top 5 Finnish edition:


1. Viljami Kukkonen – Jos rakkaus tapahtuu


2. Topi Saha – Nykyaika


3. The Rollstons – Swiss Time

4. Vähäsarja – Vähäsarja
5. Nicolas Kivilinna – Joka laulun laulaa vaan

Top 1 international songs:

Simon Joyner – Nostalgia Blues

Top 1 Finnish songs:

Topi Saha – Helsingin taivas

Leon Bridges – Coming Home & Woody Pines – Woody Pines

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The major labels quite rarely get things right, but always credit when credit is due. Leon Bridges sure is awesome and it’s a pleasure to listen to this smooth old-fashioned soul/gospel sensation. This is definitely worth all the hype. If I really want to nitpick (which I don’t), occasionally the overall style, execution and delivery of the song is a bigger pleasure than the song itself. But who cares if a song or two are not that amazing as compositions, if I still love listening to every second of the album. Well done Leon Bridges. This is Better Man from his new album Coming Home that is out now on Columbia Records.

Leon Bridges Website


More old-fashioned sounds, but from another angle. A long-time favourite Woody Pines from Nashville, Tennessee just released a new self-titled album. This one is out on Muddy Roots. So major label for Woody Pines is not yet a reality. Only in my dreams I suppose. Anyway, it’s a mighty fine album in the american tradition. Old timey roots music, folk, blues, ragtime combined with a small hint of modern flavours. Fabulous stuff and so damn enjoyable. Extremely highly recommended. This is Make it To the Woods from the new album.

Woody Pines Website

Darrin Bradbury, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Elijah Ocean

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A quick post about a few really good new EPs that are worth of your attention.

First there’s Darrin Bradbury’s new Story Of Bob EP that came out last week. I think it was Popa’s Tunes that first introduced this songwriter to me a year or two ago. I’ve been following him ever since and he is getting better all the time. This new EP is a very good release full of gorgeous storytelling. This is Bob from the new EP Story Of Bob.

Darrin Bradbury Website


I’ve posted this song before, but a reminder is in order because Aaron Lee Tasjan has a new EP Telling Stories To The Wall out there in the world and I still love this song. Everyone’s got an opinion, but I’m not sure do I really need one, because I fully agree with Aaron’s opinion in the end of this song. This is Living Proof from the new Aaron Lee Tasjan EP.

Aaron Lee Tasjan Website


This one is not an EP, but definitely worth a mention. Californian country/folk songwriter Elijah Ocean has released a couple of very good albums during the past few years. I’m not sure have I written about them, but it’s a crime if I haven’t. Anyway, he just released a double a-side digital single a while back and I really like both of these. This is I Left My One​-​Spot (Back at the 5​-​Spot).

Elijah Ocean Website

Dr Cosmo’s Tape Lab, The Wellgreen & Linden

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Some pop music this time around. Scottish pop music to be more precise. More commonly known as the finest kind of pop music.

First have Glasgow-based Dr Cosmo’s Tape Lab and their new beautiful concept monster called Beyond The Silver Sea. Absolutely ludicrous idea to record a psych pop / power pop concept album in your bedroom, but they make it work rather wonderfully. Perfect pop songs and some cool narratives in between them. What’s not to love. This is Time Enough For Love.

Dr Cosmos Tape Lab Website


Sticking in Glasgow, because why would I ever want to leave. The Wellgreen has teamed up with Spanish label Pretty Olivia Records and have released a new album called Summer Rain. It sounds absolutely wonderful. These masters of melody have been on my radar for a couple of years and are just getting better all the time. They sure know they way around a pop song. This is Maybe It’s The Pressure Of The City Life That’s Tearing Us Apart from the new album.

The Wellgreen at Facebook

Today I also found new music by Joe McAlinden. In case you remember that excellent 90s Scottish pop band Superstar, this is that same guy and it sounds like he still has the ability to write good pop songs. He now operates under the name Linden and his new album Rest and Be Thankful came out in June 2015 on AED Records in the UK and on Slumberland Records in the US. This is the title track of the new album Rest and Be Thankful.

Joe McAlinden Website

Wharfer – Acadia & Benjamin – The Bear And The Barn Owl

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One of my daily routines is that I go to my twitter account, write bandcamp on the search box, select “from people you follow” and see if the people/bands I follow have either released something new themselves or recommended something new that they like. This is how I found out about these next two.

First we have Wharfer and his new album Acadia. The funny thing about finding the new album by Wharfer aka Kyle Wall is that I really can’t remember how, when and why I started following him. Ok, Why is easy to understand, because the music is wonderful. Perhaps I’ve listened to a song or two God knows when and clicked follow so that I remember to check him out when I have the time. This never happened back then, but it did now. His new album Acadia is out on 30th of June and he has posted three song preview on his bandcamp. I really like all of them and have to get the album, if the rest of it is equally amazing. I especially adore this one called We’ll All Be Racers. Sort of reminds me of that early Hotel Alexis stuff that I loved passionately a long time ago.

Wharfer at Facebook


Canadian Benjamin is also a new find for me, but I’m a long time fan of his label Other Songs Music Co and their artists like Matt Paxton, Scott Orr and Timid The Brave and I’m interested in everything they release. Benjamin’s debut album The Bear And The Barn Owl comes out today and it looks like it’s going to be another folk treasure. I probably have to click that buy now button when the whole thing drops there sometime soon. This one is The Ocean Swears It Won’t Be Easy.

Other Songs Music Co Website

Jake Xerxes Fussell, The Weather Station & Kenny Knight (aka a little love letter to Paradise of Bachelors)

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North Carolinian record label Paradise of Bachelors has become one of the most trustworthy label. I think you can pretty much buy everything they release without hearing a note beforehand. Whoever is in charge of their A&R, really has a great taste. They’ve definitely earned my trust and money. I’ve bought their latest three releases from the local 8raita record store here in Turku, Finland and these are all so good.

First we have Jake Xerxes Fussell’s self-titled album. This William Tyler-produced album came out early in the year and has been staring at me from the shelf of the record store ever since. I finally picked it up and brought it home a few days ago. I think we will become good housemates, because this is pretty much my favourite record at the moment and one of 2015’s finest. 10 wonderful tunes that are bathing in the river of american blues and folk tradition, but still sound unique and refreshing. This is Star Girl from this glorious album.

Jake Xerxes Fussell at Facebook


I’m a long time fan of The Weather Station aka Canadian singer-songwriter Tamara Lindeman and have written about her a few times during the years. Her new album is called Loyalty and it came out on Paradise of Bachelors in May 2015. This is delicate, captivating and intimate record might not be something that I listen to every day, because I find it rather impossible to do anything else while listening to this. The enchanting magic of the record demands attention and makes everything stand still. Therefore it definitely works perfectly at home with headphones, but not as well as a work day soundtrack. This is Shy Women from the album.

The Weather Station Website


Next up is Kenny Knight’s almost lost folk, country-rock treasure Crossroads that originally came out in 1980 and has now been reissued by Paradise of Bachelors. This one has a warm 70s country/folk sound and that is something I always hold dear. Kenny Knight also knows his way around a song and Crossroads turns out be a damn good album. Perhaps not a five star classic, but definitely worth of rediscovering. This is a song called America from the album.

Paradise Of Bachelors Website

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